Day 10: RM10 Hair cut in Shanghai!

November 29, 2008 in China

Or RM5? I can’t really remember. Zhong zi is very the cheap!

cuthair2 by you.

Of course hair extension won’t look awesome without a hair cut. Even though it’s an RM5 one.

cuthair1 by you.

Very good service. But they are a little pestery about the membercard thing. Apparently if you sign up you get like a 50% discount. So one hair wash + cut + blow + massage is like what, RM20?!?!

Siao one.

And of course when you have super gorgeous hair, you go to photobooths at arcade! 😀

I <3 arcade.

ufocatcher2 by you.

They have a lot of those UFO Catcher thingie. But seriously, who turf wants to catch Doritos?!??!

ufocatcher by you.

Well. Apparently, idiots.

doritoUFO by you.

And photobooth!

sticker by you.

And while you have like 500 seconds left after you are done with the touching up/beautifying, what do you do?!

Why of course, take MORE photos!!! Don’t waste ma.

My hair was super silky straight very the gorgeous totally cannot tell i just did hair extension. China products are awesome 😀

sticker2 by you.


PS: But for the last time no Oli and I are not dating thanks and i’m very worried now because i have got some complications with my Japan visa i tell you it is the freaking futon jinx i shouldn’t have been so overly excited about it i wanna kill a cockroach with a fork and force feed it to an ant now and there’s no way i am gonna spend Christmas in Malaysia. NO turfing WAY.

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30 responses to “Day 10: RM10 Hair cut in Shanghai!”

  1. ahmike says:

    damn cheap lei wei xD

  2. Huai Bin says:

    I shall try the local variant. RM 15 for 10 minutes haircut before I start work on Monday.

  3. Chimpanzee says:

    haha cheesie is oli your bf? just asking 🙂

  4. je says:

    one minute china sucks, next minute china awesome…hahaha..

  5. liucas says:

    i wanna RM5 haircut they serve dog?

  6. Helen says:

    so cute ! sigh I don’t know when I’ll be able to go back to Asia !

  7. @ah mike
    lol u reply so fast XD

    seriously its cheap.. i need pay a rm25 for a normal haircut here.. @@

    hahaha.. same question like liucas… do they serve cats?

  8. cheesie says:

    ahmike: Well it’s China!
    HB: got RM12 one!
    Chimpanzee: is not!
    je: memang pun
    liucas: what turf. Respect the hair stylist pls. (Or respect dogs?)
    Helen: come back soon laaaaaaa
    miao: what turf whats wrong with u all

  9. chriso says:

    i wan to pay tht sort of price but the cheapest flight to shanghai is still more than rm5… how? 😛

  10. chriso says:

    wtf. why am i in Australia O_o

  11. Porkie says:

    cheesie: backup plan..come uk lah..heh.

  12. Kat says:

    oh dear… good luck with the visa! it would be such a bummer if you have to cancel a trip to japan 🙁

  13. lyngirl78 says:

    ooooo…. problem with visa? Why? What happenned? But Christmas is around the corner!
    Hope you can settle the problem… wish you luck!

  14. Cheesie, may I enquire as to the whereabouts of Cheddie? Haven’t see her in a long time. Cheddie post next please? 😉

  15. notty bear says:

    Hi Cheesie.

    Do you have any idea on any indoor swimming pool around PJ area? considerably clean ones. and I’m going only on weekly basis, not member-basis. any recommendations?

    Thank you in advance! 🙂

  16. adidasgal says:

    You have ” husband & wife ‘ face with oli leh … 😀

  17. Huai Bin says:

    Where got RM 12 one?

    Near PJ or not? If I’m going to have to drive somewhere and get lost for an hour I think I will resort to cutting off my own hair from stress.

  18. Ying Bin says:

    Good luck in getting ur visa! 🙂

  19. Oli says:

    So glad you shared my monkey face picture with the world!

  20. cheesie says:

    Oli: you never looked better darling.

  21. cheesie says:

    Oh and you are welcome

  22. cheesie says:

    kat: wont cancel la but, not fun anymore.
    lyngirl78: have problem extending visa.
    whimsicaljottings: she is in seremban now. if i have pic i post ok
    notty bear: not too sure leh, i hardly ever swim!

  23. Yaya says:

    You’re going to Japan???!!!I would so love to go!

    And those Doritos possbly cause a bomb to catchXD

  24. cheesie says:

    adidasgirl: eh u from SG ah! wa why say liddat!!! But then we dont have husband and wife height lol
    HB: Ikano got ma. stressed tress? heheh

  25. cheesie says:

    yaya: ya lo but got prob tamade. yea thats why. stupid arcade haha but i like.

  26. starm|st says:

    man, you make me wanna get extensions too. haha.. and my hair is quite long!

  27. Louise says:

    Do you know where is a reasonably priced hair extension place in KL? Thanks.

  28. Rose says:

    Hey Cheesie your extensions look great! How long did it take for you to get them done? I heard that when it comes to washing, it is a v messy process. Is this true? im thinking of getting extensions too!

  29. cheesie says:

    starm|st: do it! SG should be cheaper!
    Louise: dont think they have any cheap one ler thats why i did it in SH.
    Rose: Nope not at all, very easy. Just wash like usual.

  30. Bella says:

    I need to emigrate… 😥

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