Dear Everyone,

It’s me again. Super glad to see you all at Nuffnang’s Pajamas Party (thank you Tim!) and i managed to visit my own blog few days ago (feels so strange) and i just want to say i’m very, very touched by all your comments and the banners you guys made for me (Kevin, Michelle, Candy and many others!) Thank you to Porkie and BBQ who’s taking care of my blogging while i’m away!

Thank you, thank you thank you!!! You have no idea how much that means to me.

Wanna let you all know i’m fine here, knowing that i have all your support is good enough for me. Can’t ask for more.


Yours forever cheesily,



I positively teared okay. As promised I’m showing you the best of her pictures in the Nuffnang Pajama party.

Gorgeous Ringo

Ringo and KY
Ringo and KY

Ringo and Simon
Ringo and Simon

Ringo and Jacklyn
Ringo and Jackyln

Ringo and Wendy
Ringo and Wendy aka XX

Sleeping Ringo
What Cheesie wears to sleep

I love you
A super sweet smiling piece of cheese…

She was gorgeous, brilliant, and vibrant as fans and friends met her, talked to her and took pictures with her. All their comments on her shows who she really is; a sweet, adoring, thoughtful and extremely kind girl.

She’s my Malaysian dream girl, that’s for sure. Do you feel the same way?