So disgusting!!!

February 17, 2008 in Nail Cheat One™

I finally understand why nails are called nails. Because just like nails, they can get rusty.

Rusty nails!

My gouda. I don’t know why they could become like this! It’s the ugliest thing i’ve ever seen. Maybe the nail paint covered the enamel for too long it couldn’t breathe?

I know right, i freaked out also but please don’t lecture me and tell me not to torture my nails anymore with poisonous chemical in the name of vanity. Please lo! You guys also contaminate your lungs with tobacco and your liver with alcohol, you dare talk to me about nails?!?!? Nail painting is also an addiction like smoking and drinking. At least i can do something about my rusty nails. What are you gonna do with your blackened lungs? Huh huh huh?

To solve this unsightly problem right, i decided to…

Paint my nails again. Muahaha

Color: Funny Bunny from O.P.I and Nail Vita 104 from Skin Food.

This is supposed to be like a Valentine’s nail art (see, got rose!).

Wtf now my nails are so pretty! If you got blemish on your face you will also cover it with concealer right! 😀


To quote Jolin Tsai, “I cannot walk out from my house without my pretty nails, if not my nails will feel like they are not wearing clothes. You don’t walk out from your house naked, do you?”



On a less defensive note, i actually think i should really be a part time nail art artist. Pretty nails, anyone?

88 responses to “So disgusting!!!”

  1. Jojo says:

    LOL! good one! =P
    ALthough i’ve heard people say that nails can get yellow if you apply nail polish on it too often but I’ve never knew that (the ‘rust’) could appear on the nail!! o.0

  2. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Rusty nails?Woa,tat’s special!

    • Actually I’ve had this happen if your nails were done with gel and a heat lamp, its actually a burn, the gel got too hot and literly burnt the nail, you would feel it as a sudden pain from heat lamp, but usually by the time u felt it the pain stops and the damage is done its caused by either low quality gelor the gel was spread on too thick

  3. pinksterz says:

    haha nail art artist? how much the charge? :p

  4. Ichigo says:

    Shouldn’t you consult a doctor?
    It could be fungus/infection. If it’s the case, there’s necessary treatment.

    p.s definietly go for the nail artist hehe:D Great designs and skills.

  5. Porkie says:

    Oooh..seems like some sort of reaction to the stuffs you’re using.. be careful and take care of your nails cheesie-hime 🙂

  6. WP says:

    The rose on the thumbnail is so pretty!

  7. skyler says:

    Ringo do you think up these designs on the spot O_____O

  8. Marsupilami says:

    Better get some treatment for it! Else when your nails drop.. then no more nail art. Fingers turns very ugly…

  9. Reika says:

    you should, cheesie! you’re very talented.
    so jealous liao! i think u put a lot of nail artists to shame! 😀

  10. May Zhee says:

    Cheesie jie, I know you gonna kill me, but I’m on the verge of desperation already so it’s either this or suicide.

    So either way I end up dead right. Okay.


    E-mail me at if you do!!!!!

  11. j says:

    crazy jolin ~ she did nail art on wohoo her doggie!

  12. mama says:

    pls la, give your nails a break! let them breathe…

  13. Okay says:

    cheesie i think you’d make a great nail artist 🙂 did you draw the rose? soooo prettyyyyyy

    also, i read from a little birdie’s blog *coughpinkpaucough* that you auditioned for malaysian dreamgirl? pleaseeee blog about it 🙂

    btw. i think you’d make a great malaysian dreamgirl 😀

  14. pmc says:

    Are your nails bleeding?

  15. eri says:

    glad to see they’re long again!

  16. Yanagi says:

    I think the beads or jewels rusted and stain your nails. The last time I did 3d nail art, some of the metal beads rusted and stain my nails =(

  17. eiko-chan says:

    I was rather shocked to see the “rust”? I’ve never heard of it, i thought the only thing that can happen to your nails if you cover them for too long is turning “yellow-ish” only? Do take care!!

    ps: I’ll definitely support you in in any case you decide to be a part-time nail art artist, i like your designs, their really creative (^^ )!

