Pun of the day:
Two giraffes were in a race. They were neck and neck.

It’s been a bloody night. Now all mafias and citizens, you can open your eyes. The giraffe has just been killed.

And i want to tell you a story that has an awful ending.


See, my two Balinese giraffes became my home guardians. 🙂

They were wonderful little companions.

I played with them everyday.

They loved each other.

And sayanged me.


I hearted my giraffes too.



But some evil being must come destroy the peace in my home.

Ever since the day he didn’t get invited to the Wild Live Party and failed to grab the chance to be crowned the King of the jungle, the evil being held an eternal grudge against the whole animal kingdom, went delirious and vowed to send each and every fauna’s life to an agonizing end whenever he sees one.

He abused those innocent little animals.

And deprived them of the purity of life.


In the tragic end, one giraffe decided to give up its pitiful existence and succumbed to a painful death.

The evil being then was rudely awaken from his beastly immorality, and mournfully tried to resuscitate his victim.


And gave a CPR.


But to no avail. My giraffe died.

Oh. The other giraffe died too not long after the first death due to emoness.


===THE END===


What? Did i not mention an awful ending? Now get over it.


*Yawn*. Who wants to eat lunch and help me pick up my dobi?