It’s a new year so let’s see what I’ve achieved throughout my cheesy existence in the past year.

1. Getting a dog
Cheddie is the best shopping item of the year. And it was the best investment I’ve ever made. She’s my muse, she is my source of long-term happiness. She keeps me happier than any amount of retail therapy. And she’s anorexic so that saves me a lot on kibbles.

2. Perming my hair
After 6 straight years (pun?) of the same, boring, long hair. I was never adventurous when it comes to hair. The courage I summoned for such a change is tantamount to that of eating a can of green curry crocodile meat. Guess what? I just went for my third perm today (for free! Either the stylist missed me like crazy or they needed a lab rat for their new products)! And I look like a freaking cocker spaniel now. But I’ve come to a decision that my hair is eternally curl-proof. No matter how much thinning and trimming, it remains stubbornly straight.

3. Getting a job I like
After resigning from a shitty one. Apart form that, early last year I started earning cashew nuts and occasionally macadamias from my lousy blog. How cool is that!

4. Traveling outside Asia
I’m still all obsessed about my London trip! Anyway last year I’ve traveled more than I could conscientiously afford to. And I now owe my conscience a huge debt. It was Bangkok in January, Taipei in April, Hong Kong in July, London in October and I’m in Kaohsiung for new year now.

5. Losing 5kgs
Thanks to Kenko Diet Plum. But I’ve gained back 2kg so I look like I belong to the homo sapiens species now. Thank you very much.

6. Surviving a water heater assault
Err… I guess that’s cool. I mean, I’m running out of things to write. Guess I’m not that cool after all. I prefer to be hot than cool anyway.

7. Cannot tell this one!
This is something very personal and I’m hysterical about it. 😀


Anyway. If you like you can take this as another lousy meme. Tell me the 7 coolest things you’ve done, or the 7 coolest people you’ve met, or the 7 coolest shopping items you’ve snatched in year 2007.


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P/S: I’m now in Tao Yuan airport waiting for my flight back to KLIA. Haven’t gone online since last year! Cheddie wait for mommy. I bought you gifts! 😀