But i cannot tahan™ not posting this.

Also because i’m too lazy to blog about other fantastic things (but i will!). So happy.

Anyway remember my no.22 on i cannot tahan™ list? Lemmi refresh you.

22. i cannot tahan people who leave different comments with different names and then agree with themselves.


Some people just like to prove me right lo.



Then 5 mins later, posted another comment agreeing to him/her/shim/itself.



HA.HA.HA. So funny. *eyes almost fall rolling out*


Other comments this person made:



Then proceeds to say something seemingly sensible (the dog is cute) hoping that the following sentence sounds credible too (the dog-looking person is ugly as shit). *eyeballs fall out rolling on the floor laughing their arses off.* (Eh? Eye got arse?)


What? Some people just can’t differentiate between a orgasm and a sarcasm can they?

I bet this person’s sex life is as good as an amoeba’s (sorry S i stole your quote). And look like one too.

Eh, i can’t see. *picks eyeballs up on floor, calms them down and plugs back to socket*


Normally i will label this kind of post under Cheese-offs but i’m so happy. Still i hope he’she/shim/it will get choked to death by a ketupat. So happy i think my Happy-O-Meter is going to explode. (Why do they only have 5 levels of happiness?) God. I cannot tahan™ this kind of feeling. I think i’m gonna go siao.

I had a fantastic Raya week! Watched so many fantastic movies. I’m so happy i can’t eat now. 😀


ps: Anyone wants to help me find out who this little ugly amoeba with no balls is?