I think i had this dream because of UP. Balloon overdose what turf.

This story is highly inconsistent, so don’t bother making any sense out of it.

So! We are at this theme park thingie. (We means me and two other girls. One is Carol Koh confirm, but another one is either Pinky Tham or Jestina Goon. I’m not too sure. I think i talked to much to the Nuffies. -_-) Then we want to go to the theme park’s restaurant. So we walk through the stairs, and to our utter horror, the restaurant is over the other side of the.. uhm,


I mean, from the staircase it comes to an abrupt end. then it’s the sky. We can see the restaurant from afar, it is floating on top of chunks of wobbly cloud, and underneath the clouds are alot ALOT of ballons. Myriads of colors.

So we ask the theme park staff how turf are we supposed to cross over the other side? And the staff replies,

“Oh, you need a balloon ride over there.”


Balloon! There’s one more phobia i haven’t told you guys about, and it is Ze Balloon! Big or small, they freak me out! You know those stupid games where they always make you blow the balloon until it bursts or something? Bloody hell. Makes me wanna shove a tube down down the host’s throat and start pumping helium.

Anyway! It scared the cheesecake out of me, but bo bian, we have to cross over to the goddamn floating restaurant.

So i hold on to the strings of bloody balloons, and slowly hop over the clouds very carefully, (my feet can actually touch the clouds and and to my surprise they are quite solid! And the  balloons help lift my weight up too) and landed myself to one of the tables safely.



Here i can see that the restaurant is really small. Just 3 tables and a few long chairs or so…  I sit down with Carol and Pinky/Jestina, who are wearing very flowery vintage dresses! Wow, this is so cool! I mean, who turf came out with the idea of a floating restaurant? I mean, the ride was a little risky and bumpy and all, but the ambience—

Oh. there’s this really really horizontally challenged girl walking towards us.

Oh no. Please, please don’t come over to our table! I can feel the impact of each of her foot step and a slight slant towards our side. For a moment i think our table is gonna sink and fall through the molecules of clouds and land a tragic death because the girl is so FAT! She weighs at least what, 200KG or something, how can—

Oh. She is sitting at the other end. Phew. We won’t die just yet.

(At this point of story, i somehow cease to be me, but a being that overlooks the whole picture, quite literally. And since this whole story happens above the sky, so it’s not a surprise that i might be God. So the story below, is narrated by God itself.)

There’s this little dinosaur (it’s actually massive, but it is very cute. We normally describe cute things with the word little, don’t we? This little kitty, that little ribbon, etc) who is the guardian dino for the main character (i’d assume that it is Cheesie. And i use third person for Cheesie because i am now God, remember?).

The dinosaur has very very long neck and is a faithful and loyal guardian. It sensed the danger of its beloved Cheesie and is determined to go on a rescue mission!

It stretches its head all the way up and through the cloud trying to save poor Cheesie. But somehow in the process of poking its head up, it has triggered a safety device (shown as the red explosion thingie in pic) on the cloud. It’s like a trespass alarm.  The safety device sends out strikes of lightning and the entire sky turns grey. (i believe this part comes from the short animation called Partly Cloudy before UP starts.)

And the dinosaur runs for its life.

Somehow there’s a reversal of roles now. Once Cheesie discovers that dino is in danger, she is set to rescue her little guardian! Luckily, she finds a superbike out of nowhere (like in most of action films), and rides it through the clouds and follow the path of guardian dino. She lowers the speed of her superbike to 7.3 so that she could land on the swimming pool (a colossal pool so huge a nessie will look like a kitty in it).

Whoosh! She lands on the water surface but the dino is nowhere to be found.

(There’s a sudden change of setting here. So just imagine on PS3 or whatever, you have entered the world of jungle through a door from the sea or something.)

Oh there it is!! Little guardian is in danger because there’s this ferocious lion chasing after it! (Either the cloud safety device morphed into a lion or it sent a lion to go after it. I wouldn’t know, even though im the supposed God).

Somehow the dino has transformed into a little deer (literally little now). Oh no! The lion is about to nom the deer!

Just in time, Cheesie manages to grab the lion’s tail and pull it real hard to stop it from running, so that little deer can escape (haha and the lion was like running on the treadmill liddat damn awkward but super funny).

And then!!!




I can’t remember the rest.

Let’s just assume little deer didn’t get nommed by the lion, it is set free to the nature. Cheesie and Carol and Pinky and/or Jestina are inspired by the floating restaurant concept they copy the idea and open another one (with a safety device that allows long neck dinos as guests) and make like a billion bucks.

Ze End.





Other updates!

I just got myself a huge ass desktop! Okay, huge ass 24″ LCD screen but mini CPU that cost me RM2,300 in total.

pc by you.

It’s great! 😀 I love shopping! Although it’s a rather impulsive buy, but it’s good investment ok! It’s for work! For my career! With such a big screen i can run Tweetdeck and WordPress side by side, so i save so much time flicking the two windows back and forth i’m gonna be so efficient and i’m gonna earn shit loads of money!

See what i say about investment? Total wise purchase. I learn so much from Rebecca Bloomwood about smart purchasing.


There’s just ONE problem. Which i discovered last night. When i had diarrhoea and had to run to the toilet every so often.

I discovered, tragically, that i can’t bring my desktop to the toilet.


It’s been a secret habit (which i told only a few people, but now the whole world) that i bring laptop to the toilet whenever i wanna go, uhm,  Big.

toiletblogging by you.
liddis. With my shitty Dell XPS. And pardon all the unintended crap puns.

But the desktop is indeed too big for Big.

SEE! The precise reason why i need a Blackberry! I was having this huge struggle whether i should buy a BB or not for the longest time. Everyone psycho me to get one but i thought, bloody hell, i am at home all the time and i can just use my PC to go online, what for get a BB?


You just don’t have to BRB or GTG or TTYL anyone anymore.

One time i was talking to Wendy on MSN (her on her BB MSN) and i had to go somewhere and i said okgtgbai and she said “see, if you have a BB this conversation doesn’t have to end!!!”

Which makes so much sense!

Enlightenment of the day. Check out more features on the BB!

Now BB in toilet sounds like an awesome idea. I just have to make sure the below doesn’t happen.

blackberry-toilet_540 by you.