I really wanna stop this I Cannot Tahan™ List

October 3, 2008 in Cheesoron

But i cannot tahan™ not posting this.

Also because i’m too lazy to blog about other fantastic things (but i will!). So happy.

Anyway remember my no.22 on i cannot tahan™ list? Lemmi refresh you.

22. i cannot tahan people who leave different comments with different names and then agree with themselves.


Some people just like to prove me right lo.



Then 5 mins later, posted another comment agreeing to him/her/shim/itself.



HA.HA.HA. So funny. *eyes almost fall rolling out*


Other comments this person made:



Then proceeds to say something seemingly sensible (the dog is cute) hoping that the following sentence sounds credible too (the dog-looking person is ugly as shit). *eyeballs fall out rolling on the floor laughing their arses off.* (Eh? Eye got arse?)


What? Some people just can’t differentiate between a orgasm and a sarcasm can they?

I bet this person’s sex life is as good as an amoeba’s (sorry S i stole your quote). And look like one too.

Eh, i can’t see. *picks eyeballs up on floor, calms them down and plugs back to socket*


Normally i will label this kind of post under Cheese-offs but i’m so happy. Still i hope he’she/shim/it will get choked to death by a ketupat. So happy i think my Happy-O-Meter is going to explode. (Why do they only have 5 levels of happiness?) God. I cannot tahan™ this kind of feeling. I think i’m gonna go siao.

I had a fantastic Raya week! Watched so many fantastic movies. I’m so happy i can’t eat now. 😀


ps: Anyone wants to help me find out who this little ugly amoeba with no balls is?

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65 responses to “I really wanna stop this I Cannot Tahan™ List”


    haha another stupid fella. tsk tsk. and you even taught them how to use proxies d somore..

  2. angel w says:

    wahahahhaa nice one..
    not bad for the 1st thing i read of the day

  3. not angel w says:

    wahahahha yalo yalo

  4. reli not angel w says:

    sorry can’t resist

  5. cheesie says:

    Hahahha Angel so cute.

  6. Cheesiesucks says:

    Hahaa i agree. Angel so cute.

  7. mtsen.com says:

    ha ha ha, now I cannot tahan to leave you comment. using different users to talk to themselves is one way of Internet marketing mah …

  8. Marcia says:

    nyukukukuk sex life of an amoeba!!! eye arses!!! ahahahaha!!! *laughs so hard arse drops off… and then subsequently dropping of ITS eyes laughing*





    nobody thinks i’m funny… i better not start a blog…


  9. KY says:

    always hate those anonymous “hate” comments. I hope that’s not a male cos memang tarak balls.

  10. Tan Yee Hou says:

    @KY – if female then no tektek wtf.

  11. suz says:

    wahh.. new found hobby lah this one. their cannot tahan list is – cannot tahan to comment furiously and anonymously on blogger’s blog.

  12. suz says:

    yealor yealor, suz. i agree with you!!! you are so so right.

    wtf -_____-

  13. Ying Bin says:

    The hater is so lame,boo~

  14. Gin says:

    eh yah i always wanna ask. why ringo ah. ringo is apple right? huhuhu

  15. ahlost says:

    *LOL* That person likes to syiok sendiri 😀

  16. Hawk says:

    Pity the person la, suffering from multiple personality disorder la…. should call Tanjung Rambutan to help “them”

  17. Mei Wah says:

    sigh sigh…
    what a “mou liu” fella~ he is sad~

  18. KenZ says:

    Have you ever consider that thing called ‘Dynamic IP address’?
    There is a chance that it could possibly be different people but I agree that it could possible coming from a user of a static IP

  19. ahmike says:

    Wahahahaha, those are SS persons..syok sendiri

  20. vincent says:

    those are morons! i kena sebelum ini lo~
    100+ stupid, insulting and annoying comments~
    the woooorse thing is, the ss people are my best friends!!!
    they pretended to be the girl i like very much and they rejected me~
    and i was in blue and ill for 3 weeks…
    don feel angry if they did this again cuz they will be happy to see you angry or sad

  21. real_cranium says:

    i cannot tahan to not open cheeseland.com to have my daily doses of gorgeous photos & fwunny post.


