Pun of the day:
What a culture – shiok to learn so many cool things about the Asada family!


I’ve been busy these few days, because i was having a series of mini holidays.

Tell me, have you ever thoroughly visited the tourist spots in your own town, and had lots of fun doing so, just like any foreign tourist would? (shopping in Mid Valley doesn’t count)

My time with the Asada family in KL made me realize how busy KL citizens are, so much so that we actually forgot about how much fun we can have in KL, without having to travel 1000km away (even though i’m gonna do that soon).


They are Wilson’s host family from Nagoya who came to Malaysia for their summer holiday.

They are the most fun parents i’ve ever met. They are forever cheerful—it is so hard not to laugh when they are around you.


Asada Otousan is humorous and jovial, and he can sing damn well! (not to mention very good looking also!)


Name: Asada Keiko
Favorite color: Green
Obsessed with: A Japanese artist called Matsu
Favorite hobby: Playing Nintendo DS

Okaasan is a super cool mom who loves taking photos. I actually feel inadequate because she is a better camwhore than me. 0_o

She takes pictures WITH everything/everyone.

the tourist who takes pictures with other tourists. -_-|||

She takes pictures OF everything.

When i say “everything”…


Asada Otousan and Asada Okaasan have two wonderful children.

Name: Asada Youta
Favorite color: Yellow
Obsessed with: Milo ais and Shiritori (A Japanese Word Game, which has greatly broadened my Japanese vocab)
Favorite pastime: Counting the floors of the Twin Towers

I was stumped when Youta asked me why the floor count of all Twin Towers models differed from each other.

Do you have any idea?


Name: Asada Azumi
Favorite color: Pink
Obsessed with: A cute caterpillar toy she named Momochou
Favorite pastime: drawing caterpillars

Momochou in Kanji is 桃蝶, (Peachy/Purple Butterfly)

Momochou also sounds like 毛毛虫 (Mou mou chong/Mao mao chong) in Cantonese/Mandarin.

What a coincidence! 😀

Azumi thinks of Momochou all the time, wherever she is.

After exiting the restaurant…

Azumi: Look, Momochou!

She pointed to the floor.

Here’s what i saw.

Whoa, she is really really observant.

I’ve learnt so many japanese puns!

For example, “I like butterflies” in Japanese is

“Chou chou (ga) suki.” (蝶々が好き)

“i like butterflies very much” is

“Chou chou chou suki.”

Which also can mean, “i like (something) very very very much”. (超超超好き)


I had so much fun together with the Asadas.

More updates and photos soon. Stay cheesed!