Pun of the day:
Ipoh is full of fun! They got hor fun, chee cheong fun, chao fun, and curry fun.

Went to Ipoh for friend’s wedding.

Early in the morning. The sky was pink =]

Haha, Ah Fook is so tall it looks like he’s sitting in front. A 3-seater car!

To Frankie and Karen.


I like Ipoh!!

There are so many pet shops around town selling cute and cheap animals! They are selling Mini Pinschers for RM350!!! So super cheap ok. Cheaper than a meal for two in Lafite.

Pink Parrot!

Fairy white parrot.

Parrot in the Curry Bean!!!

Ok bad pun.

Haih, reminds me of my super movie pun.

I miss my museful days.

Second thing about Ipoh. I think it has even better food than Penang. Really one! So far everything i’ve eaten, even from some obscure hawker center was delicious! 🙂

Just one thing, their popular food spots are forever so crowded.

The famous Ipoh bean sprout chicken. So many people can die.

I supposed would have died of hunger if i waited.

Ipoh Fragrant biscuit shop.

Original Ipoh white coffee.


A cheezillion of make-you-drool pictures. 😀

I am just wondering. In Cantonese, we actually pronounce them as “Ho Hee” and “Ho fun“. Why do we have to add an R always? We never pronounce them as Horrrrrrr Fun in real life! Where’s the logic? Same goes for Charrrrrrrrr Kuey Teow. By adding an R seems like it spells nicer. Sound more angmoh-ish is it? Whoever did the translation was so stupid. And now everyone’s been spelling like this officially since cheese knows when and no body ever bothers if it makes sense. 0_o

Haha i don’t know what else to call it.

The super famous ipoh charrrrrrrrrrrrrrr kuey teow. Everyone goes to the hawker center to eat from that particular stall.

The other stall have resorted to miniskirt appeal to turn some heads (hopefully customers too) over. =P

Wei i really don’t know what to call it.

Green one! Have you seen before?

Whoa really the best ever! Melts in your mouth one!

And super yummy prawns behind the rocks beneath the batter.

More updates coming!