September 8, 2006 in Bon Cheesepetit / Happenings

Pun of the day:
I was so afraid that the angry Italian chef’s gonna give me a pizza his mind.


You know, gives me endless surprises. You never know who’s reading it.

I blogged about a not-so-good pasta-eating experience at Italiannies two months ago.

Before long, i got an email from Italiannies’ kitchen manager, KC. 0_o

When i saw the title i was like “shit, look who i just pissed off *dials personal lawyer’s number*”.

But guess what he did? HE INVITED ME OVER FOR A MEAL!

And he asked me to bring friends along too, because he believes that the more the merrier! GOT PEOPLE SO GENEROUS ANOT?!

Cheez. I feel damn honored and weird at the same time. I didn’t exactly write nice things about Italiannies, yet he offered to give me a free meal treat. Eh next time I also wanna write something bad about some abalone in some Hilton restaurant or something. 😛

(Waa that makes it a foursome. Orgasome man.)

He even asked me if there’s anything special i’d like him to prepare.

Isn’t it obvious? Anything with cheese! See, i’m so easy to cheese please.

I really wanted to bring Ching there, but she was working. Sobz. Next time, girl. 🙁

It so happened that I planned to meet up with Jasiminne and Sze Kerng, so I brought them to Italiannies.

The starter.

Believe it or not, this dish was named Insalata ala Ringo & Jasiminne on the spot.

Warao i’m officially a dish! 😀 😀 😀

And you can’t find it on the menu, wahaha.

The KC Special–Cheesy dory, sauteed veggies and mashed potatoes.

I especially love the mashed potatoes.

The dessert!!!

Honey Panacotta!

It’s not pudding, and it ain’t custard too. But it tasted very very yummy.

Overall, i really enjoyed our three-course meal. 🙂

After that, he gave us little WOW pins which are only given to outstanding staff members who perform well. So i guess… we got the pins because we ate well? LOL.

The best thing is, he said that when turned upside down, we can use them for Mother Day’s as well.

Some camwhoring, as usual.

So next time if you wanna eat Insalata ala Ringo & Jasiminne, look for KC! Err… but don’t expect it to be free la 😉

42 responses to “Italiannies”

  1. angel says:

    Cool stuffs..
    can i know where is this restaurant?
    i’ll have to save money first..
    eat good food is a mega project for a student like me 🙂

  2. cheesie says:

    In One Utama lor. The Curve also got. 🙂

  3. angel says:

    1 utama new wing? sure?
    wa..can drive motor there..
    save transportation fee..

  4. cheesie says:

    Ya first floor. Next to Startbucks.:D Good la. Happy Eating

  5. angel says:

    you’re fast in replying…
    sleep early la…
    it’s 2 di…
    get wrinkles easily..

  6. angel says:

    my face is wrinkle-proof..
    too many zits liao..

  7. keju says:

    LOLLLLROFL OMG best post ever!

  8. Chris says:

    indeed =.= some lucky cheesers sheesh.

  9. evan says:

    but u do realize, that their so called generosity could be just well played marketing ploy, right? inviting u over for just a 3 course meal that barely cost….rm60? and IN RETURN they get back a well advertised post of their restaurant on your very phamous blog . dont’ cha agree?


  10. snow says:

    I agree with evan…they did get a good advertisement by our lovely cheesie. I think that the kitchen manager did a good job by inviting cheesie back for a free meal to make up for the bad meal instead of leaving rude messages for cheesie or getting mad at cheesie.

    Cheesie: Did they change the cook?

  11. Ven says:

    evan: the next best way to marketing is to pay bloggers to do advertise. the cost per audience is definitely lower. Pay cheesie 1 year free supply of cheese, and waa laah, u get her to say good things bout u?

    Cheesie: how come they din cook the same food again n ask u how it taste? That wud justify it taste better now. hehe

  12. ching says:

    yeeeeeeerrrrrrrr………..!!!!!!!! you must reimburse my italiannies 🙁 🙁 🙁

    damn heartbroken now sob… *sniffle sniffle..*

  13. cheesie says:

    Evan & Snow: Even so, they made me do i willingly. So, learn something people! 😀
    When is Hilton inviting me over for FOIE GRAS!!!
    Ven: Yea man where’s the kitchen manager for KRAFT!!!!oneoneoneyatyatyatsatusatu
    Ching: *sayangs* i will reimburse you when you reimburse me my Korean :D:D:D:D:D

  14. stoney84 says:

    The boss might be reading this site now xD

    BTW…the last pic…is that guy scrutinising Sze Kerng?? xD

  15. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,so good de.I shud create a blog n write sumthing bad bout those FAMOUS restaurants next time too,lol~ :p
    The food seems like delicious wor,shud go there a have a try next time(busy with exam rite now~ >_

  16. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Hey,how come my comment is incomplete one?I typed longer than tat ler,sumthing was missing~ 🙁
    Juz wanna say I can’t wait 4 ur next blog,u juz love 2 give us surprise,dun cha? 🙂
    Take care always!

