Dear all,

It saddens me to be the one to inform you that this blog has finally been hijacked. Yes, you heard me right. From today onwards *I* will be in control of this blog because your very own favourite cheese of all time, the all great Cheesie-sama, has suddenly *gasp* cheesappeared!

Like omgwtfbbqdvd666!!! right!

So in the light of her absence, I will now attempt in covering her blog here with more cheesy stuff so that it doesn’t decheesify and to prevent you readers from not reading anymore because when she finally comes back she’ll die of cheese attack after seeing only 5 ppl read her blog from a much much more bigger number and come back again as SadakoChiizuko to haunt you for betraying her (imagine her face beside yours whispering into your ears “why u never visit my blog why why fuckaccino!!”).

You don’t want that do you? OF COURSE RIGHT! So my plan is to keep you informed on our dear cheesie-sama’s whereabouts, while injecting occasional cheesie-goodness so that you never lack your dosage of daily cheeses to continue with your life. And her life. And mine. For our own sake. *shivers*

What kind of cheesie goodness? Liddis la:
The obsessive compulsive pink diva

Okla, maybe it’s just me who needs my daily dose of cheesie goodness to live hahaha. Cheh.

ADMIT IT LA OK (and if you do, I’ll put up more of her pretty pictures for you to oogle at like the one above heh heh heh *winks*)

ps- don’t bother asking when she’ll be back, cause I’m just as clueless!