Pun of the day:
Run for the high heels for she commited a cyn-di.

Went CD shopping today.

Holy Hayley!!!

So happy! My holiest angel has a new album!


I randomly picked up a album, it was Cyndi Wang’s “Magic Cyndi”.


She and her forever (and super annoying) left face again!!!!!

To read (or re-read) how she drove me crazy with her left face, click here.


When i looked closer at the CD cover, i sensed that something was wrong.

Yea, i know she has super gorgeous pins. And has super gorgeous 5 inch stilettos.





I’m still having a hard time convincing myself that it’s unintentional. Like, maybe it’s the latest fashion statement to paste a sticker that says, “i am Jimmy Choo”, or “save global warming” underneath your high heels, i dunno!

But, really, how can! Ok, so people occasionally forget to remove price tags from under their shoes, even celebrities are caught by paparazzi making that same embarrassing mistake.

But ON A CD COVER?????

Whoaaaaaaa..didn’t anyone even notice??!?

Cyndi’s personal stylist may be stupid enough to let that happen, but then the one who does the photoshopping (liquifies her slimmer, airbrushes her skin like porcelain, stretches her legs longer, rectifies her sengeted right face, etc etc etc), NEVER NOTICES THE TAG ALSO MEH?!?!?!?666




Who knows. Maybe that’s the selling point leh.