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January 30, 2009 in Just Punny

is what the whole world needs.

Nah. Toilet post on demand. Reader Yan said  si = choy (shit = fortune) so it should be lucky to blog about it during CNY wor. 

japanesetoilet6 by you.

There are two types of toilets in Japan. One is the Washiki (和式), traditional Japanese squat-toilet, and the other type is Youshiki (洋式)-modern toilet.

Today we will talk about the modern toilet. There are a few special features on their toilets. Some makes them one of the best things ever created for human and some are just plain bizarre.


1. Seat Warmer

japanesetoilet2 by you.

is a blessing in winter. You take off your pants and your butt immediately meets the pre-warmed seat that will just makes you go ahhhhhhh damn shiok i wish i can sit here forever. (I get that feeling every single time and srsly i literally go ahhhh but i try to not sigh in delight too loud in case it sounds wrong!) Because going to toilet can be a really tragic experience if the toilet seat is not heated (sometimes i’d rather tahan my pee than to sit on icy cold surface that freezes your butt until your pee also cannot come out).



2. Million rolls of toilet paper

japanesetoilet1 by you.

You will never ever have the “use hand or call friend to help” dilemma. 

This is a toilet in Aeon mall. The most i have seen was 10 toilet rolls in one single cubicle.



3. Sound Princess

japanesetoilet8 by you.

I’m sure some of you have heard of this already! It’s called Otohime (音姫), literally the sound princess. 

This is what i found on wiki: 

Many Japanese women are embarrassed at the thought of being heard by others during urination. To cover the sound of bodily functions, many women flushed public toilets continuously while using them, wasting a large amount of water in the process. As education campaigns did not stop this practice, a device was introduced in the 1980s that, after activation, produces the sound of flushing water without the need for actual flushing.

The thing is hor, i once tried using it out of curiousity (basically it will be activated by just a hand wave) and i felt more embarrassed than ever. The recorded flushing sound that came out from the machine sounded exactly like a recorded flushing sound that comes out from a machine. I mean, just, i mean, oh, i dunno. I’m baffled.


4. Bidet

bidet by you.

Also called washlet. It has a few functions. Two nozzles that squirt water to clean 1-anus and 2-vulva. It’s like a shower head, you can chose between direct squirt or a softer spray pattern. And then you can also put it on massage mode, adjust the strength and temperature. Then it has a dryer feature and a “power deodorize” feature. I didn’t have enough time to finish experimenting all of them.

The age of the high-tech toilet in Japan started in 1980. with the introduction of the Washlet G Series by TOTO, and since then the product name washlet has been used to refer to all types of Japanese high-tech toilets. As of 2002, almost half of all private homes in Japan have such a toilet, exceeding the number of households with a personal computer.

Their toilets are like handphones. Got series one. The most updated one comes with a remote control with 38 buttons.



5. Small trash bin

japanesetoilet7 by you.

I dunno why but their toilets have the smallest trash bin ever. So small it looks like it can only fit 2 sanitary pads. Those cleaners must be damn free, have to change them every so often!



6. Toilet wipes

japanesetoilet4 by you.

It’s some antiseptic wipe you use to clean the toilet seat. Some toilets also provide those sheets you place around the toilet seat (like those on an airplane) which you can flush down the toilet.


7. Auto trash bin

japanesetoilet5 by you.

They practice excessive cleanliness until they refuse to even touch the trash bin. Just place your hand over the censor and the lid will open automatically. Then you throw your trash. The lid closes automatically after 5 seconds.

On the label it says “contains deodorizing and anti-bacterial treatment”.


8. In touristy places like Disneyland and USJ where gazillion of people are queueing up to take a piss, they normally have a staff in the toilet to guide you which cubicle to go to, (“the next customer, please go this way to the left”), so you can never cut queue or cheat (queue between two cubicles grrr I Cannot Tahan List™). 


In conclusion, Japanese toilets are AWESOME. Somebody should start a cult worshipping them.

japanesetoilet by you.

Oh wait. Yasuo already did.

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73 responses to “Japanese Toilet”

  1. KY says:

    I <3 Jap toilet, it’s very naisss

  2. Yatz says:

    fwah..i think i’m in love with japanese toilets..

    and i do believed most girls do coz they usually take a nap in the toilet during working hours..LOL

  3. shana says:

    The ones I’ve seen/used so far not does not have such canggih bidet function.

  4. ςarmзи™ says:

    toilets are cooler than shopping mall now XD

  5. Tan Yee Hou says:

    I just shat, and because I had a wee bit (wee bit = not too liquid, nor too hot; so it was rather pasty and viscous) so I had quite a chore washing it off.

    If only I had the vulva washer. ooo

  6. cheesie says:

    KY: you also lap toilet meh.
    Yatz: In Japanese toilets yes. Very naise.
    Shana: hahha! Most toilet roll was how many? 😛
    carmen: no it is warmer than shopping malls. 😛

  7. Evie says:

    Once I saw a toilet in a restaurant in Ginza, when you push the door open, the toilet cover would lift; and the sensor would also detect that if no one is in the cubicle, when the door is closed, so would the toilet cover. So you could imagine that I was standing outside the cubicle, open and close the toilet door a few times because it was so fascinating.
    Sorry I embarrassed Malaysians hehe.

