How to write a resignation letter

January 28, 2007 in The Stinky Cheese

Cheesie: Ei, how to write resignation letter ah?
TT: What kind of resignation? Triumphant? Defeated? Heavy-hearted? Disappointed? Respectful? Hateful?
Cheesie: Simple but effective la.
TT: Easy la.

Cheesie: WTF. So short! Formal abit can anot? Maybe friendlier and more polite…
TT: Ok ok i try.

Cheesie: Err…Can elaborate ah? At least give a reason why i dowan to work right?
TT: Hmmm… How bout…

TT: If all else fail, you can only do this…


I mencampaked meriam. Am going to Bangkok tomorrow. Want anything?

See you in 3 day’s time. Stay cheesed!

49 responses to “How to write a resignation letter”

  1. bulat says:


    the last one will really give a shock.

    enjoy your trip~~i guess you can bring back clothes for the wardrobe sale 😛 oh and tons of photos

  2. rin says:

    omg. this is funny. lol. i think the last one will have the most impact. but i like the first one best. 🙂

  3. cheryl says:

    more tops and skirts!!!!

  4. =) says:

    Farnee!I’ll remember it the next time i wanna resign!

  5. WeakersEdge says:

    rofl! The one post I can keep in mind forever. Well, at least till i get too old and fugly to remember =) gg.. Good tips onto resignation! Have a safe and fun journey!

  6. @lViN says:

    wahahahahaa…. like that also can. Next time I am going to go with the simple and effective one…

    Dear Boss, I resign.. Thank you…. wahahahaha…..

  7. carrien says:

    Campak meriam haha cheesie you are my inspiration. love your blog!

  8. @-@ says:

    so simple yet amusing…hahaha…

  9. O-Poonky says:

    Cheesie can you help me buy something? my best buddy wants a Ipod Leather case..cant buy it here

  10. cheesie says:

    O-Poonky: Will try! 🙂 Mini? Nano?

  11. quaintmelody says:

    I love the last one. Very funny post. 🙂

  12. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Have fun!Gonna miss u… 🙁

  13. ELENA says:


  14. Isaac says:

    can you buy me something only available from bangkok..

    umm bangkok cheese can ah? lol

  15. zagary says:

    Eh….. How about a CD from (^^)

    No offence….(^^)

  16. Adrian C says:

    u are one scarey employee

  17. blah says:

    are u really quitting? so ur a full-tim model? *hmm*

  18. *june says:

    heelsssssss – i knw bangkok has many nice 3 inch heelss and its cheap!

  19. Calvino says:

    Lol .

    Good one .

  20. kcin says:

    not bad! quite farni… 😀

  21. Mich says:

    WAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH so kool, I’m crying from laughter! 😀 Cheese on!!!!! 😀

  22. jay says:

    u r naughty cute…kekeke….

  23. frank says:

    the last letter is pretty interesting and funny…i wonder what would be the boss’ reaction if he/she actually read this letter…. Anyway hav fun in bangkok..can’t wait to see ur bangkok photos… cheers!

  24. Doreen says:

    LOL That’s sooo funny, and damn effective resignation letters especially the last two. HAHAHA! (^O^) You have a good time in Bangkok. (^_^)

  25. Ivy says:

    wah ha ha.. u wanna fire your boss ar….

  26. the boss says:

    no pls,dont give me the last letter k, i hav heart problem ne…

  27. Boss Stewie says:

    hahaha wondeful post

  28. Albert Ng says:

    Eh how is the guy in the T-shirt gonna find you for marriage? LOL.

  29. belu panda says:

    how i would luurrvvveee to give my boss the last letter……

  30. Dave says:

    You forgot to date the letter, How is he suppose to know when you quit. lol

  31. Dave says:

    p.s. I am eating a cheese danish right now…mmmmmmmmmm

  32. LeeTK says:

    that is good one… that hopefully i give to my boss!~~~

  33. […] Check this out! The best resignation letter that I have ever seen. A piece of creative writing by a pretty girl, Lingo from cheeserland. Get inspired! […]

  34. PanDaLiCia says:

    Did u know this blog entry of yours is currently circulating as a forwarded e-mail? hehehe

  35. cheesie says:

    PanDaLiCia: Veli meh? Forward to me! 😀

  36. Joneh says:

    wah la weh! This is one damn good letter. As LiewCF said “By the way, I don’t recommend bloggers to use this as template for their resignation letter.”
    but i might use it Hahahahaha. Thanks. this is my 1st time, and u already hooked.. where’s to sign for more like this! hahahaha.

  37. […] How to write a resignation letter to your boss? Cheesie from Cheeser Land show us a simple but effective resignation letter. […]

  38. Max says:

    Saw a photo on flickr, then remembered i’d seen it somewhere before… here!

    Someone’s been ripping your stuff..

  39. KennetH says:

    sorry ya..if i illegal copy, cause i not seen from ur from forum..then i found it quite fun…so..just put at my blog..hope u dont mind..hehe

  40. adidasgal says:

    walan sibehh funny sehh ;
    maybe I want to use as my resignation letter …?!

  41. jamie says:

    😈 LOL. I love the last one!

  42. Mia says:

    funny post~~ 😈
    beh tahan~~

  43. Virgie Hudgins says:

    Useful piece ! I was fascinated by the analysis ! Does someone know where my assistant might be able to acquire a sample OT Recruitment Resignation Letter document to type on ?

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