Eat chips and win a trip to Old Trafford, home of the Red Devils Manchester United!

The top 30 football point collectors will win a grand Football Tour to Manchester, England worth RM15,000 each! How do you win your way to a live match in Old Trafford?

Just snack on Mister Potato!


Collect as many red canister paper seals or empty packs of limited edition Mister Potato.

•160g canister seal = 3 points
•85g pouch = 2 points
•55g pouch = 1 point

On top of that, there are also monthly prizes and sms contest.


The top 5 monthly collector will win jerseys personally autographed by Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Ballack, Fernando Torres, Nani and Cesc Febregas.

Go to Mister Potato for more info!

Besides that, i’m also involved in the Project Trafford, where 40 bloggers were selected and put into 8 groups of 5 bloggers to work together and come up with an idea of increasing their chances to win the trip to Old Trafford.

My group members are:

1) CopyKate the PR
2) Cassie the Emcee
3) David Event Coordinator
4) Charles the Sales
5) Tougeking the Supplier

And of course me the useless boss who does nothing shakes her legs under the table while surfing her favorite blogs.


This is how the plan works:

1. Obtain Mister Potato from wholesaler
2. Repackage Mister Potato
3. Organize an event to sell the repackaged chips

Basically, the supplier is going to purchase Mister Potato in bulk at the cheap price from the wholesaler, and the sales coordinator will repackage the chips in paperbags (= recycle = save the world, geddit?). The rest will be in charge of making the event fun and hungrifying (so people will buy more and eat more chips).

In the end, all of us just have to collect the seals and empty packs and make our way to Old Trafford! Wahahaha.

Check out my team members’ blogs more more details about the campaign. 🙂