April 30, 2009 in Just Punny

Sulawesi post is on hold because laptop screwed up, and i am hoping to recover the files.

So i got nothing to blog now!!! I searched my back up hard disk trying to see if there’s any interesting pictures i can blog about, and i found these.

awfullychocolate by you.

A shop in Shanghai. A very nice and chic dessert bar, except for the awful name.

awfullychocolate2 by you.
I mean… yea i’m sure their chocolate is very… awful.

Arrrghhh what to do now. Boring Thursday afternoon. I think i’m going to read an awfully book and then eat my awfully lunch.

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56 responses to “Awful”

  1. angel W says:

    i’m awfully sleepy though ..

  2. ling says:

    cool name.

  3. DSvT says:

    so funny la…. hahaha…

  4. annant says:

    i feel awfully full from my awfully oily luncheon 🙁

  5. dot... says:

    must be awfully good to have such an awful name…

  6. seowqj says:

    awfully cheesed 😛

  7. cathj says:

    jeezzss….thats awful.. ;-p

  8. nadea says:

    awfully chocolate is famous here in sg too! bah.

    • mint says:

      it’s singapore-based franchise…don’t u know?

      • cheesie says:

        I didnt know that!!!! Singapore got such awfully english meh!

        • z says:

          i guess it’s a kind of reverse psychology, i like their philosophy… “if we have to pay to say we’re good, we’re not that good”; they don’t believe in advertising, so cool, hence they came out with this impressive name to brand mark your mind.

  9. onefourever says:

    feeling sleepy also so i stalk over for a break before my work.. :p

    hope i can be like u to be awfully bored @ home

  10. ichigo says:

    What’s wrong with your laptop? Able to recover the files?

  11. Dqueen says:

    if i remember correctly, “awfully chocolate” is owned by a S’porean singer, chinese name is 黄葙仪…can’t remember her chinese name though…they also have a branch in Taiwan…their Chocolate cake however looks awfully delicious!

  12. Dqueen says:

    i mean English name…haha

  13. KY says:

    haiyah u should only latched the laptop, don’t screw it!

  14. No Name says:

    Maybe they meant awe-full-ly? And then backfired. Saaadd…

  15. David says:


    To bad about your laptop.

    Awfully chocolate looks like a yummy place. A hardcore chocoholic like me should never go into to such a place without a responsible adult at my side.

    I would have more fun than people should have in such a shop…way to much fun…
    …to, to much fun…
    …and calories!

    Keep the pictures and travel adventures coming.


  16. Evie says:

    Actually, Awfully Chocolate is owned by Malaysian. just that it is marketed in SG. Stella was the ambasador for the company.

  17. coriollis says:

    awfully as in very, not in the literal sense of awful. So they were meaning very chocolate. I don’t think it was bad english, its not wrong

  18. breadpitt says:

    china like to to copy ….and branding it with a little twist , wit opposite name of the original. guess they done a big mistake for this 1 …….!;-p

    • j. says:

      ermmm. it’s not a pirated version la, it’s the exact same name and the authentic brand through and through. awfullychocolate, quite a prestigious chocolate brand here. and i think its an awesome name. like the items will be awfully full of chocolate. so i dun really understand why she’s making fun of the brand name. HMM. this is one entry i dun get.

  19. Huai Bin says:

    Hey Cheesie, this happened to me a lot of times too. Tell me if you need a good software or data recovery center. I send one hard disk to one in the US and all the photos came back. 🙂

    It costs a bit though…

  20. jay says:

    awfully chocolate cake is so gooood~ not awful at all.. haha

  21. David says:


    You promised to bombard me with gibberish!

    Where oh where it my manglish lesson?


  22. vonblue says:

    i was thinking its trying to mean awfulllyyy chocolatey…awfully as in full of chocolate?haha.

    anyway an awfully random link to an awfully spectacular fireworks in genting!

    really awesome fireworks, thought of sharing it 😀

    do drop a comment if u did watch it 😉

    good luck regarding ur laptop >.<

  23. David says:


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    I’ll take mine in manglish please!



  24. shadowking says:

    ohh poor you 🙁

    hope you will be able to recover everything 🙂
    wish you fun time with your book 😉

  25. May Zhee says:

    Wei why ah when I comment my picture is that alien-like thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DIE YOU ALIEN LIKE THING DIE!

  26. May Zhee says:

    Walau got so many hands some more.

  27. cassandra says:

    Wahahahaha. im doing my awfully useless and pointless hmwk. T_T

    anw, i dont like awfully chocolate cakes. too moist. :/

  28. WP says:

    Yeah, agree with coriollis up there…there’s nothing wrong with “awfully chocolate”! I’ve never heard of that shop before though.

  29. =.= says:

    you seem to be a bit of a fool. awfully is something you use before an adjective. Like ‘very’ or ‘seriously’

    • David says:


      No marketing savvy. Using awfull in a name can create a very positive image for a chocolate shop. Chocolate lovers, (include me here), often will say something like – That dark chocolate is awfully good!

      The name Awful Chocolate would draw me into the shop…

      Dang, my tummy is grumbling already and KL is only a 16 hour airtrip from my home, not today.

      Sigh . . .must fing chocolate . . .


  30. peter says:

    That guy should save his money on awful chocs and fix his arful pants hem 🙂

  31. bear says:

    cheese ring!!same thing happened to me!
    mappie is screwed,died,wont incarnate.
    m hoping to recover files.n i hv no idea how to do it 8D
    n at the same day hello kitty hair straghtener aso died lo..

  32. mk87 says:

    gt one here at vivo city singapore^^

  33. ailin says:

    i just visited the shop today, singapore branch!!! the chocolate cake is really good 😀 yum yum! you should try next time .. they have a few franchise around the world!

  34. zq says:

    awful also means wonderful.. but its meaning changes with the time… so now we tend to associate awful with something negative.. ^^

  35. herher says:

    it started from taipei by a former female singer – stella.

    their chocolate, awesome!

  36. abc says:

    its not a malaysian owned business, neither is it started by stella.

    it was started by a singaporean, stella was an Ex-franchisee for taiwan.

  37. toonceibe says:

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