  8. cheesie says:

    YH: u very punny la lol
    Evie: wa! i dont dare to go Ginza. lol. Did you buy anything there!!

  9. kevin lim says:

    I love your site ..toilets are a source of mystery and trepidation for me!!

  10. cheesie says:

    kevin: why you so poetic one!!! lol

  11. Harmony says:

    one toilet can be so sophisticated at times.

  12. yt says:

    so far in msia, i think the best toilet i’ve been is Sunway Pyramid’s.
    They have a shit hole flusher, which makes your big business have a clean finish!
    And the tingling feeling is nice also…. ~.~

  13. zOee says:

    Canggihnya!! T.T

  14. ahmike says:

    So niceeeeeeeeeeeeee3

  15. Eve says:

    when can’t we hv these computer toilet…

  16. Huai Bin says:

    I’ve heard about #3 as well, I can’t imagine why the natural sprinkle of gravity assisted emissions does not sound like natural music to them. Personally, I like the sound, but then again that’s just me.

    Erm…does #4’s cleaning cum massage mode on the vulva actually serve dual functions? It does seem like it can?

    Anyway, I pay homage to the porcelain throne almost every night. At least I used to. There is a hidden cult that pays homage to toilets with two distinct denominations (like Catholic and Protestants) – one is the bulimics and the other camp is the ones who throw up every night from drinking too much. 😉

  17. Huai Bin says:

    Again, greetings from down under.

  18. xueni says:

    wahh; jap toilets are cool!
    & the design of the toilets seems nice; first time seeing a green-coloured sink; :X

    make me wonder how the male toilet looks like. hmm…

  19. ShaolinTiger says:

    Best toilets, I had one of those Japanese toilets in a hotel in Singapore – was too cool.

    Adjustable ass jets, you could adjust the pressure of the jet and the temperature of the water.

    Plus adjustable heated seat.

  20. leeling says:

    “Otohime – i once tried using it out of curiousity and i felt more embarrassed than ever.”

    i strongly agree with this.. haha ..same experience here..
    tat was so obvious and made me lagi embarrass..haha..^^

    and ya.. i love their modern toilet alot.. it’s juz so thoughtful ..^^

  21. luvme says:

    Impressive! 1 of the good reasons for me to visit Japan lol!

  22. YL says:

    haha. Japan sure is innovative man. LOL.

  23. lucy says:

    Haha, when I went to Japan last year I used one of the toilets with the recorded flushing sound thing. Since I can’t read Japanese I got a huge shock when I sat down and these weird flushing sounds kept playing. Yikes!

  24. 10 toilet rolls on standby good!
    Very sad one k when diarrhoea and not enough tissue.

  25. steph says:

    I enjoyed this post very much, keep it up! Btw these japanese toilets are so cool!

  26. Jade Zheng says:

    small trash bin so cute!!! but not practical. but u cld still steal it!! then give it to me. 😀 lol

  27. WP says:

    Wah! So high tech 😛

  28. cheesie says:

    Harmony: technology!!!
    yt: i believe some of the atas hotels have them. i think mandarin oriental or something.
    zOee: yalO!
    ahmike: nice leh.
    eve: msia slow ma.
    HB: hahah woi dun go all bombastic on me!
    xueni: i would think the male toilets are extremely simple.
    ST: haha shiok leh. UK got anot.
    leeling: i so jeles why your kyoto pic sooooooo much nicer than mine one!!!!

  29. cheesie says:

    YL: yea and toilets are important. hehe
    lucy: hahah u have to press stop to stop them!! i also panicked ok!
    electronicfly: ya man damn tragic
    steph: thank you!!!
    jade z: when u wan belanja me yogurt wei
    wp: desho!

  30. boon kheng says:

    Those from rural areas when the reach KL, seeing the high tech stuff in toilets already make them o.0

    What’s more with the futuristic Japanese washrooms?

  31. Jeremy says:

    Heated toilet seat owns everything else XD

    I saw 1 semi modern toilet where they changed a normal toilet seat with a heated 1 and there is a plug with an adapter connected to the toilet seat which looks like a laptop XD

    Another 1 of the toilet has a sink on top of it, so when u flush, I guess they suck the water out of the toilet tank and onto the sink before going down into the toilet bowl to flush away your pee or faeces. The thought of using toilet water to wash my hands creep me out 😛

  32. elaine tam says:

    Wow! What a fantastic toilet they have.. But IMPOSSIBLE you will find one in M’sia! Not even on 2020….

    Coz all the money, will go to their “personal toilet”….POCKET! :p

  33. yumii says:

    the kid in the first photo~ totemo kawaiiiiiiii!!!!