  18. shakira says:

    i haven’t see rushed nail aft doing nail art de..
    feel so uneasy, i’m also wonder how this could happen..
    by the way, ur nail art done perfectly every time 😉

  19. mustardqueen says:

    HEY!! I just did my nails in french too!! hahah coincidence…. :P:P Mine’s clear with disco silver… 😛 The collaboration of urs is really pretty and sweet!!! hehe My nails only turn yellow lor and it’s yellow like dead nails wtf, but didnt turn like the red-ish one but nail polish will do the concealing trick lar… :DDD

  20. blah says:

    i also want long nails but whenever i grow them out the white parts are too soft and just chip off..

  21. misha says:

    jiejie R .. your nails are so pretty .. When i go back to KL you paint for me ok? hehehe

  22. s0hp0h says:

    wah..weird!! but i dun think it’s blood… maybe like someone said, just staining…

  23. sheon says:

    yes please….a macho design for me please. .. grrrr……..

    i agree with ichigo….there is a chance they are infection of some sort..better consult a dr. 🙂

  24. Cheesie says:

    jojo: so scary right!
    ying bin: is not!!! it’s fugly!
    pinksterz: half the price of what a atas nail saloon will charge! 🙂
    ichigo: omg strawberry! so fat i think there’s no need to see a doctor yet. O.o
    porkie: Oi liang hm oi miang.
    WP: i know right!!! 😀
    skyler: yessssss i’m so very spontaneous!
    Marsupilami: Nails… drop? O.o
    reika: wa shy! no la i’m actually just practicing, not qualified to do for other people yet
    may zhee: *kills mayzhee with a broken Jay Chou CD*
    j: wtf. Cheddie’s fur too long cannot see
    steph: don’t think my nails are bruised but thank you! 🙂
    mama: pls la, gimme a break, lemme breathe… (wahahha sorry *acts serious* YES MOM.)
    okay: why thank you! i didn’t draw it! it’s a 3D nail art deco. Wa wtf want me to blog about something so embarrassing meh! >_pmc: are not!
    eri: yay. yes they are!
    eiko-chan: apart from the mysterious rust i think my nails actually quite healthy la. 😛
    shakira: i think i agree with Yanagi it’s probably the rusty rhinestones because the stains match the location.
    mustardqueen: wa so nice. French will look very weird on me now because mynails grew too long!
    blah: awww maybe can try some treatment?
    misha: of course! anything for Mish
    s0hp0h: nope it is not blood. Rusty stain it is!
    sheon: haha. macho design? bling blings are so sissy! 😛

  25. jyushiang says:

    Probably dead enamel cells. Should go off when your nail grows, time to trim 🙂

    Or is it probably you are lacking some vitamins?

  26. xox says:

    expert said that wearing dark shades of nail polish can stain your nails yellow, that’s bcos there’s a reaction between the colorant and your nails.

  27. mama says:

    it said that nail products are among the most toxic cosmetic on the market, though nails dont really breathe, but nails can absorb the chemicals used in polishes and removers, causing damage within the body. dont over do it.

  28. Jenchu says:

    Your nails are gorgeeeoouus!

    Only prob is, I can’t get nails like that because I’d have trouble writing in school and eventually all the gems and such would fall off 🙁

    One day though.

  29. Creamie says:

    You’re supposed to glue the gems on artifical nails because the glue’s poisonous .

  30. Kenny says:

    That doesn’t look right.

  31. Bianca says:

    I just love your nail art design. Has very good potential to be manicurist la. Do more designs and show us ok? =)

  32. GiniEdaLeO says:

    EEuuuu rusty nails….

    Pheewwit blingy, cute nails..

    magical! you are kind’of awesome…

  33. rainbow says:

    hi cheesie, i think your current nails are awesome!
    they’re even nicer than your previous ones (:

  34. Simon Seow says:

    Congratulations on making it to the second round of Malaysian Dreamgirl and be in the top 50. Will surely vote for you. 😉

  35. Erisha says:

    yeap lovely nails. u probably should consider being a nail art artist. i shall want mine done. =)

  36. lyfie says:

    human nails contains keratin whilst the hammer and nails nail contain metallic iron.

