I mean, what the doook.

The story took place on a little farm far far away in Zuzumbu village.

One day, Henrietta the Hunter got to know about some secret information leaked by reliable sources about Oli, the farmer keeping animal refugees on his farm.

This French lass is incredibly brainy (in spite of her hair color) and astute. She can figure out the hardest quizzes and she can pop coins outta her head (ok it has nothing to do with her profession, but that’s an extra talent to boast about on her resume).

And she decided to smell ze rats outta his cottage.

Well. Apparently. It wasn’t just ze rats. Oli’s farm is like a zoo. It’s full of animals. Like, really vicious, rebellious, criminal animals. They commit all manner of sinful crimes.

After rounds of meticulous investigation and sharp observation, Henrietta caugt a few animals red-handed.

First criminal was CJ7 ze alcoholic who indulges his 5 year old son in the same condemnable practice. He was found in a liquor cellar, blind drunk, together with his equally drunk son.

The second criminal was Suan Nai who was found nurturing a deadly virus (that will contaminate the water supply in ze entire village and kill many innocent lives) in his icebox which looks like a microwave.

Nicholas O’ize was guilty of extreme noise pollution with his Guitar Hero addiction. A few neighbours were reported deaf after several nights of constant thrashing of deafening music through ze wall.

Dinga was charged with attempted suicide and causing a scene in ze village (and tarnishing the village’s image), albeit his excuse of “i was following a mouse out the window and my tail was stuck in a hole on the ledge”, which was found baseless and untrue.

Henrietta, however, saved the confused soul from the brink of death and now Dinga is repenting in jail.

Terry was guilty of leaving anonymous comments using multiple IPs and nicknames on pink blogs. Shim has a record of stalking fellow transvestites and cross dressers.

Big Mouth is an illegal immigrant who was caught when he was traveling across the ocean in a shoe. He was also charged with smuggling of fake Merrell shoes.

Dazhu is guilty of being fat. Yes. Obesity is a crime in Zuzumbu.

So far, 7 animals have been caught. The village is a great deal more peaceful. However, there’s still an incessant, faint but audible quack around the village that is really disturbing.

Henrietta decided that it was the most notorious flock of fowl-mannered ducks, i mean, doooks who are responsible for the biggest conspired crime in the village.

There are two flocks of them. One is the Super FnF Doook and the other is the Super SMS doook.

All communication in the village has gone hairwired! !, Super FnF has been talking a lot of cock! (apparently, he enjoys super low rate of to 15 friends of ALL network??).

Furthermore, the Super SMS doook has also caused further damage with his excessive texting behaviour on his mobile!! The FBI (Farm Bureau of Investigation) has been following this case since forever and there was no lead, and to no avail.


Henrietta was smarter than the entire FBI combined together.


She caught one of the doooks dialling to his ducking partner in crime. Red handed.

What the doook!


The Doook was caught. Henrietta is going to send them all to jail. Via email transportation (nowadays technology is so advanced).

And she got rewarded kao kaoly for it.

However, the rest of the Doooks are still dangerously at large. She’s gonna need YOUR help to hunt for the rest of them.

What you can do is, register yourself at WantedDuck to be a Duck Hunter.

Then, tell your friends that the Wanted Ducks are on the loose and you’ll receive the first clue in your email. You need to decipher the clue and act upon it! All the Ducks are hiding in blogs.

Once you have successfully located the Ducks, transport them via email (how convenient, don’t you just love technology?) and count the number of Ducks that are left in the farm. Then submit.

If you’re a Top Duck Hunter, the FBI (Farm Bureau of Investigation) will be in touch. So, sign up now already.

Zuzumbu Village needs you. Find the ducking Ducks.

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