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Last entry on Cebu and lots of pix!

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I love the idea of just chilling at an awesome hotel and in this case, the Pink Hotel, Cebu Hilton. They have some fancy restaurant too!

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A dolphin-themed restaurant!

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This is Manny’O the signature restaurant, named after the owner. He’s a big fan of pink. So this whole restaurant is also pink color.

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Wagyu burger that cost a bomb!

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#5 Ebifry

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The next day we decided to do some island hopping! The way out to the dock.

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I don’t need to tell you which one is our boat!!!!

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A bloody big boat just for the two girls. We felt like some royalty truly living life on a pink boat wearing bikinis and thinking of nothing but what to eat next.

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Royalty sunglass.


We reached this little island called the… i forgot and can’t be arsed to find out. But let’s just say it’s a quite and isolated private island for royalties like us to pollute.




Suddenly Joyce was surrounded by some locals who were trying to sell her some freshly-caught shellfish.

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I went and kepoh.

And they were trying to sell some stupid sea thingies they picked up from the sea for an abominable price!!! Just because we look like some royalty doesn’t mean we want to get ripped off okay . (Ok i need to stop this royalty thing. I’m annoying myself).

Only stupid people would pay 300 pesos for for some stupid calms!






Which was us.


But ZOMG got Sea urchin!!!!!!


So exotic! I feel like we’re in LOST or Surviver or whatever! πŸ˜€

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Giant shellfish! You have to yank the whole thing out.

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Cebu Philippines


Stole from Joyce’s blog. She loves the sea surchin! Actually i quite like it also!

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Then we go rendam in water and camwhore!!!!


Ok that’s about the end of my water-rendam. Told you i’m not a sea person. So i stayed under the shades and bought some stupid coconut.


And read some crap book.

Seriously, Sophie Kinsella was funny for just like awhile, then you get used to her jokes. The first one was awesome. 2nd one was like, ummm. 3rd one was YAWN and 4th one was just bloody atrocious and now i dunno what to do with the 5th one.

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Left the island and went for lunch. OMG i didn’t know it was so nice to sleep on a pink boat. I think i’m really made to be some kind of royalty.

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Floating restaurant in the middle of the ocean!!!


Set lunch for the two of us. Freaking lots of seafood. Made us feel really really stupid buying those overpriced clams what turf.





After that we went back hotel and just chill. Order room service etc. And left the next day.

They are so nice to arrange transport to send us to the airport.

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And needless to say, the car is pink.

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Flying Malaysia Airlines back to KLIA.

Thanks to MAS we had a chance to visit this rather less traveled island by Malaysians. MAS flies two times a week to Cebu.

Like the previous flight, there was a 45 minutes transit in Kota Kinabalu. And throughout the 5 hours flight we were fed twice. I felt like some atas hamster.

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OMG how do they know i like Ferrero and Loacker (and Milk flavor)!!!!

Flying with MAS has made me realize a lot of things. All we used to do was complain complain, food not ngam our appetite, flight delay, whatever. Wait until you are forced to fly budget airlines, then you know how much you have taken flying with luxury airlines for granted. You will really, really miss flying MAS.

Like i said before, when i flew back from Kansai, i went all overwhelmed like OMFG GOT FREE PILLOWS AND WATER! Now i really appreciate everything especially my experiences with MAS. The effort the put in a meal, and making the passenger feel comfortable. Got Ferrero Rocher summore.

I used to think flight food was shit until i actually had to pay for it in budget airlines and i found myself gobbling up the last morsel of my nasi lemak. lol. Now i really feel horrible for wasting any in-flight food. And i wonder if i don’t use the fork and toothpick, would i help save the earth in some little way? Does anyone know if airlines recycle those stuff?