TK and i share the most extreme taste of music one can ever imagine. He only goes for club music especially psychedelic which i absolutely cannot tahan (some house or chill is okay) and i adooooore peaceful songs which is very dangerous for his driving (he will end up falling asleep).

So we end up only listening the very rare few songs we both find plesant to the ears. For one it is Capsule. They are super duper cute!

This is the one song we love to bits. Tell me if you like it. 🙂


If you are thinking of sharing a song with someone, you can do so with DiGi Music Telegram. However now it isn’t as simple as just sending a song to your friend’s mobile phone to tell them how you feel, because Digi has taken song dedication to a whole new level.

If you are chosen, they actually send a band to perform live to the receiver of the message.

Talk about dedication.


ScreenShot017 by you.

Just choose a radio station, select a theme then your favorite song. TK doesn’t know too many english songs but i remember which one he likes! 🙂

This is my dedication to him.

ScreenShot019 by you.

Ok now i am very shy liao. Seriously la, i don’t do all these things one! This is like, the first time.


Some are quite funny.

ScreenShot016 by you.

ScreenShot021 by you.


If your dedication is selected for airplay or for the Music Squad, DiGi crew will perform the song live to the recipient, at his/her workplace, or in a café.

And here comes the interesting part.

Not only will the dedication be shot on videos, they will also be uploaded to the DiGi site. Meaning, thousands and thousands of people will be viewing it online.

If it is a mushy mushy dedication ok la, but imagine an angry and heartbroken girl sending the Music Squad to sing an angry song to humiliate her cheating ex? Now this is interesting.

This is a dedication where the poor guy was surrounded by the Music Squad and being sung Womanizer to next to a lok lok stall. Wahahah!

This is waay better. A guy having yumca session with his friends in Starbucks and suddenly the DiGi crew came and asked if he knows this ex called Jane, who had a message for him, and proceeded to sing the song So What, (If you dumped me, I dont need you)!

The expression on his face was PRICELESS!!! He was obviously pissed, much to his friends bemusement.

This is so fun la! I find this whole dedication thing very cheeky, very daring and super cool. Instead of the usual i love you heart heart less than three dedication, you can actually dedicate from an array of themes, like cynical, apology and motivational, in three languages (English, Malay and Chinese).

Go send your dedication now at DiGi Music Telegram!