Ok. So the thing is, Yuriko is a great cook. No doubt. And she is very creative with food.

day1yuriko by you.


I mean, this is totally not her fault. But.

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Let me try to illustrate with pictures.

day1yuriko4 by you.

So, on my first night stay she made us oden, miso soup, maki with pickle in it, boiled spinach, this veg pickle that resembles choysum stems (quite nice), yellow radish pickle, ringo, pasta salad, kimchi and pumkin dessert (not in the photo).

There are 5 different types of pickles in this dinner. It’s apparently a winter thing cuz in the old days people store veg up for the cold days with no crops. Not that i have a problem with it. I love pickles.

day1yuriko2 by you.


day1yuriko1 by you.

Oden. These extra photos are to demonstrate how excited i felt on the first day. Like wow i’m gonna have like 10 different blog entries just about Yuriko’s cooking. Later you will notice how the phototaking decreases dramatically by the day.

day1yuriko5 by you.

We had several choices of topping for our white rice. I bravely picked this red gross looking thingie called mentaiko for the first time in my life and was hopelessly addicted ever since.

So that was Day 1, wonderful, right?


Breakfast table

day2yuriko by you.

I was still very gung-ho about doing this Happy Family Meal photo everyday.

day2yuriko1b by you.

We had salted salmon fish. Pasta salad. Oden (Yuriko warmed it up and added some tofu), miso soup, kimchi (Yuriko re-heated it and added some new unidentified ingredients), radish pickle (holy! It has turned from Yellow to PINK!!!666), choysum-like veg pickle (i still like it a lot), ringo, and pumpkin dessert.

For lunch we had Mos Burger. And little did i know that it was probably the most meaty meal i’d have in Nagano. It actually contained patties that were made out of a large animal.


day2yuriko2 by you.

We had the same whatever leftover but Yuriko made us Omelette rice with strawberries (which isn’t all that new after all, if you think about it).

day2yuriko3 by you.

Ai loved it.

day2yuriko4 by you.

day2yuriko5 by you.

And an onsen tamago as a bonus.



By Day 3, i had recognized the meal pattern that has been established in this family and had come to terms with myself that it is, for a fact that we were, indeed, going to eat leftovers everyday, for the rest of my stay here. But Yuriko would introduce a new dish to the table every meal, which is the main star dish of the meal, and i kinda consider that as Yuriko’s daily reward for our obedient eating habit.

day3yuriko by you.

So today we had a (relatively) new combination of dish, which is Egg + Sausage + Strawbies (which is not all that new after all, if you think about it).

And we also had miso, pasta salad, radish pickle, kimchi, choysum-like pickle (i kept eating them), ringo… (the reason why i keep repeating the name of the dishes although they are clearly illustrated as so in the picture is a desperate attempt to make a point that they sound repetitive).

day3yuriko2 by you.

And also this huge tofu-like ball with mochi in it i think.

I was feeling a bit adventurous today. So i wanted to show my bravery and my willingness to embrace full Japanese culture with an open heart, i asked for Natto (fermented soybean) topping. And it was a huge, huge mistake. That was the first time i didn’t finish my rice during my entire stay.

day3yuriko1 by you.

Well to be honest, it wasn’t atrocious at all. Natto to non-Japanese people is like the equivalent of Durian to Japanese people. Like when a Japanese comes to Malaysia, you ask if he/she can eat Durian. And when you go to Japan, they ask if you can eat natto. That’s about the only gross thing they have, i guess. (apart from some tail-wiggling raw fish, which is yummy, and raw horse meat, which is yummy, and ika no shiokara, which is smelly, but yummy…) (ok la they have quite a lot of gross food but nothing compared to Chinese people. CHICKEN FEET!!!)

Anyway, back to natto. It was quite edible except the gooey part. I hate food that is gooey. Okra, Japanese mountain yam. Yucks.

Let me quote KY on his thoughts about natto.

It tastes like a bowl of raw bean (slightly gone off/bad) being frozen for years until you take it out, blow your nose and cough up thick phlegm and then proceed to spit/dribble both the bodily fluid into the bowl, mix it up well, then pass it to an eighty-year-old toothless lady (who is willing to take up this part-time natto making part-time job) to chew for a good 5 minutes, and regurgitate back into the bowl whereby it is then ready to serve.

KY also has a shorter description of it, which includes two different bodily fluids that are being discharged from two different lower-body orifices which i prefer to not talk about here.

And I prefer to think that it tastes like coffee bean.


day3yuriko3 by you.

Wow we have Gyoza as the, you know, star dish. And notice why i highlighted the veg pickle?

day3yuriko4 by you.


Can you see? IT GOT REFILLED!!!!

I kept eating it hoping that i would finish it and then hopefully Yuriko will replace it with something else—i dunno–pink choysum, bronze cabbage, whatever. But it. got. refilled.

Imagine my horror.

day3yuriko5 by you.

Star dish. I really appreciate it.

day3yuriko6 by you.

We made the Gyoza!!! (We–refers to, you know, we the family and not you, kind of thing. I could lie that i have become a Gyoza expert, but i’d like to admit that she made it. I didn’t. I was just helping her to hold it up for photos.)



day4yuriko1 by you.

Otosan came back from work. It was rare. So we took a family photo. I think it was the day Kai started saying hello to me.

For breakfast we had… i dunno. I didn’t bother to take a picture. So, use your imagination. There are a few combinations you can play with.


day4yuriko3 by you.

Cheese and Ham toast.

day4yuriko2 by you.

Star Dish. Pregnant smelt and nuggets and pear and broccoli.

day4yuriko4 by you.

Then the rest we have, you know, the usual.



day5yuriko by you.

Fried rice. The rest: self explanatory.

However, dinner was a bit special that day. Since it was my last night there, we had a mini Christmas Party.

day5yuriko1 by you.

Chuen Ka Fook.

day5yuriko4 by you.

The usual and something new.

day5yuriko2 by you.

Some fancy maki and Korokke bought from the nearest mart.

day5yuriko3 by you.

Pumpkin and red bean dessert with mochi. I hate mochi. But you know what? That day was Winter Solstice!! So this is the Japanese version of Tang Yuan!!! 😀

And we have something specialer!!


(We—here refers to me and Yuriko. Although my part was simply squeezing some raw cream and planting some strawbies onto the cake.)

day5yuriko5 by you.

Yuriko baked a sponge cake. When it was ready, we (i prefer collective pronouns in certain occasions) cut it into halves.

day5yuriko6 by you.

Spead raw cream onto the lower half and planted strawbies on it.

day5yuriko7 by you.

Put the top over it.

day5yuriko8 by you.

Cover it with cream and more strawbies.

day5yuriko9 by you.


Our Christmas cake!!

day5yuriko10 by you.

HAHAHA look at their expression.

Ok that was very much my every (almost vegetarian: the closest thing we had to something resembling meat is prolly, the ambiguous mashed up fish paste in the oden and the pregnant smelt) meal in Nagano. Like i said, Yuriko cooks great food. Honest.

When i left Tokyo and arrived Nara in the morning. TK asked what i wanted for lunch.

“Meat. Any fat, oily, meat. Please.”

And we went for Chinese.