August is my break from a Holiyear.

Next month it is going to resume! And also i went on a crazy air ticket shopping spree and bought 4 international flights next year for less than RM1k in total. Super awesome.

Some pix from May. With Keju, Cin, Ching and Jac. One of the best holidays! We decided to make Bali trip a yearly thing. And it’s already happening!! ๐Ÿ˜€

I know you all very sien with Bali pictures already cuz the whole world has just been to Bali recently. But if i don’t blog it now i prolly won’t blog it forever one. So.

bali1 by you.

#1ย Hotel in Kuta.

Top: MNG
Skirt: Body & Soul Bali (RM14)
Luggae: Yellow Nike Monika and (fake) LeSportSac luggage case.

Damn colorful right! Happy mood!


Cindy playing with her new boobs.

bali11 by you.


Cab to town!

bali3 by you.


๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

bali13 by you.


Keju and Ching going for surfing apparently they didn’t know this thing called “motorbike” can move one.

bali14 by you.


The girly girls go shopping instead.

bali12 by you.


Under hot sun but happy.

bali15 by you.


bali8 by you.


We spotted a beauuuuutiful baby husky and he smelled fantastic also!

bali16 by you.


bali17 by you.


bali18 by you.


Sorry overdid the lashes a bit.

bali19 by you.


Ching is reading the Bali Bible she printed out.

bali20 by you.


bali21 by you.


Making fun of Keju’s ahem.

bali4 by you.


ChinChing and i at shroom shop.

bali5 by you.


Haha every shroom shop has got damn crazy florescent paintings one.

bali9 by you.


Seafood dinner at Jimbaran. Honestly next year i dowan to go back liao. Cuz damn expensive and then a bit sien liao.

bali23 by you.


I think we paid like RM100+ for this crap that’s not even enough for one person. Damn tulan. Cheat one.

bali22 by you.


But oooooooomg the jagung is like the best thing in Bali (after shroom, of course). Ok maybe i wanna go back to Jimbaran after all.

The BBQ jagung ย hor i dunno what they put on it it tasted abit like maggi seasoning and then slightly caramalized and crunchy daaaaaamn good!!!

bali10 by you.



I actually have a lot more on Bali but maybe i will skip it if you guys get bored already. Every year i’m just blogging about the same thing.