November 30, 2008 in Senti-Emmental

was the time i woke up today.

And now it is 8.59PM. And i am stuck at home listening to Sugarless Girl feeling fidgety. I wanted to watch a dvd but i didn’t want to. I wanted to continue reading American Gods but i didn’t want to. I should feel hungry but i am not. I wanted to talk to someone but no one is around. Some are around but they seemed quite disinterested in engaging a rather bland conversation with me. (Seriously, what else can i say? “Wow so you are lifelessly at home too?”)

It’s like suddenly i don’t know what to do, and i guess that’s why i’m feeling a little sleepy now. Ok. You know what? I’m gonna take a nice shower. And after shower i’m gonna turn in. At 9pm.

And then i panicked a bit because it really looks like i’m all alone. Because no one is around. Where are you?



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  1. ςarmзи™ says:

    I’m here, cheesie (:

  2. me says:

    where is tekahero

  3. cheesie says:

    back to Nara. Spelling wrong, ma.

  4. chuan says:

    i am also boring at home ringo…just posted a new post..d time also similar with u..haha

  5. リッコ says:


  6. cheesie says:


  7. chuan says:

    wat are u both talking about?

  8. Kei says:


  9. Eileen says:

    at least you have free time! 😉
    go back to your reading – it’s worth the read 🙂

  10. cheesie says:


  11. cheesie says:

    chuan: but u say u bz.
    ajmike: 🙂
    eileen: hahah u read b4 is it? their names very hard to digest. lol. and a bit too bizarre

  12. me says:

    eh, some amazing youtube vids worth watching 100x, my fav ‘charlie bit my finger’…go watch if you hvn’t seen yet…i can LOL everytime i watch it…

  13. cheesie says:


  14. cheesie says:

    what turf. forgot to change back to EN. i said “paste link la”.

  15. DL says:


    Actually a lot of people around. Just that you didnt know about it 🙂

  16. リッコ says:


  17. angel W says:

    i used online translator to translate the japanese words to english…
    and Ringo became Ms. Apple XD

  18. Kerwin says:

    Google translate says:

    Why did this happen WAKARAN. Come back soon. Truly has been a miss. KOWA. I always thought one’s head. Now I want SUTANPUCHUU.
    ? Wow. I’m sleep-brained. Good night.

    My own translation says:
    Cheesie having PMS.


  19. Jade Z. says:

    y never call me? ))):

  20. Francesca says:

    lol at kerwin post
    awww cheesie u not alone – hugssss

  21. Porkie says:

    jade, i oso wonder why she din call u leh. i did ask her go ask some frens go out wor but she din reply to that msg :-/

  22. kamen says:


  23. Oli says:


  24. Aww, I have some of those days too. Its worse when youre someplace wthout family & friends. Sometimes its nice to BE alone. Have a good bottle of wine at home, keep it for days like these. Then pour yrself a glass or two, read a good book or watch some stupid silly comedy (shd always hv some of these DVDs around), and when you feel sleepy/tipsy frm the wine, go to bed. BESTTT. 😛 The next day will be much better 😉

  25. cheesie says:

    DL: ya lo oblivious.
    リッコ: うん。ありがとう。名前は似てるね!あーあたしの日本語もあまり上手じゃないよ。がんばってね。
    angel: 😀 u are back!
    kerwin: hahaha why you so cute one
    jade: because…
    Francesca: thank you darling.
    kamen: ちょきげん悪かった。うん。今から元気を出す!ありがとうね。

  26. cheesie says:

    Oli: シャト ターフ!
    whimsicaljottings:wa wa wa! no wine. wine makes it worse. lol
    ky: la ho.

  27. Johnny Tai says:

    Well if you’re all alone, just make a few calls to your friends and go out. Have fun!Enjoy the life! =D

  28. aleanor says:

    Is it just me or is your website somewhat s****ed? I can’t read … all fonts in white and background light pink @.@

  29. anne says:

    lol…cheeserland undergoes renovations over christmas?…^^

  30. angel W says:

    i always read yr blog de..
    daily dose of calcium ma..
    since 3 yrs ago..
    jz din leave comments..

  31. kamen says:

    haha シャト ターフ is funny.

  32. JustJasmine says:

    You have loads of peeps who love you 🙂

  33. La La Miaw Miaw... says:

    Actually I think your blog looks like Hari Raya instead of Christmas neh….

  34. cheesie says:

    dont la make me sad liddat 🙁

  35. diana celine says:

    hi… saw u had been 2 taiwan… can i ask u something regarding the flights and places?? i really need some help and pointers here… hope u can reply me via email or msn… all the same email add…. thanks… 🙂

  36. Eileen says:

    yeah, the book is pretty out-of-this-world – very cool, I found 🙂
    i like the heineken background, actually – reminds me of evening parties and ‘all that jazz’ 😉

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