December 22, 2008 in Japan

This is Matsumoto, Nagano.

hoboyama by you.

There are snow mountains all around. And it feels really surreal.

yukiyama by you.

The temperature in Nagano is slightly lower than other places like Tokyo and Osaka. It rained a little these two days, but no snow yet. I think it’s about 5 degree during day time and -2 at night but it feels super nice! Not too cold!

heya0 by you.

This is Nakamura family’s house in Matsumoto. It’s just like Snow White’s wooden house. Very fairy-tale like!

heya7 by you.

Yuriko has two kids, Ai and Kai. The entire house is flooded with their toys.

heya6 by you.

This is where we eat everyday!

heya5 by you.

Real fireplace with REAL logs what turfffffff!!! Argh i love this house!

heya3 by you.

That’s the stairway to the attic. That’s Ai being shy when i first arrived.

heya4 by you.

This is Kai being shy hiding at a corner.

heya2 by you.


heya1 by you.

This is my room on the attic. Best ever. From the rooftop window you can see snow mountains outside.

And when you lie down on the bed at night, you see the night sky dotted with shiny stars like a beautiful glow-in-the-dark ceiling painting.

And today i’m leaving Nagano.

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  1. awwww i miss having a fireplace!

  2. wow. so nice!
    especially having the room up at the attic.
    really called sleeping under the stars. 🙂

  3. Wahh.. I super love the bedroom.. So nice !!

  4. OMG…Wooden houuuuuuuuuuuuuse! Now all you really needed was snow and it’d be perfect liao! 😀 Damn cosy…come lets buy one in some wintery place…hehe.

    Aww…leaving Nagano d 🙁

  5. i dreamed to have that kind of room ..

  6. Awesome place!!!!

  7. やっぱり雪はまだ積もってないよね。。。。。。。。。

  8. aww…home sweet home 😀

  9. soooo cooooooollllll!!!
    bring me! =DD
    i belanja u cheese la~ =D?

  10. Why do I think of cannibalism when I see that fire in that house?

  11. Really cozy home, especially love that little window in the room in the attic

  12. so pretty, omagash. i want to go also!

  13. Wow, strong cheesie… only wearing long sleeve wool shirt in winter…

    The house was really nice! I’ve always wanted to live in a wooden lodge like house…
    Got roof on top of your face summore, envy envy~~~

  14. whoa.. i like the house!!

  15. so beautiful…. the wooden house looks so chibi!

  16. Love The FIREPLACE!
    Can u steal it back to Malaysia??

  17. @Oli
    like seasoned and roasted ?
    you’re probably hungry liao…go eat your dinner 🙂

  18. OMFG fire hazard!!!!!1111

  19. オオ~~

  20. 5 degrees outside and you’re only in a thin cardigan???? 10 degrees and I have to be in my thick jacket liao. >___<

  21. Ringo,

    Looks like you are staying in a beautiful location, with a great family. I agree that the kids are very cute.

    Cold outside, here in Michigan WE HAVE COLD…minus -5C outside my window, was -11C when drove on our snow covered roads. We had 25cm of snow last friday, and will get 10cm more snow tomorrow. Of course the weather people have mean streak going, the saturday after Christmas it warms to +8C. That means slush and puddles everywhere.

    Oh well it is winter up here at 43degrees north.

    Your pic outside is very lovely!

    Ringo, may you have the a very Merry Christmas, pass greetings to the Nakamura family1

  22. In my dream…….

  23. hi cheesie is this a homestay program? can you give me the website of this program?

  24. Omg, i love the house!!!

  25. Anyway u should take more pictures of YOU and the scenery.

  26. same question here.. is this a homestay program? can i have the website please? ;p

  27. Ai and Kai? 😛

    anyway the house is lovely.

  28. Omg dear Cheesie! isn’t this like the dream HOUSE u told me about during mdg wtfffff! The cottage with mountains and all!! Yr wish cm true dee… Merry X’mas. Hahaha!!!

  29. i tot you can’t make it to japan. neway, nice scenery!

  30. I like the house! it’s so cottage-y! =D

  31. wow…the house looks so comfy and homey! especially the attic room!

  32. wow, the little window at the attic room looks really special. but… what if you suddenly saw a face there in the middle of the night when you are nicely lying on the bed? Or what if it is a ghost? hehehe…

  33. Looks cosy! Ask them if they want to adopt you..then you can stay longer.

  34. Very very nice Ringo. I haven’t been to Japan before.

    You’re giving me a serious hankering to go.

  35. Omg,the house is so lovely!!!

  36. that window in your room is teh awesome.


  38. Matsumoto is a very laid back place. Even when JR makes the train announcement, you can tell it’s different.

    Did you get a chance to visit Matsumoto-jo? Or the Daio Wasabi farm (大王わさび農場)? I was out there one summer and rode a bicycle all over the place. And oh yeah, soba noodles!! Yum yum.

  39. It really is like a fairy tale! I wanna live there and wear petticoats and chop wood and bake apple strawberry rainbow pies!~

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