*Rebecca Bloomwood mode on*

No i did not. Nuh uh.

ness by you.

shopinedinburgh2 by you.

I mean, Scotland is about… monuments!! Castles!! Lakes! Nessies! Whiskies! Not another shocking pink rain coat and matching handbags and shoes and… discounted dresses and tops omgggggggg.

But, maybe i won’t come here again, ever, right? So if i don’t buy them, i will regret, right? I mean, hello it is like freezing cold here, i really needed that scarf, didn’t i? Imagine if i didn’t buy it, i could have died!!!

I know, i know, you say i don’t need the summer tops? But it wasn’t my fault! All the shops sold only summer clothes leh, so you can’t blame me for looking at them right? Plus they are only like, 8 quid each. Discounted!!! So means i’m really saving myself some quick bucks here! And think about the pass few days, how much money i saved by not entering the castle and the whatever tour (i can always look at the pictures online, it’s the same anyway. But it makes a big difference whether the clothes are on a mannequin or on you, YOU SEE MY POINT?!?), i saved at least 30 quid there ok! So i’m really really smart when it comes to saving. So that’s settled.

Now the pink raincoat. Hey, it’s been raining! But hell we’re not gonna let the weather get in the way! So, in order to walk on the streets dry, i will need a raincoat, right? If not later i fall sick how? Mom will worry one leh! So yea.

And the bag and hat… they were so unique and they cannot be found anywhere in the world except Ness in Scotland!! Their home brand! And ever since i set my foot in that shop, i have been crazy obsessed about rainbow tartan! They are a bit expensive yes… but it is okay because nobody convert their money when they go traveling. Plus, everybody splurges on one expensive purchase when they are holidaying no? Well i bought two, but they are bought in the same shop so that only count as one purchase.

Ok, i can explain the shoes. You see, The bag, okay, it is really gorgeous, but it is so out of this world it will need a pair of out-of-this-world shoes to match with! And, everybody needs shoes, right? Plus i only brought one pair of sandals. We are going to do a lot of walking, no? Plus we might go hiking! Or mountain climbing! Or swimming! Ok maybe nothing to do with swimming. But my point is… yea, we all need shoes.

And the pink and purple top, it is to match the shoes. Matching items don’t count.

So you see? i only shop for the necessities in Scotland. My planning is flawless. Sight seeing in Scotland, shopping in London. Perfect.

Btw if you go to Scotland, must check out Ness. It’s cute-ness!! awesome-ness! Arghwtfmywalletbecomeflatness.

shopinedinburgh1 by you.

Pink shop. Got a few outlets in Edin.

ness3 by you.

I want allllllllll

ness1 by you.

Pink! Matches my top ok. IT’S FATED!!!

ness2 by you.

Ahhhhhh matching bags and hat and bunni!!!! I WANT ALL

ness4 by you.

Guilty as charged.

Ok. Real shopping starts in London. Going back to England today. Liverpool for 2 days.

Only that my wallet is almost empty.