In this post, i will attempt to show you how just in case, although under extremely rare circumstances, shall you get stuck in a window, you could save yourself with the below almost, but not entirely usless beauty and fashion tips.

Things you should always have with you (besides a towel, ala H2G2 style):


Rated the most important on is, not very surprisingly, a mirror.

And please note how canggih i am that i managde to reflect (literally) my wish and loging of owning the dream laptop. in the mirror.


A zhablang bags that contains zhablang items you may or may not need. Just bring everything.



On is never enough. So you will need another zablang bag. This one more high tec one.



When unfold, it reveals a chunk of zablang make up you may or may not need. Just tapao everything.


You wanna keep yourself fresh and moistured all the time. If some annoys you, you can also use this as a harmless weapon.


Spare shoes. You need to run but look good too.




Just for that extra gorgeousness.


Last but not cheese.

How to be creative with your outfit.


Since playing dirty is the easiest way to win a competition, i may or may not want to try it just for the heck of it.



It is  really, REALLY cute top.


Voila don’t you like that hehehhe. ^^