Pun of the day:
What do you call a cheese that is not yours?
Nacho cheese.


I know. It’s a recycled pun. An unoriginal, stolen pun.

OMG i’m so pathetic. It’s not pun anymore. I’m running out of fun.


Las Carretas@Subang USJ

I was so stupid. Don’t ever order Nacho’s Cheese in a Mexican restaurant.

Just right after my orders were taken, the waiter sent over a basket full of nacho chips with salsa dip. Now we’re Nacho overdosed. Cheez, NotYour day!


OMC Mexicans have Foie gras! See see, that piece of thingie on top of the steak.

It’s called the Ultimate Grain-Fed (80 days) Australian Rib Eye with Foie Gras.

I asked TT, the foie gras virgin how did he find his first Foie Gras sexperience. (To me i think it’s orgasmic).

“I can’t accept the fact that a liver can taste so good. It’s like someone’s cooking a raw piece of thingie with flaming fire right on your tongue, and it melts on the spot. Then there’s this slightly burnt aroma that lingers on forever.”


He always has some strange opnion about things. Once i commented that a particular song of JJ Lin (林俊杰) is nice.

TT: I don’t like his voice.
Me: Why!
TT: It’s very hollow and unsolid, like there isn’t any real vocal at all.
Me: That’s because his falsetto is perfect!
TT: But there’s like a hole inside his voice.
Me: Bullcheese. What kind of voice is that?!
TT: Doughnut voice.
Me: null




Specially Rice@Hartamas Square

OMFC the best whatever rice in town. Sweet and Sour/ Marmite/ KungPou / Black Pepper/ Sambal / Spring Onion and Ginger / Rice.

Sweet and Sour Chicken and rice.

KungPou Fish and Rice (宫保鱼片饭).

If i give Sweet and Sour Chicken an 8 out of 10, i must give this a 9. The problem is, with another RM0.50, you can substitute white rice with fried rice, which makes the dish a looooooooooot tastier.

Which makes it 10 out of 10.

I asked TT to describe how good the KungPou Fried Rice was.

“It’s like you’re eating a delicacy stolen from a palace, which the recipe is a closely guarded secret and has been enjoyed as a delicacy by the royal family for many years.”

KungPou (宫保) in mandarin is Palace+protect.


The worse problem was, there was something else that could make it even better.


Super tasty KungPou Fish plus super tasty fried rice plus super tasty fried eggs. OMFC it’s a sin. I felt that it’s too sinfully delicious i deserve to starve forever in limbo.

I dunno how to judge already. You guys go eat and tell me what’s the score la.