I love snex Season One

August 12, 2006 in Bon Cheesepetit / Just Punny

Pun of the day:
I’m so fondue of snex. Ice scream in delight when a new one hits the shelves. What’snex, i wonder?


I have such a deep affinity with puns that i am eternally, inextricably drawn to them.

I see them everywhere, all the time—when i blog, when i shop, when i dream, and also when i walk down the supermarket aisle.

I see a pun! 😀


So many little moo moo cows!


I see another pun! 😀 😀


Something caught my eyes.



They should put a disclaimer: Our Company is not responsible for any cheesin-ness
(黐線nessnull) caused by the consumption of this product.

Cheez, i simply love to go window-shopping at the supermarket. I can look around curiously like a 5-year-old kid for one whole hour. I LOVE SNEX and they never cease to amaze me.

Pocky for MEN!

Since when did Pocky become sexist! My gooness, carrying a box of red hot Pocky while chewing on the sticks is very humiliating for guys, is it?

Eating Pocky very sissy meh? You think it’s like perfume ah, must have a separate version for males.


And Look! Since when did Mickey and Minnie change their citizenship? Wouldn’t it be better if they name it Hollywood Roll instead?


White Fantasy–White choco flavor with marshmallows

Nowadays ice cream flavors have really stretched the limits of imagination.

I really wonder how far they can push the boundaries of creativity.

Mocha Brownie ice cream!
Choc Fudge Pie ice cream!
Wild Berry Shortcake ice cream!
New York Cheesecake ice cream!
Apple Pie Crumble ice cream!

Oh. My. Goo. Ness.

How could they just simply marry cakes and pastries with ice cream? That’s blind marriage; that’s incest! The offspring turned out to be freaks!

They are no longer ice cream. They now have a new name called Cakescream.

Tiramisu ice cream is nothing new. And the weirdest ice cream flavor i’ve ever tried was this.

Before long, we’ll see Bread & Pudding ice cream, Lemon Meringue ice cream, Gingerbread Man Cookie ice cream, Oatmeal Energy Bar ice cream, Blueberry Muffin ice cream, etc.

We are all used to adding a scoop of ice cream or two on top of our cakes. I wonder if they will come up with ice cream-flavored muffins, and ice cream-flavored brownies?

And soon enough, we might even see Salsa ice cream, Thousand Island ice cream, Teriyaki ice cream, Bloody Mary ice cream, Heineken ice cream, and…


Life’s good!

25 responses to “I love snex Season One”

  1. asada says:

    i like the cheesiness!! ^^

  2. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    i love sex.. oops i meant snex and i like only haagen-daz and baskin robins for ice cream. 🙂

    u will hv to catch me dead with a red box of kawaii pocky stick. or maybe caught me chewing it in my bedroom. Ooops 😀 good thing they came out some thing for macho man, LOL.

  3. Porkie says:

    Amazing how many puns you can find around the supermarket ne Princess? 🙂 I think there has been lemon meringue ice cream here before..ehehehe.. but din try 🙁

    Absinthe, Heineken, Bloody Mary ice cream? you never know.. I know theres been Baileys and Malibu ice cream before.. so why not?!?! of course if none.. can always make for you 😉

    I seriously don’t get the Pocky for Men..doesn’t matter since I don’t usually go for the reg flavs..ehehe. Back to ice cream.. thinking about it, since Japan has so many unique kit kat flavs, I wonder.. maybe they have unique ice cream ones too?

  4. Terry says:

    Cheesie,what have u been up to lately?

  5. mef says:

    u r very cute… : ) luv ya puns …

  6. Melissa says:

    Elooo. LOL. Ur so good at thinking of puns. x) I simply can’t think of any! >

  7. angel says:




  8. latte says:

    dunno whether u knew about this or not..
    but we have wasabi ice cream over here too..
    and nope.. never tried that flavour b4
    too scared to even imagine how it would taste like 😛

  9. bioweapon83 says:

    i like the cow cow …

  10. SP says:

    So many puns! D*mn creative ah ya! I think alcoholic ice-cream sounds fine 😀

  11. stoney84 says:

    n i tot they banned absin…hmm…

  12. abraxis says:

    Men’s Pocky is cheesy, I mean MANLY! Yeah, that’s it! M-A-N-L-Y! Like da beach.

    Dark chocky and hunter green box! MAN POCKY! *pounds chest and grunts*

    Now man go off to hunt for MEAT! *picks up car keys to drive to store*

    …and cheese *in tiny voice*


  13. Albert Ng says:

    The last one, Brassiere and Bar, caught my attention.

    Don’t you miss the apundant punda?

  14. ronlim says:

    I hope alcoholic ice cream doesn’t catch on in clubs. I have a hard time keeping my weight down as it is.

  15. benzoic says:

    woah.. green fairy icecream?! omg…

  16. priscilla says:

    wow.. i see alot of icecream! shiok
    Anyway, can i ask where you download all the cute cute animations? or are they called emoticons? they’re just too cute >.

  17. keju says:

    Do you wanna have snex with me? 😛

  18. Winnie says:

    o_o …

    nice pun, kenny! LOL

    in my opinion they should stick to the good ol’ tasting ice cream flavors.

    they’re coming up with too many weird flavours these days that taste like dog poo.

    my ultimate fave ice cream is Haagen Dazs’ Coffee!! Their chocolate one rules too..

    😀 NICE !

  19. Bluey says:

    um… the last comment was mine too. im otherwise known as Winnie to my friends…

    i must have forgotten.


  20. naVICgaTOR says:

    Abs In The Ice Cream?
    After eating it, you’ll have a big round abs….

  21. damion says:

    wishing for the day they have jack daniels or chivas regal ice cream…
    but for the mean time Haagen Dazs have rather nice flavours like macadamian…
    get it? mac-a-damion? 😛

  22. cheesie says:

    Terry: Been a little busy with some activities. 🙂 New post up soon!
    latte: Yes i have heard of it before!! I’ve tried black sesame and sakura ice cream in jap restaurants before 😀
    priscilla: I have a lot of emo-obsessed friends! 😀
    keju: What flavor? *winks*
    Bluey: Wahaha you choco addict! Good for your memoir! 😀

  23. gwen says:

    I want ice cream too!

  24. Ivan says:

    I stole that wicked smiley.. hope u don’t mind!

  25. Thanis says:

    I saw laksa ice cream actually sold in Australia man. yOu gotta try it to believe it but since it’s $5 per scoop , I din. Who in the right mind would pay $5 to try laksa ice cream? Eeek

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