I blew a breath of air at the window and it didn’t mist up. -3°C and 30°C is a big change. It felt strange. 

I went and bought some grocery because my fridge was as empty as my brain when i board the plane. And i was slightly upset that they don’t sell mentaiko onigiri here. I developed an obsession towards mentaiko during my stay in Nagano. It’s not like i really love it like crazy la (come to think of it i don’t think i like it that much at all), but it’s more like, life is not complete without it.

mentaiko by you.

Ok that sounds like a very serious obsession. O.o

I turned on the power switches. My TNB bill is RM26. (How turf?!?!? I was away for one whole month. The bloody fridge!?!?)

(Okay, to think of it i would rather pay RM26 than to have a fridge like Wendy‘s. Thanks.)

I turned on the tap. The water was warm. It wasn’t like… Oh you know what is funny??! I commited something from my I Cannot Tahan List™!! To make it worse, it is the first!!!111 on the list!


1. i cannot tahan people who let the tap run when they are brushing their teeth.

I did that everyday. Because it was soooooo cold and if i close the tap when i turn it on again it will take sometime for the heater to work. Then i kena scolded by TK because waste water.


Shower felt good. It didn’t feel as if i was gonna die the moment i got out of the bathtub. Or that i would die in the bathtub because i refuse to get out of it (let me die ba, it’s crazy cold out there). Well not like i have one here to begin with.


Lips dry. Knees itchy. I think it’s the stupid black sugar plum wine. But omg it tasted so good!


I found a letter he curi-curi slipped into my bag. He wrote it the final night when he was in ofuro (or at least pretended that he was in the ofuro). No wonder it took so bloody long i actually got slightly annoyed—-shower more important than girlfriend is it!

The funny thing is. He was also slightly annoyed at the fact that i refused to bathe and/or remove my make up.

And I did that because?!?!

I was buying time to write him notes when he was bathing!!

So we pissed each other off because we wanted to write each other little something before we part and dunno when we will see each other again.


I wrote a total of 8 notes. I slipped them into his cigarette boxes (タバコすったあかんで!), under the futon〔リンも一緒にそばに寝るよ!〕, one in his camera case (i forgot what i wrote), two in his jackets (just some really silly messages i was in such a hurry scared he finish bathing very fast ma), one in the (this one cannot tell), and the final long one in his Nintendo DS. He has only successfully found 3. And he is begging me everyday to tell him where they are! Hehe. Please don’t tell him can? It’s no fun if he knows!

And his letter, I haven’t read yet. I sked.


Because i haven’t properly emo emo yet. Not during the silent drive in the car the last night. Not after i saw him fall asleep. Not at Tenri bus station in the morning. Not after he drove off. Not at Kansai airport. Not on the plane. Not even when i talked to him on the phone.



Anyway, i shall proceed to edit many many pictures to share with you!!! I have literally thousands of pictures. I want to finish blogging about it ASAP, so i can blog about Nagano! Also because i think it will get jinxed if i delay it for too long. I dunno la. Somehow it feels like the jinx is happening again.



Finally on a totally irrelavent topic.

Who wants to buy my LG SECRET phone!

lg-secret-kf750 by you.

The one i won last month.

The deal didn’t go through before i left for Japan. Now i need some cash. Whoever can offer anything above 1k i will gladly sell it off. It is BRAND NEW in the box. Not even charged yet! Pleasecheeseme at can?


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Thanks a million cheese!