How to write a resignation letter

January 28, 2007 in The Stinky Cheese

Cheesie: Ei, how to write resignation letter ah?
TT: What kind of resignation? Triumphant? Defeated? Heavy-hearted? Disappointed? Respectful? Hateful?
Cheesie: Simple but effective la.
TT: Easy la.

Cheesie: WTF. So short! Formal abit can anot? Maybe friendlier and more polite…
TT: Ok ok i try.

Cheesie: Err…Can elaborate ah? At least give a reason why i dowan to work right?
TT: Hmmm… How bout…

TT: If all else fail, you can only do this…


I mencampaked meriam. Am going to Bangkok tomorrow. Want anything?

See you in 3 day’s time. Stay cheesed!

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  1. LAUGHS***

    the last one will really give a shock.

    enjoy your trip~~i guess you can bring back clothes for the wardrobe sale 😛 oh and tons of photos

  2. omg. this is funny. lol. i think the last one will have the most impact. but i like the first one best. 🙂

  3. more tops and skirts!!!!

  4. Farnee!I’ll remember it the next time i wanna resign!

  5. rofl! The one post I can keep in mind forever. Well, at least till i get too old and fugly to remember =) gg.. Good tips onto resignation! Have a safe and fun journey!

  6. wahahahahaa…. like that also can. Next time I am going to go with the simple and effective one…

    Dear Boss, I resign.. Thank you…. wahahahaha…..

  7. Campak meriam haha cheesie you are my inspiration. love your blog!

  8. so simple yet amusing…hahaha…

  9. Cheesie can you help me buy something? my best buddy wants a Ipod Leather case..cant buy it here

  10. O-Poonky: Will try! 🙂 Mini? Nano?

  11. I love the last one. Very funny post. 🙂

  12. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Have fun!Gonna miss u… 🙁


  14. can you buy me something only available from bangkok..

    umm bangkok cheese can ah? lol

  15. Eh….. How about a CD from (^^)

    No offence….(^^)

  16. u are one scarey employee

  17. are u really quitting? so ur a full-tim model? *hmm*

  18. heelsssssss – i knw bangkok has many nice 3 inch heelss and its cheap!

  19. Lol .

    Good one .

  20. not bad! quite farni… 😀

  21. WAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAH so kool, I’m crying from laughter! 😀 Cheese on!!!!! 😀

  22. u r naughty cute…kekeke….

  23. the last letter is pretty interesting and funny…i wonder what would be the boss’ reaction if he/she actually read this letter…. Anyway hav fun in bangkok..can’t wait to see ur bangkok photos… cheers!

  24. LOL That’s sooo funny, and damn effective resignation letters especially the last two. HAHAHA! (^O^) You have a good time in Bangkok. (^_^)

  25. wah ha ha.. u wanna fire your boss ar….

  26. no pls,dont give me the last letter k, i hav heart problem ne…

  27. hahaha wondeful post

  28. Eh how is the guy in the T-shirt gonna find you for marriage? LOL.

  29. how i would luurrvvveee to give my boss the last letter……

  30. You forgot to date the letter, How is he suppose to know when you quit. lol

  31. p.s. I am eating a cheese danish right now…mmmmmmmmmm

  32. that is good one… that hopefully i give to my boss!~~~

  33. […] Check this out! The best resignation letter that I have ever seen. A piece of creative writing by a pretty girl, Lingo from cheeserland. Get inspired! […]

  34. Did u know this blog entry of yours is currently circulating as a forwarded e-mail? hehehe

  35. PanDaLiCia: Veli meh? Forward to me! 😀

  36. wah la weh! This is one damn good letter. As LiewCF said “By the way, I don’t recommend bloggers to use this as template for their resignation letter.”
    but i might use it Hahahahaha. Thanks. this is my 1st time, and u already hooked.. where’s to sign for more like this! hahahaha.

  37. […] How to write a resignation letter to your boss? Cheesie from Cheeser Land show us a simple but effective resignation letter. […]

  38. Saw a photo on flickr, then remembered i’d seen it somewhere before… here!

    Someone’s been ripping your stuff..

  39. sorry ya..if i illegal copy, cause i not seen from ur from forum..then i found it quite fun…so..just put at my blog..hope u dont mind..hehe

  40. walan sibehh funny sehh ;
    maybe I want to use as my resignation letter …?!

  41. 😈 LOL. I love the last one!

  42. funny post~~ 😈
    beh tahan~~

  43. Virgie Hudgins says:

    Useful piece ! I was fascinated by the analysis ! Does someone know where my assistant might be able to acquire a sample OT Recruitment Resignation Letter document to type on ?

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