This is Matsumoto, Nagano.

hoboyama by you.

There are snow mountains all around. And it feels really surreal.

yukiyama by you.

The temperature in Nagano is slightly lower than other places like Tokyo and Osaka. It rained a little these two days, but no snow yet. I think it’s about 5 degree during day time and -2 at night but it feels super nice! Not too cold!

heya0 by you.

This is Nakamura family’s house in Matsumoto. It’s just like Snow White’s wooden house. Very fairy-tale like!

heya7 by you.

Yuriko has two kids, Ai and Kai. The entire house is flooded with their toys.

heya6 by you.

This is where we eat everyday!

heya5 by you.

Real fireplace with REAL logs what turfffffff!!! Argh i love this house!

heya3 by you.

That’s the stairway to the attic. That’s Ai being shy when i first arrived.

heya4 by you.

This is Kai being shy hiding at a corner.

heya2 by you.


heya1 by you.

This is my room on the attic. Best ever. From the rooftop window you can see snow mountains outside.

And when you lie down on the bed at night, you see the night sky dotted with shiny stars like a beautiful glow-in-the-dark ceiling painting.

And today i’m leaving Nagano.