To be completely honest, i really don’t quite like island holidays so much.

I’m not a beachy person, for a start. And I think the sea hates me. The first time i tried snorkeling, i almost died.

In Bali, Jac and Ching had to hold on tightly to my left and right hand respectively (even if they tried to let go i wouldn’t let them, my fingers were like bloody crab clams :P) when we swam.

padangbai by you.


Then suddenly i felt a piercing sting on my arms. It felt like i was bitten by a million tiny stupid sea bees. Or sea ants. Or something. Then it started to hurt really bad. The pain intensified to such magnitude now the sea bees/ants felt like sea scorpions. Or sea crocodile. Or something. I panicked and struggled to swim back to the boat but it was so bloody far away!  And i thought i was really gonna die. Luckily Jac managed to pull me back to the boat.

The second time i tried snorkelling in Cebu, i almost died again.

The wave was omfg strong, and the water kept going into my snorkel pipe and i started to panic. I tried so hard to blow it out but i couldn’t really, bitter seawater went gushing into my mouth and i couldn’t breathe and i choked. And i thought i was really gonna die. Lucky that the boatman was around to save me.

sea2 by you.


It is really nice to chill at the beach, wear a bikini and camwhore and whatever, but i’m starting to get a little phobic of the sea. I’m just not meant for the island. If i were one of the passengers in LOST, i would almost certainly be the first one to die. Unless Jack Shephard decides to fall in love with me and protect me ever after, then we could get married on the island and have beautiful eurasian ba–

Wait. No no no. No island.

Anyway. Mom always reminds me of the old Chinese proverb: Bully the mountain, but don’t bully the water. Because water is dangerous.

sea4 by you.

I better just stay somewhere civilized. Anywhere with tall buildings having huge banner in sight that reads “SALES!!!666” or “FURTHER MARK DOWN!” on it, and you will have to fight with a cheezillion other deranged shoppers to get your hands on that Miu Miu bag and get shouted at and contract some mutated deadly flu virus along the way…

Hmm. Not so much a good idea but still away from the sea!

I cut down my travel a lot after the H1N1 thing. Damn hate it. I don’t wanna camwhore in some face mask lo. Travelling makes people paranoid nowadays really.

I remember when i was in UK, Vene was so paranoid whenever someone sneezed, she would practically run away. Then i have to run after her. So we did this whenever we heard a dubious sniff that might remotely suggest a possible flu. But then i decided to get used to it. Because you can’t possibly run away 300 times a day without going insane. Or die.

There’re just too many things we couldn’t avoid in life, no matter how much precaution we take. I’m starting to get my travel insured, just for the peace of mind. You know how normally you tick the “travel insurance” off when you buy an air ticket just to save that extra few bucks.

Because i don’t wanna suddenly have an emergency nail break and no money to go to the hospital. (Ok you prolly won’t go to the hospital because of a nail break but still. You get what i mean.)

Instead of getting individual travel insurance each time you go travel,  PruHealth gives you a comprehensive coverage even when you travel overseas. If you need medical treatment when you travel, the benefits are paid according to the cost of treatment that would be reasonably charged by a Malaysian hospital.

My holiyear continues, and i would really like my holiyear to be worry-free and well protected.