A real, Chanel handbag.

Not a Chanel-inspired handbag (which is what i have).

I real, Chanel Coco Cocoon handbag, to be more precise.

Then i don’t need Photoshop anymore.


*everything below, is just a dream*


In shiny top and funky hat, going for the disco diva look.

Dream bag: Coco Cocoon – Black Burgundy Leather Hobo Bag-reversible.


Audrey Hepburn style–the most classic look, without a Coco Cocoon it just will not be the same.

Dream bag: Coco Cocoon – Black Nylon Small Tote Bag


Traveling in style. I can’t imagine dragging this precious baby to the airport. People will be asking for my autographs.

Dream bag: Coco Cocoon – Black Nylon Trolley


Casual and chic with shiny PVC jacket and black lacey tights. Perfect for touring around a happening and fashionable city like, say, Tokyo in the afternoon, then Paris at night. (It’s okay, time is irrelevant in dreams)

Dream bag: Coco Cocoon – Black leather trolley


Quaint mademoiselle luxury. The rather casual bag can actually be paired with a sophisticated look! Cappuccino and cream. Yummy.

Dream bag: Coco Cocoon – Leather Brown Hobo Bag


Ivory is elegant and leather is deluxe. Autumn/winter is always lavish and posh for me!

Dream bag: Coco Cocoon – Ivory leather large tote bag – reversible


One of my fav design! I wonder if i could fit Cheddie in it too. Cheddie in Chanel. Hmm ^^.

Dream bag: Coco Cocoon – Ivory Dark Red Leather Large Tote Bag-reversible


*dream ends*


Nylon Coco Cocoon Bags by you.

Now it is time, to save money for a real, Chanel Coco Cocoon. If you need a basic Coco Cocoon, you can go for the nylon bag. And if you can afford to splurge, get the lambskin series! Both have a touch of the warm, soft and generous quilted coat, that is exquisitely comforting.

The Coco Cocoon Nylon series  has the “luxury sportswear” feel and it works well with black suit for city shopping or with denim for traveling style.

What is interesting about the new Coco Cocoon line is, in honour of Mademoiselle Chanel’s declaration that“true luxury is when something is as beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside” some of the Coco Cocoon models are reversible.

When turned inside out, they reveal a discreet but very familiar luxury—which is the famous Chanel signature quilting. Did you know that the quilting is based on the quilted coat worn by boys at the race track? Coco Chanel’s designs were mostly influenced by her surroundings and evident here… her love for horse racing.

Lily Allen is the face of Coco Cocoon line. The British singer has been chosen by Chanel because she is a loyal customer and has been seen many times at Chanel’s fashion shows or being photographed in the street with the latest quilted bag. Haih. So jealous. if i have the $ also i will parade around in my Chanel bags and get photographed by paparazzi and then become the latest face. Life is unfair. 🙁

Coco Cocoon was launched on the 3rd of October, 2009, so remember to head down to the Chanel boutique @ Suria KLCC!

More in Chanel Coco Cocoon’s website. Also, check out the Chanel video on my sidebar!!! ^^