Some pictures from Calton Hill, Edinburgh.


And bought Ladurée Macaron! Apparently freshly flown from France everyday. Super duper nice.

laduree9 by you.

We shared the round meringue thingies, each person one bite pretending to be damn expert liddat trying to give a review and rating to each flavor.

Laduree2 by you.

It went like this.

“Hmm. Nice.”
“Oh, this one also nice.”
“Okay, this one maybe not so… hey wait, it’s nice too!”
“OMG this is soooo nice!”
nom nom nommm…”

laduree3 by you.


I’m not a big fan of pistachio but this one is very nice! I like!

laduree7 by you.

Red fruits

Taste sour and i really love sour. I like!!!

Laduree4 by you.


Got bits of chocolate morsels inside. Who doesn’t like chocolate! I like!

laduree6 by you.


Not a big fan of rose either and i couldn’t think of any reason why some flower pastry will taste any good but this is sooo surprisingly good. I like like like!!!

Laduree10 by you.

Orange Blossom

Hate anything orange flavored (but love OJ). But omg this is great.

laduree8 by you.

Also available in other flavors: Chocolate – Bitter Chocolate – Vanilla – Coffee – Rose – Pistachio – Raspberry – Blackcurrant Violet – Caramel with salted butter – Red Fruits – Orange Blossom – Liquorice – Lemon.

My favorite is Rose and Salted Caramel. 🙂

Must try if you are here. Can get it from Harrods or Brompton Road, Knightsbridge.

<3 from London.