  22. Kaz says:

    Sigh… that person actually loves you a lot, spends sooo much time/effort thinking about different emails and writing a lot of.. bullcrap hahaha!

  23. sasa says:

    pathetic fella… if you are sick there is a cure, but stupidity…habis lah…no cure..O.

  24. rumiko kato says:

    LOL y so wuliao..
    and used of the stupid names ahahaha
    go go cheesie~

  25. KenZ says:

    Have you heard of ‘Dynamic IP address’?
    There could be a chance that everyone of those poster are indeed different people but i would not deny the possiblity of the poster is probably using ‘static one’

  26. May Zhee says:

    WAHAHAHA super love it when you reveal these bastards.

  27. yuhhui says:

    Haha. I kena before too and the fella kept repeating himself. Siao wan. Anyway, your blog is fine the way is it. Just ignore those crazy hooligans. They’re just making a fool out of themselves and they’re just entertainers. =)

  28. Aaron says:

    First time posting comments on your blog hehe.
    Anyway way to go! lol.. love the way you answered them haha!
    you’re cool..
    the person muz be blind to think the dog owner is ugly.. =P

  29. Reika says:

    wow. now i have lesser faith in mankind. =________= might as well start building a spaceship and send myself to a habitable planet while the world still stands! i worry coz there’s thick people like these among us T_T

  30. Asada says:

    haro- ringo chan!!

    hahaha.. tanoshii Raya Week dane.. hehe.. watashi shitteru yo!
    amakatta ne!


  31. cheesie says:

    Asada: URUSE!!!! Uruse uruse!!! 😛

  32. naVICgaTOR says:

    IP tracked~ tht bugger is from KL…

  33. cheesie says:

    electronicfly: ya lo some people never learn.
    angel: how are you my angel!!!
    mtsen.com: hahaha i reckon so. what nothing to market about himher/shim/itself
    Marcia: How are you!!! Sorry to hear you guys didnt win (which is ages ago) but i think you danced really well!
    KY: did you become sdubid?
    tan yee hou: (.)(.)
    suz: what a hobby!

  34. a shen says:

    hoho…so funny!!!

  35. cheesie says:

    Ying Bin: I heard someone found a boyfriend!!!!666 *cough cough* *ahem ahem* *wink wink* *nudge nudge*
    Gin: Apple dayo.
    ahlost: 😀
    Hawk: sell your watch to him/she/shim/it! Maybe he/she/shim/it will buy 6 times.
    Mei Wah: wahhahaha
    kenz: lol i dont think so.

  36. cheesie says:

    ahmike: hahahha SS
    vincent: i am not! i’m like, delirious with happiness 😀
    real_cranium: aww mwah!
    kaz: maybe! hehehe
    sasa: sdubid.

  37. cheesie says:

    May Zhee: wei. why name me Siao in FB.
    yuhhui: 🙂
    aaron: thank you for commenting!
    reika: like wall-e?
    vic: woohoooooo

  38. Ying Bin says:

    Aww,paiseh oredi.

  39. Anivyl says:

    ip is static and given by Telekom Malaysia Berhad (or rather, simply put, the telecom decided to buy a whole bunch of ips and take on the responsibilities of the users’ actions in their name). so this is one tough ball.

  40. June says:

    ROFL… 😀

    I know that kind of readers. On my blog was someone how post under the same E-mail address 2 comments.

    first was like “you’re a bitch”
    second was like “OMG you’re pretty”

    Like gollum, huh?

    Whatever it’s interessting how pathetic some people are. Good luck for searching this idiot. ^^

  41. purplerose says:

    hello ringo, may i know where did you get the shisha set? would like to get it for my friend as a present.. thanks 🙂

  42. Sze J says:

    I dun understand it..If you hate her that much, juz dont patronise her blog la~..Why torture urself and visit and revisit again??

    Btw, i think ur website/blog is an intresting read..

  43. Reika says:

    cheesie i have a confession to make, i have not seen Wall-E @___@
    T_T *poor student*

  44. danielle says:

    LOL! LOL!!

    she/he just made herself/himself a laughing stock. I think she/he has very very low braincell counts. eh.. or should i address her/him “it”.

  45. Jeff says:

    I’ve been sending you love letters for years 🙂 still waiting for response …tapping my foot now.

