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From a chopper ride.

It was very funny. I had the absolute priviledge to be invited by Heineken to go on a heli ride around Kuala Lumpur together with HB. So happened on that day right, i had to attend an event for a paid advertorial. And the time clashed. So i was seeking advice from my friends.How la. Dilemma. Money or free chopper ride?

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And i made the most omfg awesome pun.

Cheesie: no no,  then hor,  i decided to go heli ride la. 
KY: yaa and then?
Cheesie: so i told carol, can can, i will go, because i confirmed with them first
KY: ya?
Cheesie: not nice to FFK lo.
Cheesie: omg. i’m so funny


Geddit geddit?!??!


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Then hor, got part two summore. So i felt so proud i went and told everyone about the joke. So Yee Hou said,


YH:  you’re going to FZXK, not FFK
Cheesie: whats FZXK
YH:  Fong Zhek Xing Kei
Cheesie:  HAHAHHAHAHHA im gonna blog this


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HB and I. together with the Heineken online game winner and his girl friend.

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Winner gets the front seat! 

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The headgear is uber coolness

The pilot took us around from PJ to KL to Batu Caves back to Damansara to Sunway and finally back Subang airport. Was sheer awesomeness. Had never seen KL from such an angle. Either too small cannot see anything from 7000 feet in a plane, or just the bumper sticker of the vehicle in front 2 feet away from your car.

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KL Tower and Twin Towers

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This one hor, so happen the Twin Towers is a blind spot. Right behind KL tower. Interesting!

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Argh. The feeling is quite omfg unbelivable, hovering from the sky overlooking KL city. So ngam that day was also the Earth Hour day. I would really love to take a tour from 8:30 to 9:30 to see how it was like. 🙂

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I am super duper jealous at HB because of this pic.

I mean, millions of tourists from all over the world, including you, and me, stood beside the fountain outside KLCC, had their friends lying on the ground holding the camera trying to capture at least like, 10 floors of the said towers.

But HB had got the entire turfing towers right beneath him. That makes him almost godly. 


heli17 by you.

Wahahhaha i can spot my house in this picture. But need the ori file! So excited!

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Sunway Pyramid.

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Batu Caves!

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Heading back to Subang liao.

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Thank you Eurocopter and Heineken!


Here’s a video when we flew over KLCC. Very noisy thou.


So glad i didn’t FFK!!! =D