Do you feel Christmas?

December 5, 2006 in Senti-Emmental

I don’t.

This is One Utama.

The decos are up, Christmas songs are played, Gingerman cookies are sold, people are wearing Santa’s hats. But i. can’t. feel. it.


I just can’t. 🙁


With all of these christmasy neccesities, it just somehow feels…… fake.

It’s like, eh? WTF are the Christmas trees doing here?

Maybe time really flies and i can’t accept the fact that Christmas is around the corner again.


I adore Christmas.

I don’t know much about the story and origin behind it, i don’t know why turkey is served with cranberry sauce and why you can’t reject a kiss from a person who stands under the mistletoe with you, i don’t even know the proper ways to celebrate it. But i just love Christmas.

I love the feeling of it. The sight of it. The sound of it. The word Christmas alone is happy. My heart lights up whenever a Christmas song is played.


Christmases are all the same. Why can’t i feel it this time around? Maybe it’s still early? Maybe the weather is not right? Maybe i have no plans for celebrations yet? Maybe i don’t see any Christmas movies yet?




I try to avoid spending Christmas in KL every year. It feels especially lonely.

Oh come everybody come party at zouk then velvet then cynna then poppy then drink then drank then drunk.

Like, what the.

I wanna go somewhere. Anywhere but KL. It may still feel lonely, but it’s a kind of beautiful loneliness. I miss feeling Christmas in Singapore. I felt it so strong i almost teared. I don’t need to do anything special. Just walking around, listening to Hayley Westenra, and feel it.

Like i said last year

It’s everywhere. I like the way it makes me feel that i’m surrounded by something pretty. It’s some happening loneliness. And that is beautiful.

Xmas tree in Takashimaya

Really wanted to go somehwere too for this year’s Xmas. Hongkong or something. Don’t even mind going back to Taipei. But i guess i’ll have to stay. And drink. Bah.


By the way Sze Kerng just got back from Japan! I’m gonna steal some of his pictures and post it here. And he bought soooooooooooo many Kit Kats of different flavors. I’m gonna post them all up. 😀

Ok cool too much Nihon Sakari. Night!

40 responses to “Do you feel Christmas?”

  1. Monaro says:

    numero uno. Jesus loves you. very the much. merry christmas, cheesie.

  2. Tristan says:

    Ah,Takashimaya’s xmas tree…they claimed to be the largest mock-up xmas tree in d world rite?I hav photos wif it as well.Hope to bump into u in Orchard if u happened to come down.Anyway,wat u said is pretty true…many ppl celebrate xmas without knowing the meaning behind…cheers!

  3. converse says:

    Early merry christmas to ya cheesie! Yea christmas is Singapore is an all out festival, and is there any sort of cheese related delicacy during Christmas? Fondue? xD

  4. Henry says:

    I would agree that you don’t get to feel the christmas spirit back in KL. Come over to the States of you really wanna experience it… radio stations are already playing christmas carols since mid Nov and house decos are already up since then. Each neighbour trying to outdo the other.

    Where I am at now, I’m almost certain to have a white christmas and the whole area will be peaceful, with all the students gone, and it’ll be snowing.

    Merry christmas =))

  5. surfnux says:

    Christmas decoration in Singapore started since November, and even the songs were played since November. It feels like Christmas came early this year. Btw, that tree on Takashimaya was the same one for this year.

    The best is the Christmas sales which is on. hohohohoho

  6. MIao says:

    U should go to Mid Valley and have a look? Their christmas decoration so sweet n nice……….

  7. Kaz says:

    Hmm. Whats with the sad posts lately. Cheer up! Till then, hope to see your happy cheesie cheerful posts soon.

  8. notsanta says:

    i believe X’mas tree(though is the same one as last year) in KLCC is taller than Takashimaya’s

    anyway X’mas is about spending time with ur love ones, without them, it’s not the same.
    one thing for sure, childhood X’mas n adulthood X’mas is not the same at all.

    merry X’mas i hope.

  9. Don says:

    Wow! The mall there looks pretty. Our malls are decorated for the Christmas season but it doesn’t look as good as that. All they have is small decorations here and there. And maybe a big tree by the main entrance.

    What’s wrong with spending Christmas in KL? If that’s your hometown, then that’s where you’re supposed to be. Like the song says, there’s no place like home for the holidays.

  10. 恶人饿了扁 says:

    Nothing to do with X’mas.. BAH.. HUMBUG

    Loneliness n solitude is good sometimes than to spend time in an unhappy relationship.
    well.. make the best out of ur loneliness. 🙂 BAH..

    cheer up n dont drink too much.

  11. ::Nicole:: says:

    i too don’t feel christmas.. i got married on 10th nov and my hubby is away working for our 1st ever Christmas! 🙁 sigh…i know there will be many christmases to celebrate in the future BUT the 1st time would always be the most memorable one.. he won’t be here for New Year as well and his b’day.. i’m sad *sob sob*

    i want to go somewhere else too!! :p

  12. new yorker says:

    Cheesie, Why dont u fly to New York City for white christmas next year? U will get excited and itchy for shopping along every street non stoppingly more than eating. Save up your money from your modelling career for your next tour. Good luck!!

