Remember my hula hoop challenge aka UCE (Ultimate Cheesie Exercise) for the 100PLUS Me Against the World Challenge? Well so far i haven’t seen any challenge on your side, why wo.

My only challengers are Rudy & JJ and Robb. Not fun! Faster send in your entries ok!

Just so you need anymore inspiration, here’s a very cool video from Oli. It’s called X-Pong. Too bad i cannot tapao him back to Malaysia if not i will make him join the challenge and he sure will win!

There are a few rules to successful X-Pong, though.

1) Look like you’re doing something else (eg Dinner)
2) Hit the perfect shot
3) Strike an emo pose

“The essence of extreme ping pong lies in its simplicity…anybody can film themselves throwing ping pong balls around, but to be able to control yourself during the action (by not celebrating or cheering) is what separates the professional and amateur”, says Oliver Denton, 27 emoly (but of course).

I think it is soooo cool. He practiced a lot with his flatmates and he basically got scouted by Swatch to do a commercial!


Anycheese, my challenge got quite a number of votes and i’m now at 7.7 (chi.chi,, tujuh.tujuh, nana.nana.


You also get a chance to win something if you register and vote for the challenges you like. Yes, even if you don’t submit any challenges. Register at k. Leave a comment or two for support la 😀


But at the end of the day, a challenge is still a challenge. Can nobody beat me even in hula hooping? Let’s see some effort here… and maybe, JUST maybe, I’ll throw in Oli* as a prize as well. That should keep you all starting eh? 😉

Since no one challenges me, i challenge myself la. Below is the full length video of my Hula Hooping. More tricks this time! Too bad it’s too long to submit to counter challenge myself.

I like people who loves challenges. Prove to me, you dooooks! 😛