Shanghai is kinda smelly. But there’s this omnipresent floral scent floating in the air everywhere we go!!! Oli and i tried sniffling around like a doook (that’s how he pronounces dog) but to no avail.

I’m very very disturbed. I really wanna find out where the scent come from! It smells like those little colorful fragrance beads i used to buy during primary school days and put them inside my pencil case. You know which type?? Different color got different smell one. We called it “xiang dou” (fragrant bean).


If anyone can tell me where the smell possibly come from (and if it’s verified) i will buy you cartons of China milk. Promise.

We were in this nice little Balinese cafe by the pond.


Waiter: What would you like to have, maam?
Cheesie: I wanna have a nice day.
Waiter: *puzzled look*
Cheesie: Have a nice day.
Waiter: Oh. *chuckled* Which flavor?
Cheesie: I wanna have a nice, chocolate day.

This is my nice day.


Hmmm yum.

And something funny happened to my camera.

When i slided it open, it vibrated. And the LCD screen wobbled like a Jello on Osim iGallop super speed mode.

For a moment i thought, all this while i failed to discover a hidden function of my Sony T10. How dumb i was!

It either A) can double up as a mobile phone (and somebody was calling me but it was on silent mode), B) is a massager slash vibrator and C) Or something.

I think C. Or what they prefer to call it: spoilt.

My Sony T10 camera, vibrated. Wow.

This is how it looked. On video mode.

What should i do? With a vibrating camera?