Like what i said in my last post, most people think their most enjoyable moments in life is during collage/uni time. I don’t.

I hate my college years. It was so crap i would rather have done it on a toilet bowl. Seriously. If you read my blog entries back in 2004/05, most of my entries are angry rants about crap lecturers and flies in the canteen.

 i graduated from Limkokwing. There are actually quite a few things i liked about it. The freedom, the blackness (i mean the building and the attire and the…, you know, not the… you know) and the weird people there. Everyday you see Christina Aguillera wannabes and Kurt Cobains alive. What was so crap about it was the location. I stayed in Sg Besi when i first enrolled at the Mayang campus. It was hell to travel to PJ every single day. I had no car then. When i finally shifted to PJ, the college decided to move to Cyberjaya. -_-

I thought that was called Distant Learning.

But no. The real distant learning is, when you don’t have to drive 45KM and pay RM5.40 toll all the way to a campus located in the middle of a dead town to study only to find out that your class is cancelled because your lecturer decided to throw a PMS sickie, and then drive 45KM  and pay RM5.40 toll all the way back home. The real distant learning is flexible. The class can be anytime, anywhere, which is exactly what Wawasan Open University‘s Open Distance Learning model is.

To me, the concept is so revolutionary it actually sounds a little ridiculous. If that is indeed possible, wouldn’t i be studying all across the world already! All i need is a place with wifi. I would be studying when i am doing hair extensions in Shanghai, when i’m feeling snow in Norikura, when i’m soaked in an onsen in Kyoto, when i’m sipping orange juice (i don’t take caffein) in a small London cafe. Is that what studying has come to?

If there’s one single regret in my life, it is not having studied abroad (even for like, one semester). Really. You guys have no idea how envious i am of you who is now in Australia or UK or whatever snowing country shivering your ass off and burying ur head in your textbooks and whining about algebra. It is a priviledge i didn’t have. Which is the reason why i’m traveling abit over excessively now to make up for the lost opportunities.

Maybe i should become a student all over again. It says that WOU offers second chances to those who missed out on a tertiary education, it does not focus on age, gender or race in allowing entry. Not that i don’t have a whatever degree but seriously, i can just grab my laptop, go to a snowing country shivering my ass off and burying ur head in my textbooks and whining about algebra. Ok, maybe not algebra. Hate Maths. Bad idea.

But yea, just to get the feel of it. Plus apparently WOU’s fees are the lowest among private institutions, due to WOU’s not-for-profit business model which subsidizes a large portion of the actual programme cost. Affordable overseas (pseudo) study! 

There. I can travel around the world and learn at the same time. The world is my classroom. And if i get really broke i would just go back home and study from home. I do everything from home anyway. Sleep, work, chat, play. Learn. So i guess i really am a homebody (when i’m not traveling).  And it’s amazing how i live by without hardly going out, yet learning new things everyday. Home is my world. 

WOU has a contest, where you just send in an e-post card of yourself or you and your friends studying with books or a laptop at a place you would define as your world, your classroom. Paste an e-stamp, write a short caption, and win the coolest study tool ever– A Macbook Air.

I have designed my postcard.

So i’m going to show you my classroom. But you must promise you won’t laugh ok.


(I know you will. 🙁  )




My classroom. I hope it’s punny enough. See, told you i’d rather have done my college on a toilet bowl.

Well. It’s true okay, i do that all the time. Sometimes you read something or chat with your friend until very stim but you just cannot tahan. So you have to go. But you wanna continue whatever is to be continued! There was this one time hor, i refused to accept a webcam invitation because i was, you know. In my classroom.

Also, believe me when i say i’m typing this right this exact second, at the exact place shown above.

So, the moral of this photo is, do not let toilet routine become an atrocious waste of time! You learn a thing or two through crap time too. 

Check out more of contest info HERE.


Where would your classroom be? 🙂