Pun of the day:




I actually wanted to blog about something else one but i freaking kenot tahan d.


These few days Cheeserland’s server is so kcufed up. It’s down when i needed it the most. It’s down AT LEAST half an hour a day. Summore during peak hours! Want to read comments kenot. Want to update kenot. Kcuffing sien.


Yesterday was the LAST STRAWBERRY!

The server went down for FREAKING 4 HOURS!!!666


Then everybody was MSNing me

“Hey Cheesie, what happened to your blog? Can’t seem to access :(“.

“Eh i tot you sharing same server as kennysia.com, how come his is up and running geh?”





Sibeh kenot tahan.




So i was cursing in MSN la.

Suddenly Pietro Felix MSNed me.


Pietro knew i was upset and he dedicated a song to me on the spot! 😀 😀 😀

But i don’t have a radio at home!

He said still got two minutes so i ran to my car and listened lor.

He dedicated Sophie B Hawkins’ “As i lay me down” to me!

Waa he’s so sweet la. Waa suddenly felt better d. 🙂 Faster go check his blog out wei (mandatory pimpage :().

Then i changed my MSN nick la.



I was compraining to Keju and he sent this to me.



Then later…

I’ve censored all vulgarities in this post because this blog is not mom-proof.


So i have to replace f*** with tart, c****** with milkbar, and k******* with pikachu.

So yea. Tart your milk bar pikachu.


And Kejusiao you better gimme a cheesing good explanation why my server is so milkbarpikachu INFERIOR!!!666

Anycheese, I’m moving to a new server soon.

Cheese bless.