  46. sugar says:

    i didnt realise some people really got no life and rather spend time doing stupid ridiculous things like this… 0_o

  47. suz says:

    reveal this little amoeba fai fai chui!

  48. Adeline Lee says:

    ppl too free de lah.. recently got ppl spam my blog also under different names but all same IP Address.. they reli need a life!
    anyway love ur blog cheesie^^ 1st time commenting but have always been reading^^

  49. kcin says:

    someone is just trying to get ur attention and he/she succeed…

  50. abs says:

    some ppl just do things because they can.. it’s so much easier to be nasty behind the computer, their anonymity gives them courage.. can’t imagine these ppl would speak the same if face to face.

  51. Johnny Tai says:

    They seem to be everywhere… I have spammers too in my blog. But atleast they’re just at my chatbox pretending to be big shot HR manager in a company trying to hire me. These are the people who browse on every blog and buat kacau only.Best is to make fun of them, it’s funny sometimes when you expect a childish reply from them (had alot from Cindy’s blog)

    if these are girl haters, most likely they are jealous or envy of your popularity.

    If they are guys, they are a bunch of fags.Or maybe those who wants attention (those lonely bastards >D)

    Hey Vincent 3rd October 4.13pm, don’t worry about it. Best friends can be a real ass sometimes especially when you’re down.That’s why sometimes best not to consider most of them as ‘Best’ friends but more of maybe good friends.

    But glad you’re having a good time laughing at their comments, I’m enjoying as well. I guess it is good to have them around to laugh at how low they can be.


  52. belle says:

    i have no comment on you but WTF!!!!!!!!!!!! there is one psycho girl from sg did this to me and my friend before.she dare say there is thousands that shares the same ip! wtf!! when me and my friends prove to her shes fucking stupid to say so, she turns around and say ” YOU GUYS KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT IP”
    she also claims ip reset every seconds, coincidentally, the one that flame us shares the same ip with her.
    ..deal with this kinda ppl..you life goes shorter. save some breath and eat ice cream

  53. Jade Zheng says:

    why your friend so lame wannn? i wonder what is she feeling now! (bet she’s a girl) hahaha!!! lame lame lame!!!!! way to go RINGO! ;D

  54. Agnes says:

    hahahhaha this is so farny.. i wonder why he/she did not read your previous post about how u caught the other ‘anonymous’.. xD

  55. Yasmine says:

    OMYG , how come there’s still stupid ppl out there doin’ all these lamer stuff???!

    It just make them look more like a loser !

  56. Porkie says:

    Haih..what to do? Every popular blogger has idiots like this. We’ve be trying to combat them here for how long d?

    Anyway, back to your tahan list again!

    I cannot tahan Christain Bale as Batman/Bruce Wayne, he’s soooo not right for the role and so not as good Heath Ledger was as the Joker!

  57. Dun worry gal, go have some fun. When you have a good life and you are happy, there will always be someone who will be jealous of you and try to hurt you and destroy ur mood. Sadly but true, there are people who left their brain in their mother’s womb when they were born that’s why they do such things to disturb other people.

    Cheers! Have a nice day.

  58. potatoe says:

    take it as “occupational hazard” 🙂

  59. antonia says:

    chessie be happy!! 🙂

  60. alicia says:

    how did you get track of his/her ID??? sorry noob here.

  61. Haha… That guy so stupid… cheesie just ignore him!!! he just a animal who don’t know how to respect. he tot that use different email or even name then people won’t recognize him… everything can be traced… even dynamically assigned IP still can be traced! 😛

    Message for that LOSER!!:
    If you don’t know IT knowledge then don’t F***ing around people blog.! We can trace who you are and what you did! stupid loser! get out my my lovely cheesie blog!

  62. jam says:

    OMG! We have such childish person reading your blog? I think they are lame themselves. Perhaps you should put the ‘for 10 and above’ sign in here, haha!

  63. boon kheng says:

    fakers are around lah.. I kena before mah..

    These ppl I take drastic action on them. DELETE the comments!!

  64. cliff says:


  65. neesa says:

    cheesie… i seyesly want to know how to track the IP address(im not good wif comp n stuff)… i sometimes got this anonymous comment which i know from who but dont have any proof to cakap that person is doing it even though deep inside i know that person is doing it.

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