Actually i am a bit confused. I dunno what to call it—crown bun? Hair crown bun? Bun hair crown?

Anyway, whatever it is, it is Crown-Inspired la. Meaning it is Cheat One™. Just like Chanel-inspired bag, Alexander McQueen-inspired heels. Whatever. All Cheat One™.

crown1 by you.

Liddat. Except you do it with real hair.





First of all, tie your hair into a high pony tail. Separate your pony tail into four even sections, so you will get an even-looking crown later.



For full effect, you may want to curl the hair before hand so that they stay curvy and nice. Use four velcro curlers to secure your hair in rolls.


Leave it for, erm, as long as you like. Go camwhore/blog/twit, whatever.


After a while, take the velcro curlers out and pin each section inwards with a pin to form the crown shape. (if one pin is not enough use two, if two is not enough use three. And so on and so forth.)

Make sure they are curved at the same angle . Apply some mousse/gel at the end if you find it hard to make the hair stay together, so it’s easier to secure the end with pins.



You can decorate it with hair accessories, or little hair clips all over.


Something big to camouflage the visible pins or little flaws.



Very easy one.




There’s a second way to do a crown hair bun, which sometimes, depending on skill, may or may not bear the resemblance of a pretzel.

Anyway, this is easier and more secure. 🙂




First you part your hair into 2 sections.


Hold one section of the hair up, and use the other part to go round the hair and secure it with a pin (or two, or three, i know you know that already) at the end.


Now you one section left. Separate it into another two sections equally.


Pin the both of them inwards to form a crown just like #5.



Let me know after you have tried it out! ^^