Jan: Japan
Feb: Shanghai
Mar: Taipei
Apr: Perth, Makassar
May: Bali
June: United Kingdom
July: Japan
Aug: China (maybe, sponsored trip.)
Sep: ?
Oct: ?
Nov: ?
Dec: ?

What i realized so far, is that, as a human, we need a break from everything. Including a break from a break.

That is it. Holiyear has been a major success so far. Somehow everything just happened, i didn’t even plan them on purpose. They came one after another.

And then everything started falling apart. I felt like a major fail. I took too long a break. Now I need a break from my holiyear.

Moderation. I was overdoing it, i admit. Stretching it to the max. Somehow it kinda took its toll on me. It was my fault. I am guilty as charged.

What am i gonna do now?

I just twitted this but i’m gonna say it again. Someone said if we are in a dilemma not knowing what to do, the hard way is normally the right way out.

I really wish he was wrong. But I think it is true.