February 5, 2008 in Nail Cheat One™

More nail pictures for your reference. If you wanna buy your nails some new clothes for CNY too. 🙂

Since i already sound like someone whose brain’s size is smaller than all the rhinestones combined together on her nails, might as well lo hor.


“Hie Ringo, wanna go out for tea?”
“Oh, sorry but i can’t. i’m busy waiting for my nail paint to dry while thinking if i should apply a clear or shimmery top coat that can best match my new sandals. By the way i hope you don’t mind being on loud-speaker because i can’t really pick up the phone right now.”

I re-painted my nails again and now i’m a full time vamp. Muahahah. *evil grin revealing fangs*


Right thumb


Ok this time i admit it’s a little too elaborated because! *takes a deep breath*

Because i’m such a pro at nail art design nothing can defeat me and simple designs can no longer satisfy my kiasu-ness and i just love to show how much you can do with a rather useless part of human’s anatomy (except the time in need for comforting an itchy orifice) so yea, time for level-up!!

Cheesh i just love challenges! 🙂

Haha i think this pic is quite cool with the right hand posing in front of a picture of the left hand

Looks very complicated but it’s not difficult to do at all. All you need is very very good eyesight and a super steady left hand (not everyone is bestowed with such gift because normally hands don’t come with anti-shake feature).


The most nail-matching outfit ever.

Happy CNYdongdongchiang! 😀

30 responses to “Nah.”

  1. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Nice nails! 😀

  2. mustardqueen says:

    The right thumb kinda look like the bee hive biscuit they have during CNY!!!! hahah oh and i like ur necklace!! it’s a CAT!!! 🙂

  3. Chris says:

    this is as goth as it gets! wahrao so complicated already, level up kao kao man. how much would something like this cost?

    go open salon kuku already la, ppl want ur service!! oh n the 5th (last) pic is hot ftw 😉

  4. Stephen says:

    dongchiang 2u2!!

  5. pmc says:

    Love the last photo on “outfit matching”, it’s “Tía buena”

  6. jane says:

    last pic is nice, i like the black magic gypsy look.

  7. den says:

    aeh, devil beat angel ? angel is gone! no more yingyang nails…

    happy CNY to you…

  8. Van says:

    Just wondering, will you panic if you found out some of the rhinestone is missing when you are having a meal??

  9. MICHELLE says:

    LOVE YOUR NAILS! *gasps*

  10. Michelle says:

    Vampyra, you’ll be my date. =D

  11. small potato says:

    ur nail mushroom-ed ? =P

  12. kevin tan says:

    whatever you do, don’t go and eat banana leaf rice… unless you bring someone who knows the Heimlich maneuver.

  13. Sandra says:

    gosh…so intricately done!! i have the most shaky hand ….*grumble*

  14. Porkie says:

    Nails are gorgeous, outfit is gorgeous, you’re! 🙂

  15. Calypso says:

    Great artwork! Do you ever reuse the crystals? or are they a one-off thing?

  16. Cheesie says:

    Ying Bin: Happy CNY to you! 🙂
    mustardqueen: The honeycomb biscuit! Yay i love that! But very oily la. *Meow*
    Chris: I prefer the simpler one actually!
    stephen: 3!
    pmc: Google led me to porn site wtf!
    jane: muahahah *searches for crystal ball*
    den: the devil always win!!!666
    van: of course not! i have like bottomless of replacement for them 🙂
    MICHELLE: 😀 yay
    michelle: on V day? 😀
    small potato: it mushroomed reeeal fast
    kevin tan: an empress doesnt need to move her hands! 😀
    sandra: get lady to help u out 😀
    porkie: yay
    calypso: Nope i dont, because in the end they will get all thick and dull (because of the counless layers of polish) and it’s not good for recycling. Just use new ones, they are cheap! 🙂

  17. MinnYDinO says:

    you’re getting crazy girl !! XD
    but you really did a great job on the nails~~
    (mind doing it for me?? muahaha… i’m a super duper noob at this)

  18. Reika says:

    wow! you are really good. maybe you can start doing it for other people as well n they’ll pay u! can start doing business edi! 😀

    and happy CNY cheesie!

  19. winnie says:

    hi chessie~ a reader from Brunei here. =)
    i really admire your nails art !!! soooo nice can die! xD

    btw, i want to ask, what glue u use ah ?

    i’m in a progress of doing mine too! will let u see the results if im done.

    gong xi cheese chai!~ =D

  20. Esther says:

    hi chessie.. are those ur real nail? can i use it on artifical nails cuz my fingernails are not that long. do you use nail polish to remove all the crystal?

  21. aNgeL-cuPid says:

    *gasp!* GORGEOUS!!!!! I think i’m doing mine black also. muahaha! copymiaw! I’ve got white and black nail polish. don’t know which to use. hehehe =P going shopping for more nail polish tmr~ weeeeee~~~~ btw, what do i need to clip the rhinestones? will a tweezer do?

  22. jyushiang says:

    Careful not to do too much of house work etc etc especially detergent-related work. Can see the chemicals are starting to age your fingers 🙁 well it certainly looks like it to me.

  23. Simon Seow says:

    I’m no nail expert, just wanna wish you Xin Nian Kuai Shang.

  24. nadnut says:

    looks great! happy cny!

  25. amy says:

    omg, u must have super steady hands and a whole lot of patience!

    happy CNY!

  26. jassie says:

    omg. love those nails. really super pretty.

  27. pmc says:

    LOL , bad Google but “Tia Buena” is Spanish slang for “Sexy”…hmmm maybe Google thinks “sexy” = “Porn”

    BUT I WANTED TO SAY, you look SEXY!!!! 😀

  28. Maverick says:

    A perfect ten! I’d also like to see your nails without nail polish. I think they look beautiful in their natural state.

    🙂 Maverick

  29. shae says:

    — i think them are UGLY.
    like serious.
    if i was you i would never get something like that.
    point blank (end it with a period).

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