  37. lyfie says:

    in short, human nails doesn’t rust cause it does not have metallic iron in it.

    *sorry for submitting in twice. was in a hurry.

  38. lisa says:

    is tat really your mama commenting ?? wow wat a cool mama u have there he he….btw i really like to read all your posting bout nail art…i agreed you are very talented in doing this..keep it up!

  39. Erisha says:

    oh nice. do mine??? =)

  40. mimid3vils says:

    rusty nail? so weird….Btw, always so envy those can keep long nails, mine are so soft, easily break….sob…sob….. 🙁

  41. Porkie says:

    can do vw nail art for me ah? ehehe.. can go with my vw blings 😀 😛

  42. jaecywong says:

    the rose ring that u have on is the same as the one on ur thumb nail rite? same design n pattern? =-= omygawd. cheesie.. do my nails! y dun u open ur own saloon! u got ur 1st customer here!!

  43. SupercalifragerlisticEspialodocious says:

    hmmm … i haven’t had the opportunity to read about your day job …….. wad’s your day job ah?

  44. Albert Ng says:

    It just means you’re a gold digger! 😀

  45. abby says:

    ive never seen ‘rusty nails’ before… seriously.. its kinda scary no meh?
    anyway cheesie pls blog abt ur dreamgirls audition plsss 🙁

  46. Ying Bin Sousa says:

    Wow,congrats Ringo 4 being 1 of the top 50! 😀

  47. xinch says:

    looks like it indicates psoriasis to me
    after all, a common symptom is the appearances of dark brown pitted spots under the nails.
    doubt it has anything to do with your nail polish, better go see the doc!

  48. June says:

    uff? Strabge nails .____.

    But your nails look really dangerous. xD
    May be you could use them as weapons =P (so long may be you could use them like knifes.. x’D)

  49. June says:

    I meant “strange” x’DD

  50. Mandy says:

    How do you do your eyes. It’s really pretty.

  51. sharon (^.^) says:

    yea how u do ur eyes..

    i wan ur eye lashes..

    and u shd be my nail art design.. hahaha my birthday coming. hoping u could come n bling my nails up.. hahahaha

  52. cereal says:

    walau! ur nails!! did u ask the manicurist how come it can become like dat?

  53. misha says:

    jiejie R .. you are one of the shortlisted contestants for the Malaysian DreamGirls!!!

    Congratulations!!! I wish you all the best!@

  54. skim says:

    eek! cut ur nails!
    but on e other hand (no pun intended) u are tres tres good at doing nails.

  55. sharon (^.^) says:

    congrats for the malaysian dream girl (=

    good luck.. i’ll support u 101%

  56. kcin says:

    including this entry, this brings to a total of 1,000th entries about nails…

  57. ahlost says:

    Cheesie.. Your mama so cute.. *LOL*

    and and.. Congrats on making it for Malaysian Dream Girl..


  58. cerine says:

    hello ~
    i’ve had this problem before too.
    it happens when your base coat is not good enough/not properly applied and then the colour of your nail polish/the sediments (therefore might not be the colour of the polish) will sink into your nail bed.
    its not a big problem. yeap. and it’ll fade with time.

  59. cheesie says:

    jyushiang: i’m so very sure it’s the rusty rhinestone!!!
    xox: ok i wear light color more then muahaha
    mama: yes maam. yes maam.
    jenchu: try toenails! 😀
    creamie: u mean not supposed to?
    kenny: it looks left?
    simon: thank you!! but dont think i will go through next round la
    bianca: i’m so doing just that haha
    GiniEdaLeO: thanks yay
    rainbow: they can only be nicer!!! 😀
    erisha: i wonder inhaling too much nail polish will make me nuts anot?
    lyfie: yay so like, they do have something not in common? hahahah yea you’re right. i think it’s the surface that got stained. 🙂
    lisa: ya lo. my mom scans my blog.
    mimid3vils: eat more cheese!
    porkie: wtf vw fanatic
    jaecywong: no la not the same, just so ngam only! 😀 but u so far away!
    SupercalifragerlisticEspialodocious: do you have like a, shorter alias?
    albert: but it’s too late for puns now!

