Pun of the day:
I’m a masocheese 🙁


Sometimes i really do feel like one.

i’m so used to being lost i think i become uneasy when i don’t find myself feeling depressed to a certain degree.

Took a stroll down memory lane unintentionally, and it brought me back to a whirlpool of emoness. I’m so nostalgic that it becomes a little annoying.

I often, intentionally or otherwise, revisit things that i should have long put behind, and get haunted by the lingering ghosts of my past. Things which i should have trashed away or burned down to ashes long ago, and let the memory slip away. Instead, i keep them so neatly in a safety box ala the dead man’s chest in Carrots of the Currybean. And i take a peek at them every now and then. Could easily avoid it, but instead i get an urge to look back at times. It’s more than just reminiscing. I seem to do it to get myself haunted, forever.

My self-destructive masocheese habit.

Can’t help it. Everytime feeling vulnerable, i’ll do things that will make me feel extra vulnerable. to the boiling point i break down then everything will be cool again. I guess.

It’s silly but it sort of works.

I think i’m a masocheese. Tell me i’m not. 🙁

I’d rather be a miso cheese lo.