  17. cheesie says:

    Yin Bin: Because of this stupid emo –> >_< Next time avoid typing it 🙁

  18. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    do they hv seafood spaghetti with squid ink sos? 🙂

    i think i’ll enjoy that sweet dessert with cheesie. 😀

    wow… invite me for the next freebies

  19. enrico says:

    Panacotta kinda italian pudding with made with cream cheese….u can’t taste cheese on it? lol…….

    italiannies? not reallly my type lah…dun really like their food….oh NO….will the manager call me and treat me a sugar cane meal? lol…..

  20. cheesie says:

    enrico: iziiiiiiiiiiiit!!! No wonder so yummy!!!satusatuyatyatyat

  21. Porkie says:

    Wahh..write more damning posts about resturants!! MWAHAHAHA!! Hey..that place didn’t get back to you though.. the slow service place in 1U where we ate (Bakerzin?). I guess they really don’t care about what people think 😛 Let me know if they do call and wait for me…I’d wanna see if they can improve on their meals and their service!!! (even Evonne who we met in Zara said they sucked!!)

    Hey.. I wonder if you write posts about places in London.. whether they will contact you for free meals or not? Hehehee.. faster come ah.. we can critique all those places.. The Ivy.. Ritz..Hilton.. Mwahahaha…

    Careful about critiquing mainland Chinese places though.. theymight not be socivilised in offering youfree meals or anything.. might come after you with choppers or something O_O

    Ching – you owe me milo ais/teh ais oso!! 😛

  22. Hijackqueen says:

    Wah, wearing the same t-shirt as your vietnam trip ka.

  23. Tristan says:

    next time u shud comment on tht one in The Curve for their difference so that u may be invited to the branch for free food as well…or perhaps the new one in JB?Then u come JB la…lol…see got luck to bump into u in JB’s Italiannies or not.I think Ita. gonna recruit some face model or ambassador in no time like

  24. Lain says:

    These pictures make me so hungry..
    That Insalata looks sooooo good

  25. cheesie says:

    Hijackqueen: Waa u think im Paris Hilton. I actually wear my clothes more than ONCE lor. Unless someone wants to sponsor me la. 😀

  26. raY says:

    wow damn u…. i go there makan few hundred bucks.. now u eat for FREEE…. what… the world not fair … :'(

  27. damion says:

    raY, if the world was fair…
    wouldn’t all of us be driving ferraris? 😉

  28. wombok says:

    Danggg you have some long finger nails man 😉

    Very nice pics though.

  29. wombok says:

    ei.. commented in the wrong post.

    Pai seh 😛

  30. Vene Vene says:

    Hoorrr…..Sze Kerng,Ching…but not me ler ….! ~ Fine ….. 🙁 *sad* *frowning* ……HeHeh! End of this year dont want to ‘Bring’ u To Taiwan liao ~

  31. Kaloosucks says:

    Hey Cheesie,
    I work at italiannies and the managers mentioned that our service was pretty bad and that there were blogs about it on the internet. So i wanted to check it out for myself. cool thing you got here.
    Anyway, just wanna say to all the workers there
    “kerja baik-baik, ah!”

  32. Jumper says:

    I guess this is how you get free food??? We have ate here many times and it’s always wonderful. We tell everyone about it and there’s never nothing bad to come back. Get a real job…

  33. angel says:

    I’ve found my way to 1U!!
    Juz 15 minutes away from UM!!

  34. Thanis says:

    I din’t know singapore had so much places to eat. Makes me wanna go there for my next holiday *drools*

  35. swiss cheese says:

    hey.. i only just read your pasta review, and just in case you’re ever hungry in a not very starved way, and decide to head back to Bakerzin, try the Penne in Prawn Pesto.. it’s delish. So is the pizza, bacon and ham something or other.. real ham this time, not veal.

  36. […] Finally, from a dear friend’s blog … I read about this special dish which is not orderable from the menu. Apprently, look for KC … and ask for Insalata ala Ringo & Jasiminne. Sounds delicious, don’t you think ? Read more here … Cheeserland on Italiannies Anyway … I’d say, generally the place is cool for ambience, nice food and decently priced. […]

  37. […] Ai Wei Mei Yen Nic KHKL Ringo Cheeser Apple Siew Jackson Jen Kin […]

  38. Natalie says:

    Hi! Can I get the contact number for Italiannies at the Curve? I tried dialing 103 but they gave me Italianos. XP Thanks you.

  39. kw says:

    Hi! Lucky you to get the the invite. Maybe it was because of your complaint, they improve. I also had not so good one at One Utama but lately I tried The Curve outlet, and it was nice. I am planning to try the other dishes if I got the chance.


  40. adidasgal says:

    Yummy Lorhs !

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