I saw.

When i flew Emirates. On the way to Dubai actually, never mind the watermark.


I’m going to tell you a bizarre story about my flight.


Man, the randomness has hit me again. None of it chronologically accurate, just fragments of volatile memories floating aimlessly in my head, not knowing which pieces i should put together. I’m supposed to blog about Paris right. I know i know.


Anyway. Emirates is so cool. I bought the cheapest ticket in the world to London and I was so very happy with it. The service was excellent too. They never bothered to check if you actually put on your seatbelt, or ask you to straighten your seat back when you lie comfortably. Hehe.

They treat your tummy to yummy food.

Even have egmont cheese.

I just love to sit by the window. Sometimes you think you’re flying upside down because the sky is beneath you.

And i wonder how it feels to drop down to a sea of fluffy marshmallow.

I assume it feels so very dreamy and protected when you’re embraced by the nature, like a Thumbelina whose bed is made of layers of yummy cabbage crisps (ok, was it tulip. Or whatever crappy flower it is) surrounding her, reflecting the sunshine to provide her warmth and respiring breaths of fresh air for her.

But it’s an illusion. The sea of marshmallow is just a mirage of pathetic condensed vapor, frozen and suspended in the atmosphere above the surface of the Earth.


You will fall through.


And probably die a terrible death. Yes my dear.




I always see these little asterisks sticking tightly like leeches right outside the window.

I wonder how it feels outside. I could feel the heat of the sun, but the LCD monitor displaying the flight info says it is -45°C.

So cute. Like little snowflakes.

Wait. They are little snowflakes.

Then i wonder how the window feels. It must sting when the asterisks decide to fly by and kacao the window. See hor they look so innocently cute but i’m guessing they actually have sharp teeth, that bite. Like, Gremlins. Or.. or.. or… Gloomy Bear. Adorable, but violent.


Poor window. It’s so gonna get fatal frostbite.


Then the plane starts to land.

It got warmer, those little asterisks are getting a severe sunburn. They shriek in high pitch beyond the range of human hearing, and evaporate into thin air. Haha, literally. I have never used that phrase more aptly.



And cheesappeared.

This is the bizarre story about my flight with Emirates.



The (abrupt) End.



P/S: This is not Cheesie (well, at least not her per se, but rather, one of her insignificant, low, discontented, insecure, unworthy, inadequate altercheesgoes, holding her ransom) blogging. She’s been cheesnapped. She’s nowhere near anything like going to blog something that pleases you. Now say something nice to me instead before i put her into the blender and make a steamy hot glass of cream cheese fuccaccino. Thankers.