But i’m super hardworking because i got many adverts to post up in a row so i’m writing this so you can read more stuff even though i’m super busy with a lot of things (cleaning house, attempt to cook edible food to save myself, advertsss and Project Alpha) so stop complaining already! I’m a hardworking blogger!

Anyway, i just came back from a 2-day trip from Penang and i got a whole credit roll here! First of all i want to thank Suetli (possibly Audrey and Jiamei, i dunno whose it is, but i will thank Suetli la so she can pass my thanks to whoever concerned) for the free air tickets to Penang! It made my life so much easier ok! Now the best char kuey teow in the world is just one hour away! 😀

And then i want to super thank Carolyn. Super mega ultra big hug for you! I know you were super busy but thanks for driving us around and the hotel arrangements!!! I help you blend carrot juice next time (inside joke, don’t bother). ^^

And then thank Suan and her overly semangat friend for Mee Sotong! :D And then and then thank everyone who gave me useful Penang tips on Twitter (although i kepala pening dunno listen to who).

Ok done. Vain pix time.

Headgear from Baci, RM29.90

My attempt to curl hair with flat iron major fail. Suetli HELP!!!

Side french braid.

Fishtail braids. I super love it because it’s tight (but give a loose braid look) and you can even do it without rubberband at the end!

Anyway no offence but Penang’s people are really old fashioned.

oldfashion by you.


Some of Penang’s yumminess!

Carolyn brought us to this hawker center near our hotel (Northam Hotel), everything quite nice!!!

Asam laksa near Kek Lok Si. Damn cheap lo like RM2.70. I dunno i’m not a big fan of Asam laksa so i find it ok only.

meesotong by you.

Mee Sotong at the hawker center opposite Fort Cornwallis. Suanie’s fav!

penangcharkueyteow2 by you.


I went to Sister’s Char Kuey teow on the first day. I didn’t like it at all. I can cook better ok!

(ok i know u dun believe me. Fine. i lied.)

So we went to Lorong Selamat the next day and we were the first customers ok!!! I was very very happy cuz the aunty seem to be in a nonchalant mood (which is a good thing, right? Cuz i heard all Penang people hate her cuz she PMS everyday) and her daughter is super silly blur. Damn cute. I asked her what her name is and she had to whisper to me (Mei Mei) and then asked me a lot of irrelevant question that made me go ?!!?!.

Anyway, first customer also means cleaner wok and less chance getting cancer. Yay.

penangcharkueyteow by you.


Anyway! Have you eaten Prawn Mee in a cup? (Ok, Hokkien mee. Hokkien prawn mee. Whatever.)

(Aiya i dunno la. Penang’s food very confusing. Hokkien mee is KL’s prawn mee and KL’s Hokkien mee is Penang’s Dai Look Mee and Penang’s laksa is KL’s asam laksa and KL’s laksa is Penang’s curry mee have i confused you yet?)


So, we went to the beach, drank, shishaed, whatever. Then we went to tapao Green House Prawn Mee for supper and go back to hotel and rest!

And then, i realized there’s nothing i could eat it with. No bowl. No chopstick. Nothing. FMLed.

Then of course, a cheesnius like me can always find a solution to all problems.





penang by you.

Two hotel glasses, two tea spoons. Kao tim.

penanghokkienmee by you.

penanghokkienmee2 by you.

Prawn mee in a glass.

Is yumminess.