I came across this youtube video about sanitary pads in their early days and it’s super hilarious.

Women are so blessed nowadays. As far as I could remember, I have seen many of my aunties using those super bulky sanitary napkins with a string to attach to the waist. That time I was still too young to realize what menstruation is and I was bewildered: what on earth are those?

Damn kesian women in older times. In those times it was called the sanitary apron/belt.


No wonder they all had to wear those flowy dresses!


It was to hide the gigantic unsightly sanitary aprons underneath!

Early on, in 1921, women were reluctant to buy sanitary napkins because it meant asking a clerk for a box (some company even supposedly invented the word “Kotex” so women wouldn’t have to say “sanitary napkin”).

In an effort to make it easier and more discreet, there was also a practice known as “Silent Purchase”. It was coupons from newspapers that women could cut out and hand to the clerks so they wouldn’t have to ask for the pads; apparently stores were not piling them on the counter.

Then, in 1921, Kotex came out with its first ad campaign.


The company explained that the menstrual pad’s origin was as a bandage for soldiers during the World War (O.o). American nurses in France tried it as a menstrual napkin, and they liked it very much.

However, the new sanitary napkin only sold well after women were allowed to put money into a container without having to speak to the shop clerks, and to take a box from a stack on the counter.

I couldn’t have imagined that buying sanitary pads was such an embarrassing procedure in the past. I know of some guys who are still reluctant to buy pads for their girlfriends nowadays but most of them don’t mind because it’s such an honor (buying something so intimate for a girl means she trusts you and feels close to you)!

And pads nowadays can never be any slimmer.

I bought the Kotex Soft & Smooth Ultrathin Wing trial pack today.

(Only RM1.48 for 5 pads. Super cheap!)


This latest design absorbs 2x faster than the leading cottony Ultrathin pads for that instant long lasting dryness.

It comes with a softouch cover for a smooth cushiony feel.

And it is also ultra thin for ultimate discreet protection, so you don’t have to worry about the pad being visible, even when wearing tight clothing.

Soooooooooooo thin. Like a piece of paper.

Can just slide in into your daintiest wallet.

In the end, you won’t even remember that you’re having your period.

From sanitary apron, to sanitary belt, to sanitary napkin and pad, I’m thinking that, maybe, we should now call it the sanitary sticker!