  13. cheesie says:

    Monaro: Thank you. 🙂
    Tristan: Didn’t know you’re from SG. Yea man. Some people count down on Xmas eve. -_-.
    Converse: Thank you! Yes, Turkey ham sandwich with cranberry sauce, brie cheese and walnut. 😀
    Henry: Send me pictures!
    Surfnux: That’s what i’m talking about. The earlier it starts, the longer the feeling lingers. I hate it when they have to take down all the Xmas deco. Have to wait for another year. 🙁
    Miao: Don’t really like to shop in MV. For last year’s Xmas deco, i like The Curve’s one the most.
    Kaz: Not sad la just nolstalgic. Oh and i’m cheered to everyday. 🙂
    Notsanta: When i was young i loved to go to Metrojaya and drooled at all the pretty Xmas dresses which mommy couldn’t afford to buy for me. Which explains my obsession with special costumes now.
    Don: I cheese to differ on this really. “There’s no place like Xmas at home”, i say.
    恶人饿了扁: Uh. Bottoms up.
    Nicole: Come, we celebrate together. 😀

  14. cheesie says:

    new yorker: Can’t la. I’m saving up for my Japan trip. Sze Kerng is making me super jealous with all his stories and pictures.

  15. new yorker says:

    HaHa…I also want Japan too but it comes later. I still want to tour a whole California first next year. Why don’t u fly to California after Japan? It s killing two birds with one stone.

  16. vic says:

    merry KLismas… i have to shift to another house during xmas… 🙁

  17. Porkie says:

    Can I suggest UK? then you can travel to Europe from there, say like Xmas in UK, New Years in Paris or something 🙂

  18. ADeline says:

    hmm…Someone don sound that happy…

    anyway,merry christmas,Cheesie!!! i am feeling it and i hope u do,too…

    ANything that could make u happy,just tell me…anything

  19. Kelly says:

    go to singapore then! hehe

    i’ll be spending a lonely xmas in singapore too, doing my hospital placement hence no a vacation.

    xmas is thick in the air in australia too. but i don’t know, i think this year may have gone by too quickly i’m not feeling it yet. or maybe it’s exams.

    ah well, holidays soon!

  20. cheesie says:

    New Yorker: Whoa if i got the doughs left la of course 😉
    Vic: Where to? Got ask for Santa’s help a not.
    Porkie: One by one la. So many places so little money. lol.
    ADeline: Seeing ur name here in my comment box everyday is enough to make me happy. 🙂

  21. vic says:

    cheesie: to the taman beside the current one~! i need Santa’s reindeer, or maybe your Kembara will do a better job. wanna come n help me? 😀

  22. leOn says:

    Gimme cheese, gimme cheese… gimme all the cheese…
    Cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese and all of the blue cheese… hey!!
    (sing to Jingle Bells tune)

    Feel the X’mas joy, ringo!! C’mon!!

  23. pea nut says:

    come on down to Singapore again! We’ll hold the camera and take the pics for you this time 🙂

  24. ::Nicole:: says:

    wah! are u sure we can celebrate together? hehe.. i’d love to! 🙂

  25. zOee says:

    X’mas!! I simply love x’mas!! 🙂 I enjoy hunting presents for my friends and loved ones. Err, I have actually given them the X’mas present for this year! 😉 and they go like “Wa, so early / fast??!” Haha!! I just don’t like keeping it for so long… or I shouldn’t bought it so early? Hmm..

    I’ll be celebrating X’mas in Singapore this year! 🙂 This will be the 1st time I celebrate X’mas in Singapore. Can’t wait can’t wait!

  26. Christine says:

    Merry Christmas, Cheesie!

    It’s ok if u don’t feel the spirit, I hate Chinese New Year too.

    Maybe it’s diff. Not many ppl like CNY too.

    Anyway, I LOVE Christmas because it’s my birthday too! =)

    Will be going to Hong Kong and celebrating my b’day there.

    Maybe u can organise a trip so you won’t feel so lonely?

    ~Christmas girl~ =D

  27. kcin says:

    ho ho ho! merry christmas and a happy new year! does that makes you feel better? ;P

  28. Tristan says:

    I’m from JB la =.=…but usually I’ll go across to Sg for celebration.And what’s wrong wif counting down on Xmas eve?I thought it’s a custom or wat…-_-

  29. Isaac says:

    simple. keep yourself in your home cheese home for the whole day. eat cheese while waiting the clock strikes 12am to 26th december. lol

  30. Thanis says:

    At least you’re not spending Christmas in Brunei – where decorations have to be limited.

  31. David says:

    For a change, Y not spend a izzy quite Xmas evening with close one(s) this time round than havin drink-til-u-drop kinda loud party……then u will feel it….wherever u r.

  32. giving.up says:

    Yeah Cheesie, I noticed that recently you’re not.. you. Sensed some sadness/loneliness/emptiness. I thought it was just me.. Anyway, do cheer up =) Life is filled with ups and downs. Enjoy life! Love ya! =)

  33. vic says:

    I’ll be alone too. Let’s celebrate together… in cheeserland~~

  34. enrico says:

    X’mas…..this year will be a boring one….promised a friend to celebrate in his house party….

    so r u sure u r going for a drinking x’mas? i tot u dun like those environment…….am i right?

  35. Hazy says:

    Time to be merry lets get drunk !

  36. Porkie says:

    Lets not get drunk.. drinking isn’t the only way to enjoy yourself at this time of year. Not sure why you wanna keep telling Cheesie to get drunk..

  37. yh says:

    Christmas is about the birth of Jesus Christ, sure.
    But it is so fake and pretentious, the thought of it is repulsive.
    I hate Christmas.


  38. Esther says:

    The true meaning of Christmas is Love…

  39. Punitha says:

    im looking for christmas decorator at Shopping Complex at Kl! please find for me

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