Nailed by Cheesie

February 20, 2008 in Nail Cheat One™

Update Sold! But if you want to customize a set for yourself just drop me a mail ok! 🙂 /update

Whatever! Might as well! 😀


This is my first mastercheese titled Princess Birthday.

My obsession has gotten to such an uncontrollable extent that i think nail polish is now my new oxygen. Anyway, these are the artificial nail tips i painted today, inspired by myself. AHAHA. I’m such an inspirational cheesnius.

This should be the answer to people whose nails can’t seem to grow long enough for a beautiful manicure. And i guess what? I decided to sell them! I’ve used 29 rhinestones and 92 small beads altogether. If it goes by market price, (where the salons charge RM1 per rhinestone and 20 cents service fee per stone) this whole set is worth what, maybe RM100? Did I forget to mention I’m using really good quality nail polish too! Anyhow the best part is, I think I’ll price it at RM50! 😀

So if anyone of you need to custom make any nail art design for your Princessly birthday/wedding, just send in your nail measurement and i’ll see how i can be at your service. 🙂

Go to Wardrobe to find out more if you are interested. If the sizes don’t suit you, i can always adjust it for you!

33 responses to “Nailed by Cheesie”

  1. Penny says:

    WOW brilliant idea!!! And soon u can open a nail art saloon???

  2. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Wow,so beautiful! 😀

  3. xox says:

    woaw i love that!

  4. Julia says:

    So pretty~~ I like~ Can you teach me?

  5. Ling says:

    hey,its gorgeous. but i need to ask you something.i like OPI too,but i want to buy a nice red nail polish and i dont know which one is nice.can you give me some ideas? =)

  6. den says:

    wow, starting up business liao?

  7. Jade says: she do really good nail designs. maybe one day you will become professional like her. 🙂

  8. mary poppins says:

    i think u should become my merchandising exec la …….. your pics look so good i feel like buying them from you …….. can do for toes ah? den i can secret admire them when i’m alone ….. ?

  9. sharon (^.^) says:

    wow.. cheesie love love..

    my birthday’s tmrw.. kenot send it in time le.. sniff.. sad sad..

    i wan dem so much!!

  10. cheesie says:

    julia: i posted some nail art tips sometime ago. 🙂
    ling: the one i’m using is from Skin food. i think it’s quite good!
    den: haha just for fun only!
    jade: i can’t see any pictures there 🙁
    mary poppins: haha u got toe fetish? 🙂
    sharon: where do you stay! i can send to you today… if you still want it that is.

  11. cheesie says:

    penny: crazy ah, for fun only! 😛
    ying bin, xox, mandy: thank you! 🙂

  12. Jace says:

    Hey! They’re so pretty! May i know what’re the two colors that you used for the nails? ^^

  13. Jojo says:

    It’s really pretty!! ^^

  14. cheesie says:

    jace: it’s written in the other post. Click the link to wardrobe 🙂
    jojo: thank you!

  15. annmms says:

    i’ll get nailed by you any day cheesie.

  16. Lennie says:

    It looks very nice indeed.. can open a nail parlour 🙂 saw ur photo in Kenny’s blog for the audition for Malaysian DreamGirls.. Good luck.. hope you can win 🙂

  17. prissy says:

    wow! 😀 very nice! i was thinking of doing it myself (on fake nails of parents would kill me if they see my real nails like that lol) this weekend! you should post a blog about how to customize your own nails..for example, what kind of polish to use etc. etc. but, it’s up to you xD
    i love the nails! very cuteee~ can’t stop staring at them lor!

  18. fish fish says:

    Ringo chan, kono posuto to kankei ga nai ga, dori-mu ga-ru no tatakai wo ganbatte ne~~~

    Ouensuru yo~~~ 😉

  19. mary poppins says:

    i’m a guy ler ……. if my mother see she will cry ah …….. my father will faint …. my grandparents will turn in their graves …….. my friends will laugh … but got one guy in the office i suspect is also gay will come take off his shoes and ask “eh u also bought from cheesie ah?, Wanna open room tonight play to gether gether la’

  20. Chee says:

    HAHAHA…Nails again…

  21. t3peace says:

    Hi, I like your blog. Your nail art is wonderful. I found a website with a lots of idea for your nails, you might be interested !

    Greetings from Switzerland (a cheese land too !)

  22. emily ting says:

    hey hey

    u have nice pictures~ what camera you’re using?? dslr or compact?? looks like dslr.. if its those dslr, you’ll bring it everywhere you go? so sorry for asking such questions… coz curious if you’re carrying that heavy thing everywhere… coz those pics really look nice~

  23. xiao*ai says:

    moshi moshi;
    i know this might sounds stupid,
    but, may i know how to remove those artificial nails after gluing them on my nails? :X

  24. cheesie says:

    xiao*ai: just pry it out with a tweezer or something. 🙂

  25. kormmandos says:

    I think you might be getting high from inhaling the solvent in your nail polish…
    It is said to cause brain damage…

  26. nadnut says:

    this is soooo pretty! do offer manicure services next time! 😛 going for nn’s bday in kl?! offer manicure service! i’ll definitely line up !

  27. cheesie says:

    nadnut: don’t think i’m capable of giving on the spot service yet! but yea i’ll be at the party. 🙂

  28. nadnut says:

    damn. lol. can i order kenko plums and collect at the party? 😛

  29. nadnut says:

    okies! hit me up for 1 pls!!!

  30. […] fake nails :. These nails are not ‘easy’ to own nails. Done by one and only lovable Cheesie Ringo and imported from there by Rose herself. At 1st i read her messages on the present saying that […]

  31. Caro says:

    HY… what kind of glue you use???
    and where you get these glitter trimmings and how long they stayes, do you
    lacquered them all over.

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