Who wants a sweet bread?

January 13, 2008 in Cheddie&Pets


Cheddie loves to eat sweet bread.

I know you all miss her! So i did a mini Cheddie the hot model shoot. You know how sexy, hot models always have their straight silky hair floating in the air in a photo?

I’m trying the windblown effect on my hot little model.

i’m sexy


and gorgeous.


*Yawn* Where’s my sweet bread?


Ok la i lied. I bought this super yummy sweet bread from a Petshop in Kaohsiung as pressie for Cheddie. mada tau she didn’t even bother to take a sniff at it! I guess she only likes cheesecakes.


So i’m giving it away to anyone who has a dog.



Who wants soft, fluffy, yummy sweet bread? Ditch that hole thing! Doughnuts are so passé! Yucks.


Just email me the cutest pic of your furbaby, with the funniest caption! The most creative, amusing, blah blah blah picture i like most wins a toy sweet bread worth NT$170. Not very luxurious i know but guaranteed can’t be found in KL.

Have fun! The sweet bread expires 16th Jan 2008, so pleasecheeseme@gmail.com before the deadline! Thank you!


P/S: Who’s going to K9 party on 20th? I’ll be bringing Cheddie the hot model there. Let me know if you want a Cheddie autograph!

21 responses to “Who wants a sweet bread?”

  1. cheesie says:

    Misha always first! *muah*

  2. ryls says:

    cheedddddddddiiieee soo cutee!

  3. xox says:

    i love your dog!!!

  4. ray says:

    Cheddie’s autograh!?? woow! what a famous one!

  5. kcin says:

    haha the dog is not stupid la… why not give her the real thing?

  6. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Wow,it seems real!Looks yummy! 🙂

  7. WP says:

    Wow, that sweet bread looks so real, even I want to bite into it! lol

  8. misha says:

    cheesie jiejie .. hehehe .. 🙂 hugs hugs

  9. nanasi says:

    i wan..i wan that sweet bread, i’m nanasi…do you remember me?

  10. Melissa says:

    cheesie 😀 When is the last day for the contest ? 🙂

  11. cheesie says:

    Melissa: Oh ya hor. Updated! it’s until 16th Jan 2008. 🙂

  12. lilsis says:

    woo…cheddie so cute… kizz kizz >>>***muaks muaks*** ((( hugz hugz )))


  13. naVICgaTOR says:

    she’s such a hotdog~

  14. Penny says:

    hotdog??? kekekeke

    I’ll send you my Brandy’s photo soon… She’s really HOT HOT HOT… Hey where’s the K9 party?? Let me know, I wanna go, the last time I didn’t make it cos it was to late when I found out the location…

  15. JoJo says:

    Ur doggie so cuteeeee

  16. cindy says:

    cheddie’s tongue so cute and long. i think generally maltese’s tongue is kinda long?

  17. satkuru says:

    i have to agree with cindy, damn long man her tongue. so cuteeee 😛 and the windblowing effect definitely made her look so adorable 🙂

  18. toto says:

    wa… very long tongue, can play tongue twisters with her… clean clams crammed in clean cans… can you can a can as a canner can can a can…

  19. pmc says:

    Cheedie is sexy

  20. Jayce says:

    Cheddie cute cute… 😀

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