After Cheeso’s spooky encounter with the Chipster Ghosts two years ago, she has decided to take her adventure one step further. She emerged back on the earth and reincarnated herself as a sailor in the sea of Currybean.

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Her sole and purposeful mission is to search for the best secret ingredient in order to perfect the recipe for a soup that is to be served to the almighty Curry King.

The story begins with Captain Cheeso looking out for the legendary treasure box. Inside, it is said to contain the most powerful ingredient to a perfect curry that will make the most macho King swoon with love.

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With the wise guidance of her, erm, trusty yet sometimes unreliable telescope, she spotted a desert island, which she suspects might be the exact location the said treasure chest has laid over the last 920 centuries.

She then sends her pirates in crime to dash to the island with great swiftness for the much sought-after mystery.

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Unfortunately, none of the great heroic stories can ever be told without the existence of a villain.

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Cue, in this case, the Tomopus. This rather peculiar creature  has strong and robust arms and legs, with which it can squash its victims into what resembles bloody tomato puree within nanoseconds, if you excuse the irony.

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However, faced with such a vicious enemy, Captain Cheeso and her pirate crew fight on valiently with great spirit and rather unorthodox choices in weaponary – cheesenen balls,  knivies, forks and spoons!?

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Will they win? Or will they all turn into bloody tomato puree by Tomopus? Who would have the triumphant pride to bring home the prize in the end?

Watch the movie to find out the ending. I’m not gonna spoil it for you.


Well, the good news is, you can direct your own movies and be a Chipster Superstar! The contest is open for Malaysians and Singaporeans, and it ends 8th June, 2009.

The prizes include two MacBook Air, 5 ipod touch and 24 ipod nano. 

To enter the contest, you just need to register, choose a movie theme, upload a few pictures of yourself and/or your friends as cast, and insert a few captions. That is all !The winner even gets to appear in the finale movie on TV3!  talk about fame!

More info, go to Chipster!


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