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My cheesy cupcake is a gay god! :(

March 16, 2007 in Eccentric Cheesiesm 27 Cheesed

Pun of the day: Lord Ringo sent to row Rodrigo Santoro. My most beloved Rodrigo Santoro. To prove my impassioned lust and love for him, just type “Rodrigo” and search within Cheeserland, you will see that my frequent mention about him in my blog does not even suffice to illustrate how much he means to […]

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Japanese School Girl Season 2

March 15, 2007 in Useless fashion 31 Cheesed

My altercheesego emerged. Cheesy thanks to Velocity studio, Excalibur, and Taisu who wore the same color as mine that day. Otsukaresamadeshita! The outfit is up for bidding at Cheesie’s Wardrobe.

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My Wedding

March 12, 2007 in Eccentric Cheesiesm 37 Cheesed

(If i ever get married la.) Of course, i will invite all of you, cheesable or uncheesable, to my wedding cheesemony.   The venue won’t be your typical boring church or some lousy chinese restaurant with lotsa “yam-seng yam-seng” going on one. Siao. Give some class please. Instead it would be: Or something of the […]

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I’ve a special car so i can park specially.

March 9, 2007 in Cheesoron 50 Cheesed

Pun of the day: Those who can’t wait to show off their rides are car-su.   Outside a hawker center today. Maybe: 1. He doesn’t know how to do forward parking. 2. He is optically challenged. He can’t differenciate horizontal and vertical. 3. He’s disillusioned and he thinks that he’s driving 100-wheel road train, which […]

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One day i was having a lunch where there’re a bunch of girlfriends and two married men. MM1 (married man 1) jokingly made a remark that MM2 has many girlfriends in Guang Zhou. Surprisingly, MM2 just chuckled. Never denied. Then MM2 turned around asked me “If the dog is barking at the back door, and […]

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Wanna Auction Your Stuff?

March 5, 2007 in Useless fashion 39 Cheesed

Pun of the day: Though i look auctionable i’m not forbidding. I’m getting tons of requests from Cheeserlanders who want me to help them sell off their stuff on Wardrobe. Some wanted me to do pro bono, some offered items for me to buy to auction off. But i where got so much time to […]

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