Pun of the day:
I was so afraid that the angry Italian chef’s gonna give me a pizza his mind.


You know, cheeserland.com gives me endless surprises. You never know who’s reading it.

I blogged about a not-so-good pasta-eating experience at Italiannies two months ago.

Before long, i got an email from Italiannies’ kitchen manager, KC. 0_o

When i saw the title i was like “shit, look who i just pissed off *dials personal lawyer’s number*”.

But guess what he did? HE INVITED ME OVER FOR A MEAL!

And he asked me to bring friends along too, because he believes that the more the merrier! GOT PEOPLE SO GENEROUS ANOT?!

Cheez. I feel damn honored and weird at the same time. I didn’t exactly write nice things about Italiannies, yet he offered to give me a free meal treat. Eh next time I also wanna write something bad about some abalone in some Hilton restaurant or something. 😛

(Waa that makes it a foursome. Orgasome man.)

He even asked me if there’s anything special i’d like him to prepare.

Isn’t it obvious? Anything with cheese! See, i’m so easy to cheese please.

I really wanted to bring Ching there, but she was working. Sobz. Next time, girl. 🙁

It so happened that I planned to meet up with Jasiminne and Sze Kerng, so I brought them to Italiannies.

The starter.

Believe it or not, this dish was named Insalata ala Ringo & Jasiminne on the spot.

Warao i’m officially a dish! 😀 😀 😀

And you can’t find it on the menu, wahaha.

The KC Special–Cheesy dory, sauteed veggies and mashed potatoes.

I especially love the mashed potatoes.

The dessert!!!

Honey Panacotta!

It’s not pudding, and it ain’t custard too. But it tasted very very yummy.

Overall, i really enjoyed our three-course meal. 🙂

After that, he gave us little WOW pins which are only given to outstanding staff members who perform well. So i guess… we got the pins because we ate well? LOL.

The best thing is, he said that when turned upside down, we can use them for Mother Day’s as well.

Some camwhoring, as usual.

So next time if you wanna eat Insalata ala Ringo & Jasiminne, look for KC! Err… but don’t expect it to be free la 😉