    Wuahh~ seriously I want to worship their toilet like Yasuo-san too! >.<

  34. Tian Chad says:

    Yay yay, at last the toilet post is out 🙂
    Compared to Malaysia’s toilet
    We still have a large distance to have these facilities

    Gong Hei Fat “Shit” ar ;p

  35. leeling says:

    thx. & u took great photos too leh!!! 😉 ^^

  36. Yan says:

    Yay, cool ! ^^ Arigato Ringo

  37. DjdRifT says:

    d toilets are awesome
    had a go at it while i was in japan airport

  38. RMilner says:

    Being a man I know nothing about ladies’ lavatories except in Gas Panic club where necessity forced me to go one time.

    Anyway, many public lavatories in Japan are less luxurious than the ones shown here. Anyone travelling to Japan is advised to carry a handkerchief for the times when there is no drier or towels.

    I have never found a lavatory without toilet paper. I have heard of them, so be careful!!!

  39. julian says:

    There’s one Japanese restaurant (in Hartamas I think) that has one of those toilets, but it was turned off – so I turned it on at the wall socket (curious meh) and I think the reason was that the cubicle quickly got very hot because of the heated seat… Also all the instructions were in Japanese, so I was nervous about pushing the wrong buttons 🙂

  40. Shadowcaster says:

    Jap toilets are awesome! but I didnt notice the sound princess and the auto trash bin thingy when i was in tokyo a couple of years ago. :/

  41. hitomi says:

    OMG…so In the toilet…Ala…Malaysia punya dirty lagi stink..

    Ish…some more got those people stepping on the Seats…Cant understand why?!

    Some even dun clean up their mess after Using – *faint* and Weird thing is people who use it after dun dare to even Step in – what on earth

  42. Cecilia says:

    W.O.W. I’m speechless … I’m still trying to get over the fact that Singapore has automatic water taps in ALL of their toilets … but now … :o/

  43. ahlost says:

    If only some ppl from some dept see this and start implementing it NOW.. instead of N.A.T.O. 😛

  44. wuah, this is my dream toilet…. @@!!!!

  45. meemee says:

    Why we don’t have such toilets here yet..

    Oh i think i saw ‘toilet wipes’ before.. in Siam Paragon. i thought it was so cool. swt. lol.

  46. Konea says:

    i oso wanna try. hahaha.

  47. vitamin m says:

    been there done it 😛
    but didnt know bout the auto trash thingy

  48. Michelle says:


  49. budleee says:



    i hear japan has one of the nicest toilet of them all..

  50. budleee says:

    and to think i got shocked when the premier toilet at
    The Gardens cost RM 5 (but you can use it the whole day)… and there is a person to greet you..

    “welcome to the washroom…”

  51. suraya says:

    i love this post… so much info and i wun b so suaku wen i go to japan next time haha:D

  52. IzyClover says:

    ever since I came back from Tokyo
    I stayed away from any washiki / squatting toilet
    the horror…the dilemma…the paranoia
    I know I’m exaggerating
    but then can’t help it…I dropped my mp3 player into a washiki
    just as soon as I arrived in Tokyo
    yes it happened in Terminal 2, Narita Airport
    I am forever haunted
    curses full bladder!

    but yes…there’s no denying that Japanese toilets are awesome!
    I can’t help but play with it…
    especially the ones in Yodobashi in Akihabara
    OMG…I was a total ‘sakai’…:P

    • cheesie says:

      why so poor thing lol. you cannot fish it out like how u fish a gold fish in one of the matsuri? lol

      • Iz says:

        how I wish
        but then thank god it was Japan
        because imagine high school toilets in Malaysia
        I can confidently say that I’ve used the toilets in my high school less than 5 times…during my 5 years there

  53. suz says:

    i don’t think that will happen in msia coz… you know our ppl la. i think its good enough to find a non-paying toilet with dry floor and ready with toilet roll at each cubicle. at least can cover the seats with the paper mar.. and each cubicle equipped with sanitizer spray would be an extra point! =)

  54. Bianca says:

    I love Japanese toilet too. When I was in Japan during winter a few years back, I totally had the same reaction as you whenever I sat on the seat warmer. Its damn comfortable, and I don’t wanna leave it lo. Haha.. I wish I can have one of those too!!

  55. Ally says:

    nice toilet. lolx.. awesomeness… seat warmer. nice. 😀

    oh and happy chinese new year!

  56. Helen says:

    haha this makes me want to move to japan just for the damn toilets! America sucks!

  57. DSvT says:

    Can’t believe that you posted it out… Haha…
    All I can said is their Toilet is far more advance than our one…

  58. David says:


    I do believe these types of toilets are unique to Japan. Japanese love gadgets!


  59. pH7 says:


  60. David says:


    No heated toilets in the U.S.A. Good flushies, but none, unless you have one installed in your home. Then again most American homes are heated during the winter, and the seats really do not get that cold.


  61. Miri says:

    Do you know what the ladies toilets at Narita airport look like? I need that info for a story I’m writing. TXS!

  62. jobee says:

    Japanese women have otohime in the toilet, whilst Japanese men have Toirettsu games! Gotta love Japan!

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