Boy Friend Club?

September 21, 2007 in Cheesoron


So like,

*dials 0172595526*

“Hello David. I think i could use some help. See, I’m going back to my hometown for Mooncake Festival this Saturday, and i have this super kepoh great grand aunty who will never stop asking when i’m getting married. Will you be my temporary boyfriend for a night and how much do you charge per hour? I provide free transportation. You can be gentle all you want, but not too playful la.”



“And oh yea, did i mention that your Yellow Digiman outfit is hot. And i can see that it gives you full coverage. Haha sorry, trying to be punny again. But please wear proper attire when you meet my family? Though i’d think that your striking yellow outfit very much matches my cheesiness perfectly.”



WTF. These Friendster people never cease to amaze me.

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41 responses to “Boy Friend Club?”

  1. Porkie says:

    Three letters… W. T. F.

  2. chris says:

    wei damn cute sia mr digi!! haha why only ladies! guys need some partner sometimes too, say, like together watch football or play ps2 or something.. oh wait, cheesie plays the playstation hor… do u have a number i can call? =P

  3. cheesie says:

    porkie: wtfier than cream cheese mask.
    chris: i only serve my exclusive clients. and don’t bother to ask how to become one.

  4. Porkie says:

    roflmcao!! used yet or not? haha..i got black bean on my nose 😛 later apply peach sake 😉

  5. Cheesie says:

    Porkie: I hate you. Hate dry skin.

  6. Porkie says:

    You love me really..hehe..come come..tomo let you smell the peach again.. 😉

  7. x says:

    Digi must be paying him crap that is why he has to offer escort services…:P

  8. 连小凤 says:

    haha! I prefer the muscled Digi dude..X3 (talking about the advert they did)

    hehehe silly people *salutes Digi style*

  9. chellcee says:

    When I think escort service, I think Japanese male host clubs, like that anime Ouran High School Host Club.

    So, this is a Malaysian version of a male host. Complete with Digi outfit some more.

    I think I want to move to Japan.

  10. iieLOVEeuu says:

    LoL. so you gonna get that mr.digi to meet your parents? hahahaa….

  11. jessie says:


    N the bother sending msg on friendster too??

    Desperados… Hahaha…

  12. js says:

    is it really him? the digi mascot? or just using the pic?

  13. sheon says:

    hahaha…….i thought from pulau ketam one…………hahahahahaha….that was a classic one. hahahahahaa

  14. Aodian says:

    haha.. very funny.. lol.. we dont have any competing mobile operators here so charges are damn high!!.. I so miss digi and I can finally view your photos!! woo hooo.. who cares if I get caught by the government for using ghost.. Cheers and God Bless

  15. beefie says:

    6 words W.T.F.O.M.G

  16. mei fong says:

    he actually wrote your companion and partner to event & party!!! OMG. couldn’t imagine him with that outfit in a party. People must be thinking he’s working for digi or something.

    So, when u introduced him to your friends/relative, “This is David. He’s my boyfriend and also he is working as a DIGI-MAN here right now” -killing two birds with one stone. wtf.

  17. MinnYDinO says:

    lol… who he think he is
    sell ads of himself like tat…
    boyfren club, lmao…
    desperated boy, desperating for $$

  18. Cherrie says:

    OMG that’s hilarious. HAHAHA…
    Hmm…I actually wrote about Friendster as well. Oh well, I guess those tards on Friendster are good blog topics huh?

  19. Vivian says:


    very the cute eh!! XD~~!!!!

  20. ashleighhhh says:

    ooo. how bout girlfriend escorts? xP

  21. tom says:

    u should write about all those SUPER ACT CUTE peoples..

  22. MinnYDinO says:

    cheesie sis… i wanna ask… wich version of photoshop r u using??
    cuz i’m using 4.0 version, n i cant find the liquify thingy @.@
    i thk mayb it’s bcuz my version too old… wanna noe if it’s true or wat

  23. Derrick says:

    hmm, thats mighty weird. haha.

    “need an escort service? Call me at 012-3456789.
    I promise to be gentle. But can be very naughty if you want me to. I can purr like a cat, and roar like a lion. I have a beer belly though but most chicks dig it.

    so what u waiting for? call me.”

  24. Paul says:

    Do we like get to pick boyfriends? 🙂 I want a guy who looks like Chris Evans pls – yellow suit optional.

  25. Lilian says:

    the digi very cute la.. hahaha.. u provide transport only?? how about place to stay?? ahaha where is he gonna stay then?

  26. dave63 says:

    WTF, what the fool!

  27. mj says:

    wow, no joke! i tried the number n he answered my call!

  28. CraSH says:

    if cheesie wants, there will be a line from 1U to mid valley waiting. i dont think she needs escort service… haha
    hmmm… i think she is calling digiman to escort cheddie when she is away. i might be wrong.

  29. snow says:

    WTF what the foot…but..he is cute.

  30. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Hishiko was eliminated juz now… 🙁

  31. naVICgaTOR says:

    Oh no YB~ u didnt send enuff sms lar…

    Digiman uses a Hotlink number?

  32. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Aiyo,u lar,din help me 2 vote 4 her oso… 🙁

    Ya,juz discovered wat u’ve said,lol!

  33. naVICgaTOR says:

    how u noe i din vote~! i voted… once~ haha~

  34. jason says:

    wow u really tried that ? o.0″

    need meh ?

  35. Amei79 says:

    bf club=DiGi Club? I found this from a Blog, very funny, pls head down to to enjoy the animation.
    may be u can add as a comment to bg club in friendster???? lolz

  36. Rey says:

    While browsing flickr, I came across this:

    I thought the mascot looked kinda familiar. Are they both the same people?

  37. Cheese Cake says:

    that’s funny, that business will be more popular

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