  60. Porkie says: haven’t seen my post-xmas vw spending spree daling!
    so can or not? vw my nail(s)?

  61. person says:

    what kind of lenght is too much for u anyway?

  62. cheesie says:

    abby: but i got no picture to blog. my lousy friends all take lousy pictures.
    ying bin: yay 🙁
    xinch: omgwtfisthatwtf!!!666
    june: wahahhah wtf see ur own nails so long u cannot type properly
    mandy: dark eyeshadow + falshies + eyeliner lo 🙂
    sharon: lashes are fake! 😀 omg thank you for ur support *tears*
    cereal: no i refused to because i’m the best manicurist!!! 😀
    misha: misha can join 10 years later! 😀
    skim: what is tres tres haha! u’re punny
    kcin: so little oni meh!
    ahlost: waaaaaaaa u all really read a lot of blogs rightttttttttt! 😛
    cerine: REALLY? yay thanks for telling me

  63. cheesie says:

    porkie: caaaaaan.
    person: hmmm, long till the point it starts to freak everyone out. 😀

  64. mimi says:

    eat more cheese really help meh? *scratch head*

  65. starm|st says:

    maybe let ur nails be naked and ‘breathe’ sometimes? 🙂

  66. DR says:


  67. mary poppins says:

    got … u can call me poppins . first name mary last naME poppins

  68. zthon says:

    one small tip. after you applied your nail polish. use a cotton bud to wipe off the nail polish that you left on the cuticles. it will look nicer that way. =D

  69. the first picture is really disgusting. what really happen actually?

  70. sandy says:

    me me meeeee! i wanna have pretty nails!

  71. june says:

    =’3 you’re mean. my nails aren’t the cause for my tipping-faults!! x’D it’s my ″uri geller″ that I can’t control completly… =’3

  72. LIZZ!E says:

    agreed- you should be a part time nail art artist 🙂

  73. FM says:

    It’s fungus.
    Si lor! very hard to get rid off. It grows under the nail and unless your nails are permeable it’s almost impossible to cure. I suggest you go to a doctor and stop wearing polish for awhile.

  74. Kyomuffin says:

    You are beautiful and so are your nails. I feel like you do. I just don’t feel right if my nails don’t look perfect its a strange obsession hm? lol

  75. rachel says:

    lay off the nailpolish for 2 weeks and they’ll disappear… putting nailpolish on them makes it worst… trust me.

  76. Sarah Imperial says:

    I love these how do you get your nails so long and thick?

  77. Sarah Imperial says:

    Or uh strong actually? Not thick. Mine break and everytime I try to grow them out.

  78. Malea ;D says:

    omg you have pretty nail designs!!! im sorry about th rust!! hope it will heal 🙂
    for me i usually buff my nails or paint the whole nail bright teal or hot pink!!!
    btw..GO ASIANS!!! im malaysian..what r u?? 🙂

  79. Thuy li Pham says:

    ( using my cousins email)

    you have very pretty nails!!! Mine are the same length and right now im using Sally Hansen Maximum Growth for nails..hope it works!!!

    …you should totally be a nail artist!!! my goshhh you is very skiwellled!!! i loveee long nails alot so i adore your nails!!!

    btw..will that ‘rust’ heal??? 😀

  80. Rachel says:

    How can you become a nail artist if you SUCK at polishing nails? Comon now? All over the cuticles? WTH is that?

  81. Jessie says:

    Hi, I am a lover of nail art too, but more into non-3d design and on pedi most of the time. You did mani yourself?
    Cool design and so kawaii. Gambate!
    About your nail (rusty) yes is too much of chemical i believe. I had yellowish toe-nail too as is almost 2 years every I has nail colour without fail. Is just like wearing clothes to me, what will you see if you doesn’t wear anything right.
    Nice nail art..

  82. Riechan says:

    I want pretty nails !

    I thought it was blood wtf …

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