This ia  boring post.

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Basically this post is nothing much just some stuff i did in Nara, been staying here for about 3 weeks already! And I’m liking to start every post with a pointless picture liddis.

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Or two.

There’s nothing much to do in Tenri. We go to Pachinko during lunch break sometimes, most of the time i just stay home and go online, blog, read your comments, read idiots’ comments and spend 10 minutes thereafter to do my sincere prayer that they will reincarnate into a cube of tofu (just like their brain) in their next life. Amen.

Edit some photos, and if Yuuri is around i play with Yuuri. And soon it is evening already! Time passes really fast here. Maybe it’s winter kut, it gets dark at 5 so it feels like i haven’t really done a lot of things the entire afternoon.

I have been creating a lot of Japanese puns too! I don’t know if i have blogged this before i think i did. But i wanted to name my two bunnies Ikura and Hamachi. Because Ikura (salmon roe) also means ‘how much’ in Japanese and Hamachi (fish name, makes yummy sushi) sounds like ‘How Much’. But then everytime i make a pun he says my joke is very cold! What turf. But my pun is memang quite lame one. Like, Ikura ikura? (how much is Ikura), and Iruka iruka? (Are there dolphins). But now i can speak flawless Kansaiben. Hehehe.

Oh I was particularly proud of this one:

Before i came to Japan, i was super excited about what we were gonna do together.

me: 😀 ippai tanoshimi aru!!!
TK: seyana.
TK: zikan tarinaiwa
me: tariru!
TK: nara ok 😀
me: Nara ok. Osaka mo ok.
me: hajimete tukkomi ya!! 😀

But then he said that’s boke not tukkomi. Anyway. You don’t need to understand one!

So everyone wants to know how we met hor? Actually very simple one la. Not like hopelessly romantic or something. It all owes to my handsome friend (それは建前です。へへへ) Wilson. Now it is thanks to him la. If TK and i argue a lot in the future then it’s all his fault. Hehehe.

Wilson and I used to attend Japanese class together since, how many years ago? Forgot. Anyway one day he told his Japanese guy friend that there’s this Malaysian girl he wants to introduce to him. Cute and single. Speaks fluent Japanese. And then he told his Malaysian girl friend there’s this Japanese guy he wants to introduce to her. Cute and single. Speaks fluent Japanese (duh) and a bit of Malay (wtf so cute).

So they both came to her work place (the mostest boringest part time work, ever) and she was in a mess because it was hot and she didn’t put on any make up and the work T-shirt was tragically unflattering. And then this Japanese guy stupidly thought this girl was Wilson’s girlfriend and thought aww too bad she is quite cute wtf.

So then when the girl went to the changing room in a desperate attempt to look one step further away from fugly, the guy told Wilson that his girlfriend is very cute. Then Wilson said you idiot this is the girl i wanted to introduce to you. Then the guy was very delighted.

And then the girl and the guy exchanged phone numbers.


I mean, choi choi choi, it hasn’t end but you know what i mean. I feel a bit shy now. Thanks for listening now let’ see what i did in Nara.

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Went and picked up Yasuo for lunch. I think he just woke up he looked monumentally stoned.

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Can’t help it.

We went to an Italian restaurant! Oh and Yasuo is a chef.

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Blur chef. And his foie gras very nice!

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I totally forgot what was it we ate because everything in Katakana i super lazy to read but i think this is some pea soup.

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Beef sashimi i think.

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Whatever pizza.

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Wa this is damn good lo. Yasuo explained to me what is inside but i forgot. -_-

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Ikasumi (squid ink) risotto.

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Some bluberry dessert.

After sending Yasuo back home we went and bougt strawberries! Like 500¥ for one box.

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Strawberry shop near our place in Tenri.

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The banner is the other way round. It says Ichigo but now it looks like Isago.

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Super super fragrant!

Then we went to Nara Park. Which has dears wandering around freely.

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And then i asked him, ‘Shika shika inai?’ (Is there nothing else besides deers?) And then he said my pun is very cold.


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But Oh Dear they are friendly!

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Ok maybe a bit overly friendly because they looked like they were gonna chew my hand off.

Then we sat dowan and ate strawberries in the park.

It was sweet.